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IT has frequently been remarked concerning litera

ry men, that their lives afford few incidents which are likely to engage the attention of the public. This observation seems especially applicable to persons who have adorned the clerical profession. The duties which devolve upon them have little of variety and less of ostentation: the pursuits to which they are called are not of this world; and some, that will shine hereafter among the brightest stars of the firmament, have excited little interest beyond their appropriate and limited sphere; so silent was their progress, and so retiring and unobtrusive their char


Among those who have been most anxious to escape observation, beyond the bounds of their immemediate circle, was the Author of the following Sermons. It was his earnest and particular wish that nothing should be recorded of him in the way of panegyric; and his injunctions have not been disregarded. Far be it from the Editors of this work to offend against a desire so humble and devout, and so

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