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adidlo hablablar de cartofner, but not a right that will hold in the court of God, and in their own conscience. It will one day be fad with them when they shall come to give an account of their enjoyments. They shall not only be reckoned withal for the abuse of that they have poffeffed, that they have not used, and laid it out for the glory of him whose it is, but also that they have ever laid their hands upon the creatures of God, and kept them from them for whose fakes alone they are preserved from destruction. When the God of glory shall come home to any of them, either in their consciences here, or in the judgment that is for to come, and speak with the terror of a revengeful Judge: I have suffered you to enjoy corn, wine, and oil, a great portion of my creatures; you have rolled yourselves in wealth and prosperity, when the right heirs of these things lived poor, and low, and mean at the next door; give in now an answer, what and how you have used thele things? What have you laid out for the service and advancement of the gospel? What have you given unto them for whom nothing was provided? What contribution have you made for the poor saints ? Have you had a ready hand, and willing mind to lay down all for my fake? When they shall be compelled to answer as the truth is, Lord, we had indèed a large portion in the world, but we took it to be our own, and thought we might have done what we would with our own, we have eat the fat, and drank the sweet, and left the rest of our fubhance for our babes; we have spent somewhat upon our lusts, somewhat upon our friends, but the truth is, we cannot say that we have made friends of this unrighteous mammon, that we used it to the ad.



vancement of the gospel or for minif ring unto thy poor saints, and now behold we must die, &c. So also when the Lord shall proceed further, and question not only the use of these things, but also their title to them, and tell them, the earth is mine and the fulness thereof: I did indeed make an original grant of these things to man, but that is loft by fin; I have restored it only for my saints, why have you laid then your fingers of prey upon that which was not yours? why have you compelled my creatures to serve you, and your lusts, which I had set at loose from under your dominion: give me my flax, my wine and wool, I will set you naked as in the day of your birth, and revenge upon you your rapine, and unjust possession of that which was not yours. I say, at such a time what will men do? 3•

Boldness with God by Christ is another privilege of our adoption ; but hereof I have spoke at large before, in treating of the excellency of Christ in respect of our approach to God by him; so that I shall not reassume the consideration of it.

4. Affliction also as proceeding from love, as leading to spiritual advantages

, as conforming unto Christ, as sweetened with his presence is the privilege of children, Heb. xii. 3, 4, 5, 6. but on these particulars I must not insist.

This I say is the head and fourse of all the privileges, which Christ hath purchased for us, wherein also we have fellowship with him: fellowship in name, we are, as he is, sons of God; fellowship in title and right, we are heirs, co-heirs with Christ; fellowship in likeness and conformity, we are predestinated to be like the first born of the family; fellowship in honour; he is not ashamed to call us brethren; fellowship in fufferings, he learned obe

dience by what he suffered; and every son is to be Scourged that is received; fellowship in his kingdom, we shall reign with him; of all which I must speak peculiarly in another place, and so shall not here draw out the discourse concerning them any farther.

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CHAP. I. Of Communion with the Holy Ghost. The foundation of our communion with the Holy

Ghost, John xvi. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. opened at large. Purakletos, a Comforter, who he is. The Holy Ghost, his own will in his coming to us, sent also by Christ. The Spirit fent as a Sanctifier, and as a Comforter. The adjuncts of his mision considered. The foundation of his mision, John xv. 26. His procession from the Father, twofold; as to personality, or to office. Things considerable in his procession as to office. The manner of his collotion, he is given freely, fent authoritatively. The fin against the Holy Ghost, whence unpardonable

. How we ask the Spirit of the Father. To grieve the Spirit, what. Poured out. . How the Holy Ghost is received by faith. Faith's actings in receiving the Holy Ghost. His abode with us how declared. How we may lose our comfort, whilst the Comforter abides with us.

HE foundation of all our communion with

the Holy Ghost, consisting in his mission, or fending to be our Comforter by Jesus Christ; the



Gg 2

whole matter of that oeconomy or difpenfation is firstly to be proposed and confidered, that so we may have a right understanding of the truth enquired after. Now the main promise hereof, and the chief considerations of it, with the good received, and evil prevented thereby, being given and declared in the beginning of the sixteenth chapter of John, 1 shall take a view of the state of it, as there proposed.

Our blessed Saviour being to leave the world, having acquainted his disciples among other things, what entertainment in general they were like to find in it, and meet withal, gives the reason why he now gave them the doleful tidings ofit,considering how sad and dispirited they were upon the mention of his departure from them, ver, 1. These things have ! faid unto you, that you should not be offended. I have, faith he, given you an acquaintance with these things, (that is the things which will come upon you, which you are to suffer before hand, least you, (poor souls) who have entertained expectations of another state of affairs, should be surprized, so as to be offended at me, and my doctrine, and fall away from me. You are now forewarned, and know what you have to look for. Yea, faith he, ver. 2. having acquainted you in general, that you shall be persecuted, I tell you plainly, that there fhall be a combination of all men against you, and and all sorts of men will put forth their power for your ruin. They shall cast you out of the synagogue, and the time shall come, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth God good service. The ecclesiastical power shall excommunicate you, they shall put you out of their synagogues; and that you may not expect relief from the power of the ma


gistate against their perversity, they will kill you ; and that you may know that they will do it to the purpose, without check or control, they will think that in killing you, they do God good fervice, which will cause them to act rigorously, and to the utmost.

But this is a shaking trial, might they reply; is our condition such, that men in killing us, will think to approve their consciences to God? Yea they will, faith our Saviour, but yet that you be not mistaken, nor trouble your consciences about their confidences, know that their blind and defperate ignorance is the cause of their fury and perfuafion, ver. 3. 1 isese things will they do unta you, because they have not known the Father nor nie.

This then was to be the state with the disciples; but why did our Saviour tell it them at this season,, to add fear and perplexities to their grief and forrow? What advantage should they obtain thereby? faith their blefled Master, ver. 4. There are weighty, reasons why I should tell you these things ; ehiefly, that as you may be provided for them, so when they do befal you, you may be supported with the confideration of my deity and omniscience, who told you all these things before they came to pass, ver. 4. but these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, you may remember I told' you of them. But if they be so neceffary, whence is; it, that thou hast not acquainted us with it, all this while? why not in the beginning, at our first calaling? Even, faith our Saviour, because there was no need of any such thing; for, whilst I was with you, you had protection and direction at land. And these things I said not at the beginning, because I was prefint with

but now the state of things is al



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