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nothing more fortunately auspicious could happen to us, at our first entrance upon the government, then such a congratulator; nothing lastly that could mora vehemently incite us to take possession of our Father's vertues, as our lawful inheritance, then the encouragement of so great a king. As to what concerns your Majesties interests, already under consideration between us, in reference to the common cause of the Protestants, we would have your Majesty have those thoughts of us, that since we came to the helm of this republick, though the condition of our affairs be such at present, that they chiefly require our utmost diligence, care, and vigilancy at home, yet that we hold nothing more sacred, and that there is not any thing more determined by us, then as much as in us lyes, never to be wanting to the league concluded by our Father with your Majesty. To that end, we have taken care to send a fleet into the Baltic Sea, with those instructions which our agent, to that purpose empowered by us, will communicate to your Majesty; whom God preserve in long safety, and prosper with success in the defence of his orthodox religion.

From our Court at Westminster, October 13, 1658.”

“RICHARD, Protector, to the most Serene and

Potent Prince, Charles Gustavus, king of the SWEDES, Goths, and VANDALS, &c.



“We send to your Majesty, nor could we send a present more worthy or more excellent, the truly brave and truly noble, Sir George Ascue, Knight, not only famed in war, and more especially for his experience in sea affairs, approved and tryed in many desperate engagements, but also endued with singular probity, modesty, ingenuity, learning, and for the sweetness of his disposition caressed by all men; and which is the sum of all, now desirous to serve under the banners of your Majesty, so renowned o’re all the world for your military prowess. And we would have your Majesty be fully assured, that whatsoever high employment you confer upon him, wherein fidelity, fortitude experience, may shine forth in their true lusture, you cannot entrust a person more faithful, more couragious, nor easily more skilful. Moreover, as to those things we have given him in charge to communi

cate to your Majesty, we request that he may have quick access, and favourable audience, and that you

will vouchsafe the same credit to him, as to ourselves if personnally present : lastly, that

you will give him that honour, as you shall judge becoming a person dignified with his own merits and our recommendation. Now God Almighty prosper all your affairs with happy success, to his own glory and the safeguard of his orthodox church.

From our Court at Whitehall, October, 1658.”

The two following Letters, after the deposal of

Richard Cromwell, were written in the name of the Parliament restored.

64 The Parliament of the Commonwealth of

ENGLAND, &c. To the most Serene and Potent Prince, CHARLES GUSTAVUS, King of the SWEDES, Goths, AND Vandals, &c.



“Since it has pleased the most merciful and omnipotent God, at whose disposal only the revolutions of all kingdoms and republicks


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are, to restore us to our pristin authority, and
the supream administration of the English af-
fairs, we thought it convenient in the first place
to make it known to your Majesty, and to signify

as well our extraordinary affection
to your Majesty, so potent a Protestant prince,
as also our most fervent zeal to promote the
peace between your Majesty and the king of
Denmark, another most powerful Protestant king,
not to be reconciled without our assistance and
the good offices of our affection. Our pleasure
therefore is, that our extraordinary envoy, Philip
Meadowes, be continued in the same employment
with your Majesty, with which he has bin hitherto
entrusted from this republick. To which end,
we impower him by these our letters to make
proposals, act and negociate with your Majesty,
in the same manner as was granted him by his
last recommendations : and whatsoever he shall
transact and conclude in our name, we faithfully
promise and engage, by God's assistance, to con-
firm and ratify. The same God long support
your Majesty, the pillar and support of the Pro-
testant interests.


“WILLIAM LENTHAL, Speaker of the Parliament of the

Commonwealth of ENGLAND.

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“ The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Eng

LAND, &c. To the most Serene Prince, FREDERICK king of DENMARK.


“Seeing it now is come to pass, that by the will and pleasure of the most merciful and powerful God, the supream moderator of all things, we are restored to our pristin place and dignity, in the administration of the publick affairs, we thought it convenient in the first place that a revolution of this government should not be concealed from your Majesties notice, a prince both our neighbour and confederate ; and withal, to signify, how much we lay to heart your ill success : which you will easily perceive by our zeal and diligence, that never shall be wanting in us to promote and accomplish a reconciliation between your Majesty and the king of Sweden. And therefore we have commanded our extraordinary envoy with the most Serene King of Sweden, Philip Medows, to attend your Majesty, in our name, in order to these matters, and to impart, propound, act and negotiate such things

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