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THE present place of burial in East-Haven, was sequestered for that use in 1707. Previous to that time, some of the dead were buried on the west side of the Green ; but they were generally carried to New Haven. And previous to the year 1773, the catalogue is irregular and imperfect. It was collected, principally, from the records of East-Haven, New-Haven, and the monuments of the


From the year 1773, it is regular, and generally accurate. [N. B.-d. stands for days, w. for weeks, and m. for months.]

Age 1647. Thomas Gregson, first white settler in E. Haven. 1650, Oct. 9, Mary, a child of Deacon John Chedsey, 2w. 1651, Jan. 2, Elizabeth, a child of Matthew Rowe, 8m.

Oct. 6, Ephraim, a twin child of Thomas Morris, 3d. 1652, Sept. 3, Daniel, a son of Matthew Rowe, 20m. 1653, June 28, John, a son of George Pardee,

20m. 1659, Edward Hitchcock, one of the Southend men. Joseph, a son of Matthew Rowe,

1 1660, Sept. 8, Son of Henry Lindon. 1662, May 27, Matthew Rowe, the first of that family. June 13, Hannah, a child of John Potter,

6m. Wm. Luddington, the first of this name & family.

Jan. 2, Hannah, child of Matthew Moulthrop, jr. 10m. 1663, Jan. 2, James, a son of James Denison,

1 May 26, John, a son of Thomas Smith,

10w. Aug. 10, John, son of John Potter,

14m. 31, John, son of John Davenport, jun. 7w. 1664, Dec. 4, Anna, wife of John Morris. 1667, June 4, Daniel, son of Deacon John Chedsey, 1Q

1667, John Lindon and Michael Delano.

Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Pinion. 1668, Oct. 16, John, son of James Denison,

3 Francis Browne, the first of that family. Oct. 21, John son of Eliakim Hitchcock,

2m. Rebecca, child of John Cooper, jun. Dec. 22, Matthew Moulthrop, the father of this name.

Elizabeth, wife of John Morris. 1669, Aug. 17, Joseph Potter.

Oct. 31, Edw’d Patterson, one of the Southend men.
Nov. 16, Samuel, son of John Potter,

1 Matthias Hitchcock, one of the South-end men.

A child of John Morris. 1670, William Hunter.

Dec. 21, Infant son of John Potter. 1672, Jan. 14, Thomas, a son of Thomas Smith, 5m.

May, Jane, widow of Matthew Moulthrop. 1673, Ap. 27, Benj. Linge, a first settler at Stony River. July 11, Eliphalet Ball,

23 21, Thomas Morris, father of the Morris family.. 1674, Ap. 22, Rev. Nicholas Street, father of the Street

Dec. 11, John Thompson, father of the East-Haven

1675, Jan. 23, Mary, child of John Austin.
Feb. 10, John, a son of John Austin.

7 June 15, Hannah, wife of John Potter, in childbed, 36

Aug. 28, Benjamin Lixon. 1676, March 4, Wm. Andrews, a purchaser of Southend. April, Nicholas Pinion.

Mary, wife of Thomas Barnes.

Henry Luddington, a young man.
May 2, Rebecca, wife

of Jonathan Tuttle.
June 3, Thomas, son of William Holt,

23 1677, Elizabeth Rose.

Oct. 14, Samuel, son of Matthew Moulthrop, 4m. 1679, Ralph Russel, the father of the E. Haven Russels. 1681, John Russel.

Ann Mew, only child of Ellis Mew. 1683, Ap. 4, Mary, wife of John Austin—and her Infant. Oct. 27, Mary, a child of John Austin,

3 John Pardee,

30 1684, Edward Vickars_and Edmund Tooley.

Aug. 3, Edward, son of Ralph Russel,



1684, Aug. 13, Mercy, wife of George Pardee, jun.

Dec. 30, Elizabeth, wife of William Tuttle. 1687, Joseph, son of Joseph Russel,

5w. 1688, Elizabeth, wife of Deacon John Chedsey. July 16, Elizabeth, daughter of do.

20 Dec. 31, John Chedsey, Deacon of the first Church,

N. H. and father of all the Chedsey family, 67 1689, Sept. 21, Alling, son of Alling Ball. Oct. 27, John, son of Joseph Pardee,

7 Nov. 23, John Cooper. William Roberts.

Dec. 13, John, son of Ebenezer Chedsey, 1690, Feb. 22, Dorothy, wife of Capt. Alling Ball.

John Austin, the father of the East and New-Ha

ven family. John Asbill. Joseph Tuttle,

62 April 8, Eleanor, widow of John Thompson 1st.

Dec. Mercy Mallory. 1691, Feb. 1, Matthew Moulthrop, jun.

53 15, Thomas Mallory, 1692, Jan. 15, Anna, wife of Caleb Chedsey. 1693, Feb. 13, Serg't John Thompson, jun. John Chedsey,

42 1695, James Tailor. 1699, Aug. 4, Abigail, child of Thomas Goodsell,

2 1700, George Pardee, the father of the East and North

Haven Pardees, 1701, Sept. 19, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Pardee, Nov. 1, Mary, child of Samuel Russel,

3 1702, June 4, Jane, widow of Thomas Gregson, above 80

Aug. 17, A child of Samuel Russel.
1703, Dec. 25, Hannah, wife of Caleb Chedsey.
1704, Feb. Ann, widow of Ellis Mew.

May, Eliakim Hitchcock.
Oct. 5, Ralph, son of Samuel Russel,

14m. 1705, Jan. Lieut. Sannuel Hotchkiss.

Nathaniel Boykim. 1707, Feb. 19, James, a child of Samuel Hotchkiss,

8d. July 28, Elizabeth, child of Wm. Luddington, 8 April 22, Lydia, child of Daniel Collins,

2m. Nathaniel Hitchcock. Nov. 26, Samuel Potter,

32 Dec. Serg't John Potter, the father of the EastHaven Potters,



1707, Dec. 22, Joshua Hotchkiss.
1708, July 1, Mary, a child of John Moulthrop,

10 1709, Feb. 27, Mary, wife of John Hitchcock. March 14, Abel, a son of Joseph Chedsey, 70.

27, Sarah, a child of Henry Luddington, 6 May 22, Sarah, wife of John Dawson,

21 1710, Jan. 12, Hannah, wife of John Morris,

59 Feb. 27, Mary, wife of John Hitchcock. July, Capt. Alling Ball, jun.

54 Oct. 10, Thomas Pinion.

15, Hannah, wife of Thomas Tuttle.
19, Thomas Tuttle,

68 1711, May 11, James, a son of Samuel Hotchkiss, 2m. July 8, Abigail, daughter of Thomas Smith,

28 Sept. 20, Samuel Heminway the 1st,

about 75 Dec. 10, John Morris. 1712, Joseph Chedsey,

57 Thomas Barnes, jun.

59 Jemima Wooding. Joseph Morris,

56 Dec. 17, Martha, wife of the Rev. John Davenport,

25, Samuel Thompson,

36 28, Abigail, daughter of do.

8 Sarah, wife of Eliakim Hitchcock. 1713, Jan. 3, Elisabeth, wife of Issac Bradley,

56 12, Isaac Bradley, father of the E.Hav. Bradleys, 62 19, Widow Hannah Hotchkiss,

41 30, Samuel Moulthrop,

36 Feb. 20, Deacon Caleb Chedsey,

52 14, Serg’t John Moulthrop,

46 March 12, Serg't John Potter, jun.

46 April 22, David Austin,

43 May 16, Thomas Goodsell,

67 Oct. 24, Lydia, child of Daniel Collins,

3 Dec. 13, Elisabeth, child of John Luddington, 3 17, A child of Richard Darrow,

6m. 1714, Jan. 30, Hannah, 2d wife of Robert Dawson, 49

May 23, Mary, wife of Thomas Alcock.
July 14, Silence, of Joshua Austin,

4m. 1715, Feb. 5, Abraham, child of Abraham Heminway, 3w.

March 12, Elisha, child of Henry Luddington, 7m.
Elisabeth, widow of John Potter, jun.

42 1716, April 28, Joseph, son of Matthew Moulthrop, 17

1716, June 28, Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer Chedsey,

killed by the upsetting of a cart, 14
July 10, Isaac Bradley, jun.
Oct. 23, Sarah, widow of Capt. Alling Ball, jun. 57

27, Daniel Chedsey, son of Caleb Chedsey,
24, Lydia, of Daniel Collins,

3 1717, Jan. 16, Rev. Samuel Street, Wallingford, in the

43d year of his ministry, above 75
Feb. 19, James, son of Samuel Hotchkiss, 7w.
Joanna Jones.
July 20, Abigail, widow of John Davenport, jun.
Samuel Thompson,

41 1718, April 24, Sarah, wife of Lieut. Thomas Smith. 1719, May 8, James Denison,

78 June 4, Hannah, wife of Isaac Penfield,

27 Dec. 19, Edward Grannis. 1720, Daniel, child of Abraham Chedsey,

1 April 4, Hannah, child of Eliphalet Pardee, 3

Oct. 20, Sarah, wife of Rev. John Woodward, 33 1721, April 25, John Thompson, 3d,

54 1722, Aug. 15, Isaac, child of Abraham Heminway, 18m. 1723, March 12, John Potter, 38,

28 Sept. 3, Eliphalet Pardee,

45 Oct. 25, Mehitabel, wife of Thomas Dawson. Nov. 12, John Pardee.

Nov. 22, George Pardee, jun. 1724, Feb. 13, Capt. John Russel,

59 June 26, Samuel Russel,

53 Nov. 15, Stephen Rowe,

47 16, Capt. Thomas Smith, the father of the Smith family,

about 90 1725, Jan. 1, Amos, son of Daniel Collins,

20 March 18, Sarah, widow of Thomas Goodsell, 62 James Morris,

about 39 Dec. 4, Eliphalet, son of Eliphalet Pardee, 13 1726, Feb. 25, Samuel, son of Samuel Thompson, 6 April 17, Thomas Morris,

44 18, Thomas Shepard, the father of the She

pard family Priscilla, widow of Sergt. John Thompson, 80 Sept. 26, Ebenezer Chedsey,

61 James, son of do.

22 Oct. 8, Samuel Chedsey, 30, John Luddington.


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