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LONDON: Printed by C. Ackers in St. John's-Street,
For J. WIL FORD, behind the Chapter-House in St. Paul's Church-Yard; T.

Cox at the Lamb under the Royal-Exchange; J. CL A R K E at-she Golden-
Ball in Duck-Lane ; and T. Alley at the Roje over-against the North Door of
St. Paul's.

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S the miscellaneous Kind of Writing is in its own Nature peculiarly engaging; Variety of Subjects having a certain Quality of unbending and entertaining the Mind; so this Work may boast of a greater Variety in less Compass, than any other Kind of Per

formance, and truly answers our Motto, Mulcum (we might say Plurima) in Paryo.

Indeed,' a Work of this Nature, well executed, can hardly fail of pleasing almost all Sorts of Persons ; the Variety berein contain'd being in fome Sort proportionable to the vast Variety of Dispositions and Tastes in the World; so that if some Things do not please fome Geniuses, bere are others that may. Is one apt to be taken with Politicks, another with History, another with Poetry; one with serious and grave Subjects, another with humorous and comical ones ; they may find all these in this Collection, and a great Number under these and several other Heads.


The great Success and general good Reception these our Monthly Endeavours have already met with, confirm our above Observation of the Pleasure arising from a Variety of Subjects

, and give us the Satisfaction of thinking at least that the Publick esteems our Design to be well executed: As we gratefully acknowledge their kind Encouragement of this work, so we shall endeavour all we can to please them more and more.

Our Readers will take notice, that we have been often at an additional Expence, particularly in the Month of December, in order to finish in the Appendix the Proceedings and Debates in Parliament, which we have accordingly done ; so that this Volume contains a particular and comprehensive Account of all those great Affairs : As this is a Subject highly useful and entertaining, and it was necessary to finish it with the Year, we doubt not but ozir Readers will excuse our putting them to the additional Charge of an Appendix on this Occasion; and they may be assur'd we shall not do so for the future, without an absolute Necesity, as in the present Cafe.

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APRIL, 1732.

A View of the Weekly Essays and Disputes in this Month. Universal Spectator, April 1. N° 132.

Afon, how genteel is her Mien, and Love and Generosity.

how ravishing is hier Voice in Sing.

ing! Let us try to engage her to our E Correspondent, in Entertainment. Florio undertook to

this Paper, tells the do it, whilst his Lady and her Com

following Story : panions liftend to the Nightingale. A

Florio is one of the He invited Sylvia to his Tent, and most accomplish'd B after a Turn or tivo in the Walks, he Gentlemen of the learnt her Name and Place of Abode,

Age, and has a large giving her the greateft Marks of his Estate: When he was about One Affection. When they joind the and Twenty, he espoused the Lady Company, Cordelia in a particular Cordelia, who, besides Wit and good Manner express’d her Elteem forlier, Nature, had a Fortune of 100,000 l. and how happy the should be in her and had only the Misfortune of be- C Conversation. They now re.ichid ing born some Years before him. All the Tent, and reitoh'd themselves the Expressions of mutual Love and with a moft fumptuous Banquet; the Eftecm passed between them; and Night was spent molt agree:bly, the Marriage was celebrated in the whilft Sylvia, in her Turn, diveried most fumptuous Manner, for several the Company with the Charms of Weeks; Balls, Concerts of Mufick, her Voice. In hort Florio loit his

D Asemblies, and Entertaininents on Heart, Sylvia fill'd all his Thoughes; the Water, being the Business of and she was no less enamourd with

his Wit and the Comeliness of his But how uncertain at best, are all Perion; and the Presents which he our Joys! For Florio, with his Lady, afterwards daily made her, at length taking the Diversion one Evening at overcame her Virtue. Barn-Elms, of a fine Concert and vided her a fine Housc, and feriled

E splendid Supper; amongst the rest of socl. a Year upon her. the Company there appear'd the Cordelia, in the mein Time, was charming Sylvia, who, with a Lady fenfible of what she had done; and of her Acquaintance, made the Tour when anv inform'd her of the In. of the Walks: My dear Flurio, says trigue, she would only answer, that Gordelia, observe that beautiful Pere it was no Surfiize to her, for that


each Day.

He now pros

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