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Page. SONGS OF THE CID. The Forest Sanctuary,

1 The Cid's Departure into Exile,

The Cid's Death-Bed, LAYS OF MANY LANDS.

The Cid's Funeral Procession, Moorish Bridal Song,


The Cid's Rising, The Bird's Release,

The Sword of the Tomb, -A Northern Legend, 25 RECORDS OF WOMAN.
Valkyriur Song,

26 Arabella Stuart,
The Cavern of the Three Tells,-Swiss Tradition, 27 The Bride of the Greek Isle,
Swiss Song, on the Anniversary of an Ancient Battle, 23 The Switzer's Wife,
The Messenger-Bird,

ib Properzia Rossi, The Stranger in Louisiana,

29 Gertrude, or Fidelity til Death, The Isle of Founts, -an Indian Tradition,

ib. Imelda, The Bended Bow,

30 Edith, a Tale of the Woods, He never smiled again,

31 The Indian City, Ceur-de-Lion at the Bier of his Father,

ib. The Peasant Girl of the Rhone, The Vassal's Lament for the Fallen Tree,

32 Indian Woman's Death Song, The Wild Huntsman,

33 Joan of Arc, in Rheims, Brandenburgh Harvest Song,-from the German of Pauline, La Motte Fouqué, :

ib. Juana, The Shade of Theseus,-Ancient Greek Tradition, 34 The American Forest Girl, Ancient Greek Song of Exile,


Coztanza, Greek Funeral Chant or Myriologue,

ib. Madeline, a Domestic Tale, The Parting Song,

36 The Queen of Prussia's Tomb, The Suliote Mother,

37 The Memorial Pillar, The Farewell to the Dead,

38 The Grave of a Poetess,

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208 • 209

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The Siege of Valencia,

39 SONGS OF THE AFFECTIONS. The Vespers of Palermo,

68 A Spirit's Return,

The Lady of Provence, The League of the Alps,


The Coronation of Inez de Castro, The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy,

103 Italian Girl's Hymn to the Virgin,


The Chamois Hunter's Love, The Abencerrage,

The Indian with his Dead Child,
The Widow of Crescentius,

Song of Emigration,
The Last Banquet of Antony and Cleopatra, 135 The King of Arragon's Lament for his Brother,
Alaric in Italy,

137 The Return, The Wise of Asdrubal,

• 139

The Vaudois' Wife, Heliodorus in the Temple,

140 The Guerilla eader's Vow, . Night Scene in Genoa,

. 141

Thekla at her Lover's Grave,
The Troubadour and Richard Caur-de-Lion, 143 The Sisters of Scio,
The Death of Conradin,

Bernardo Del Carpio,

The Tomb of Madame Langhans, The Sceptic,

148 The Exile's Dirge,

The Dreaming Child, Stanzas to the Memory of the late King,


The Charmed Picture, Modern Greece,

146 Parting Words, Dartmoor,

The Message to the Dead, • 172

The Two Homes, The Meeting of Wallace and Bruce on the Banks of the

The Soldier's Deathbed, Carrun,


The Image in the Heart, The Last Constantine,

• 179

The Land of Dreams,

Woman on the Field of Battle, GREEK SONGS.

The Deserted House, 1. The Storm of Delphi,

194 The Stranger's Heart, II. The Bowl of Liberty,


Come Home, II. The Voice of Scio,

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ib. 244 • 245

ib, . 246 247 ib. ib.

ib. The Fountain of Oblivion, IV. The Spartan's March,

196 V. The Urn and sword,


ib. Introductory Verses,

• 248





Page. The Rainbow,

248 The Sun,

249 The Rivers,

ib. The Stars,

ib. The Ocean,

250 The Thunder Storm,

ib. The Birus,

231 The Sky-Lark,

ib. The Nightingale,

ib. The Northern Spring,

232 Paraphrase of Psalm cxlviii,

ib. To one of the Author's Children on his Birth-day, ib. To a Younger Child on a similar occasion,


Camaens. High in the glowing heavens,

ib. Wrapt in sad musings by Euphrates' ib. If in thy glorious home above,

ib. This mountain-scene, with sylvan 231 Those eyes, whence love diffused . ib. Fair Tajo! thou, whose calmly ib. Thou, to whose power my hopes, ib. Spirit beloved ! whose win, so soon ib. How strange a fate in love is mine! 255 Should Love, the tyrani of my ib. Oft have I sung and mourned

ib. Saved from the perils of the stormy

ib. Beside the streams of Babylon, ib. There blooms a plant, whose gaze,

236 Amidst the bitter tears that fell

Page. Thekla's Song, or, The Voice of a Spirit,- from the

German of Schiller, The Revellers,

284 The Conqueror's Sleep,

ib. Our lady's Well,

265 Elysium,

ih. The Funeral Genius, -an Ancient Statue,

266 Dirge of a Chilu,

267 England's Dead,

ib. To the Memory of Bishop Heber,

263 The Hour of Prayer, .

ib The Voice of Spring,

ib. The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers,

269 The Hebrew Mother,

270 The Child and Dove, .

271 The Child's Last Sleep,

ib. The Lady of the Castle,

ib. To the Ivy,

272 On a Leaf from the Tomb of Virgil,

273 For a Design of a Butterfly resting on a Skull ib. The Lost Pleiad,

ib. The Sleeper on Marathon,

274 Troubadour Song,

ib. The Trumpet,

ib. The Dying Bard's Prophecy,

ib. The Wreck,

• 275 A Voyager's Dream of Land,

ib. The Grave of Körner,

276 The Graves of a Household,

277 The Last Wish,

ib. A Monarch's Death-Bed,

278 The lour of Death,

ib. The Release of Tasso,

279 Tasso and his Sister,

• 200 To the Poet Worlsworth,

281 The Song of the Curfew, Hymn for Christmas,

ib. Christ Sulling the Tempest, Christ's Agony in the Garden,

283 The Sunbeam,

ib. The Traveller at the Source of the Nile,

ib. The Vaudois Valleys,

284 The Songs of our Fathers, •

285 The Burial of William the Conqueror,

ib. The Sound of the Sea,

26 Casabianca,

ib. The Adopted Child, The Departed, The Breeze from Land, An Hour of Romance, Evening Prayer at a Girls' School,

289 The Invocation,

ib. Lines Written in a Hermitage on the Sea-shore,

290 The Death-day of Körner,

ib. Invocation,

ib. To the Memory of General Sir E-P-k-m, 291 To the Memory of Sir H-y E-14, who fell in the Battle of Waterloo,

ib. Guerilla Song,

292 The Aged Indian,

ib Evening amongst the Alps,

ib. Dirge of the Highland Chief in “Waverley,"

233 The Crusader's War Song,

ib. The Death of Clanronald,

ib. To the Eye,

294 The Hero's Death, Stanzas on the Death of the Princess Charlotte,

ib. Belshazzar's Feast,

297 The Chieftain's Son,



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ib. He who proclaims that Love is light - ib. Waves of Mondego! brilliant and ib. Where shall I find some desert

ib. Exempt from every grief, 't was 237

No searching eye can pierce the veil ib. Metastasio. In tears, the heart oppressed with . ib. Filicaja. Italia! thou, by lavish Nature graced ib. Pastorini. If thus thy fallen grandeur I behold

ib. Lope de Vega. Let the vain courtier waste his days ib. Manuel Pause not with lingering foot,

238 Della Casa, These marble domes, by wealth ib. Bentivoglio. The sainted spirit, which from bliss jb. Metastasio. He shall not dread Misfortune's

ib. T'he torrent wave, that breaks. ib. Sweet rose! whose tender foliage ib. Fortune! why thus, whate'er my

259 Wouldst thou to Love of danger ib. Unbending 'midst the wintry skies ib. Oh! those alone, whose severed ib. Ah! cease--those fruitless tears

ib. Quevedo. Amidst these scenes, () pilgrim, ib. Juan de Tarsis. Thou, who hast fled from life's . 260 Torquato Tasso. Thou, in thy morn wert like

ib. Bernardo Tasao. This green recess, where through ib. Petrarch Thou that wouldst mark, in form ib.

If to the sighing breeze of summer ib. Bembo.

Thou, the stern monarch of dismay ib, Lorenzini. Sylph of the breeze! whose dewy 261 Gessner, Hail! morning sun, thus carly ib. (German Song.) Listen, fair maid, iny song shall tell ib. Chaulieu. Thou grot, whence flows this limpid Garcilaso de la Enjoy the sweets of life's luxuriant Vega. May

ib. MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. The Treasures of the Deep,

262 Bring Flowers, The Crusader's Return,




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