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in the Marh, Gloucestershire. Mr. Smith, of Shipston, began with reading the Scripture and payer. Mr. Butterworth, of Eveíham, delivered an introductory discourse. Mr. Jones, of Chalford, asked the usual queftions, received the confi flion of faith, and offered up the ordination prayer. Mr. Burder, of Coventry, give the charge from 2 Tim. ii. 2, 3. Mr. Moody, of Warwick, preached to the people, from Pfalm cxxvi. 6. and concluded in prayer. In the evening Mr. Jones, of Chalford, preached from Prov. xvui. 24. last clause.

JULY 29. The Rev. J. KAY was folemnly fet apart to the pastoral office in the i dependent church, New-ttrect, Kendal. Mr. Sugden, of Skipton, began with prayer, and reading suitable portions of Scripture. Mr. C. Eiy, of Bury, delivered the introductory discourse, and propofed the usual questions. Mr. ] Gumthaw, of Forton, ofte ed up the ordination prayer, without impolition of hands. Mr. J. Cockin, of Halifax, reminded the minister of his duty, froin i Tim. iv. 16.; and Mr. P. S. Charrier, of Lancaster, exborced his flock to encourage him, froin Deur, i. 38. and concluded the services with prayer. Mr. Cockin preached an evening lecture from Plalm lxxiii. 24.

AUG. 5. The Rev. D. EDWARDS was ordained pastor in the Independent church at Elswick, Lancathire. Mr. T. Whitely, of Tockholes, began the services of the day with praver, and reading fuitable Scriptures. Mr. P. S. Charrier, of Lancaster, vindicated a conscientious Jeparation from the establishment, and proposed the usual questions, Mr. L. Redmayne, of Norwich, implored the divine bletting on the young miniller, accompanied with the imposition of hands. His worthy tutor, Mr. Lewis, of Wrexham, N. Wales, gave him an affectionate charge, from John xxi. 16. Mr. T. M.Quhe, of Blackburn, reminded the congregation of their duty, from Kom xii. 4, 5.; and Mr. J. Grim thaw, of Forton, concluded with prayer, Mr. H. Townsend, of Darwen, preached a lecture in the evening, from Isaiah lx. 1.

AUG. 5, the Rev. J. MILLER was ordained, as Pastor over the Baptist church at Weftmancore, near Overbury, Worcestershire. Mr, Amphlet, of Evesham, introduced the work by praver and reading. Mr. Row, Jand, of Pershore, gave an account of the nature, rights, and officers of an Evangelical church; he alto put the usual questions, 8c. Mr. Edmunds, of Upton, offered the ordination prayer, accompanied with the impolition of hands. Mr. Milier's late paítor, Mr. Ofborn, of Worcester, delivered the charge, from that pertinent and pichy word in 2 Timothyvii. 15.“ Siudy!” Mr. Beliher, of Worcester, preached to the congrega. rion; and Mr. Bedford, of Birlingham, clored with prayer.

AUG. 11, Mr. JONES was fet apart to the pastoral office over the Independent church at Epping. Mr. Buck began with prayer, and read several portions of Scripture. Mr. ). Towniend delivered the introductory discourse, and asked the questions. Mr. Hockley, of Neu port, prayed the ordination prayer. Mr. Matthews, of Wheritone, gave the charge. Mr. Fryer, of Hammersmith, preached to the people ; and Mr. Knight, of Nightingale: lane, concluded in prayer.

The Rev. T. GARDNER (formerly a student in Mr. Bull's academy) has lately accepted the pastoral charge of an Independent church ac Godalmin, formed by his assistance out of three small tocieties there, of divers denominations, who have unitedly desired to attend upon his miniftry.

The The Rev. Mr. Little has resigned the pastoral charge at Hanley, and is about to remove to an important fituation in Scotland.

MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Collections, &c. received by the Treasurer from the 28th of July

to the 25th of Aug. 1801., Rev, Mr. Hillyard and Congregation, Olney • - £7.00,

M. R.

DISTRIBUTION OF PROFITS. Monday, Aug. 4th, was held a meeting of the Edirors of this Maga. zine, for the purpose of distributing the profits; when the following cafes being properly recommended, were accordingly relieved: : : M. D. Methodist J. Evre

M. T.

Independant J. Brewer
S. G.

J. Eyre

1. Townshend
A. W.

U. R.

M. Wilks
Presbyterian A. Duncanfon -

A Waugh


D. Bogue

A. Fuker
1. M.



Dr. Ryland

S. Greatheed
M. M.

S D.

Mr. Wilks
G. H.

W. Roby
L. K.

Mr. Wilks
M. T.

G. Lambert
H. N.

J. Evre

J. Brewer ; Moravian Wijows at Heronhut J. Eyre


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S. H.
M. E.


1 1802

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The Thursday Evening Lecture, -at the Rev. Mr. Maurice's Meeting,

. Fetter Lane:

1801 Mr. Ford in April 9 July

8 Jan. 7 Mr, Maurice

16 16151 Mr. Clayton Mr. Hughes

28 Mr. W. Humphryes Mr. Steven Mr Smith

18 Mr. Collison Mr. Goode Dr. Rippon Mr. Thorpe

17 Mr. Waugh

24 Mr, Townsend

Oct. 311


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3 Mar.


THE HARVEST OF 1801. JPale mis’ry lifts its haggard eyes,

And seeks thy wasted gifts in vain's Good God! throughout the vary'd/Whom wantón lux'ry doth despise, year

Opprellion' crushes with disdain. Thy constant bounty ftill is feen i When winter's chilling froits appear, Joh! save us from the threaten'd doom Or summer smiles in living green. Of those who scorn thy mercies, Lord!

| The scourge of war, the wrath to come, By sov'reign justice man is bound | And dreadful famine of thy word! Beneath his nature's curse to bow ;

.. . ALIQUIS. With weary'd limbs to till the ground, And eat his bread with dewy brow.

+ So.? ./..?!. Soos

A WEDDING HYMN. Yet, mingled mercy has decreed The time 'when rich reward shall Thy choicest blessings, Lord, impart come;

- To our young friends, who now in That man in hope shall fow the seed,

love And bring with joy his harvest home. Would join; } in bands no more to part.

Have join'ds "Dabas no more to party Again we see thý promise true; Till callid to happier realms above. The earth with plenteous crops o'erfpread,

In Wisdom's ways may they be found, Awakens gratitude anew,

And Pleasantnefs their path attend; . And gives the sons of famine bread. / May holy Peace with them abound,

And Jesus be their conti ant friend ! The ftores of fea, and earth, and air, In faith and knowledge may they grow

Thou doft to needy mortals grant, Each day, and find that perfect love To banish base corroding care,

That cafts out fear, and fin, and woe, And fatisfy our ev'ry want.

And gives a taste of joys above. Yet, what the flipty heart can move!

As ivy twines around the tree,

As ni ith frantic head and vengeful hand.l. And holds it in a clole embrace, Man ftrives to blast thy common love, por

So may they, Lord, both cleave to thee, and spread destruction o'er the land! Opheld and strengthen’d by thy grace !

| As partners of the grace of life, He calls his fellow-worm his foe, 1 May they each other's burden bear;

And heaps thy curses on his head; "May mutual love exclude all strife, Forges each instrument of woe,

And kindness banish ev'ry care. And mingles millions with the dead !

Thus blest and happy may they live! Scatter'd by war's destructive pow'rs; And when they're call's by death

Or inould'ring in an useless hoard, away, The fame consumes, or worm devours, The wreck of time may they survive, * Thy. bouniy from the poor man's And reign with thee in endless day! ... board!

a. -

G. R.

HERE refts a mother--here a partner dear,
**Who knew to gain, and to repay with love; **
Hér faults were mortal, and 'lje bury'd here,
Her virtues deathless, foar'd with her above.. .
There refts her spirit in those blitsful skies,
Till the last trumpet bid her duft arise. -. T..W..

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AULD, Printer, Greville-Street, Hatton Garden, London,

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