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were assessed at £18. [Stephen Thompson gave his land for the road.]

JOHN WOODWARD. } Selectmen."

[E. H. Record.] This is the only road the Town owns on Southend Neck. The roads were laid out by the Proprietors of the neck, according to agreement among themselves.

The road that leads to the New Ferry was surveyed 30th May, 1787, and £15 damage was awarded to Henry F. Hughes, with liberty to have his house remain where it stands, “ so long as he shall improve it." Nothing was awarded to the other men through whose land it was laid, either because they were specially benefitted by it, or had in possession the old four rod highway that was laid out to the old Stable or Ferry Point, 1686.

The road was laid out by Amos Morris, jun. Dan Holt, Selectmen.

[E. H. Record.] A road was laid out on the half mile at the north end of the Town as follows :

Beginning at a brook near Ebenezer Holt's house, and running easterly to Branford line, where it meets a highway this day laid out by the Selectmén of the Town of Branford, two rods wide; running through the land belonging to Eliphalet Rogers and others, to us unknown, 781 rods, which makes 157 rods of land. Damages assessed at L10 19 6 lawful money. 10th June, 1796.


ENOS HEMINWAY, Selectmen."

É. H. Record.) Road on Dragon Bank. * Beginning at the highway that leads to the Old Ferry, called Pardee's Ferry, and running northeasterly, on the west side of Samuel Tuttle's Hill, through said Tuttle's land 81 rods, and 3 rods in width, 12 acres and 3 rods. Damages £4 6 8. Said road still runs said course through Henry F. Hughes' land 27 rods and 9 links, 3 rods wide. Damages £0 120. Said road still runs said course from said Hughes' land, through the Widow Mary Pardee's land, 69 rods of land. Said road is still 3 rods wide, and leads into the highway a little westward and northward of said Mary Pardee's house-still running with said highway


north ward, taking a small corner off from said Widow Pardee's land in the pasture lying north of said house. Damages £4 100. Then laid 22 rods of land for said highway through Jared Pardee's land, which takes a small piece at the first mentioned place where said road left the Old Ferry highway, and a small piece of about two rods off from his land that lies north of where the Old barn stood. Damages 128. Said road still keeps its course from said Widow Pardee's pasture lot, taking a small corner off from John Woodward's land at the southwest corner.

Then taking the Old highway running northward, taking a small piece of land from the northwest corner of Stephen Woodward's land. No damage. From said Woodward's land, said highway runs northward through the land that belongs to the heirs of Daniel Brown, adjoining to the Old highway, and running northward to the highway that leads by Ezra Rowe's house about 3 rods in width, makes 34 acres ;Damage £12 10. Said road crosses the Old highway and runs through Ezra Rowe's home lot, 10 rods, 3 rods wide. Damage £2 12 6. Running northward through John Rowe's home lot 9 rods, 3 rods wide. Damage £2 0 6. Still keeping said course through Matthew Rowe's old house lot 8 rods, 3 rods wide. Damage £1 16. Said road keeps said course through Stephen Rowe's land, 20 rods, 3 rods wide. Damage £4 10. Still keeping said course through Ezra Rowe's land, 30 rods, 3 rods wide. Damage £2 00. Said highway still runs, nearly northeasterly from the last mentioned Rowe's land, through Samuel Davenport's land 87 rods, 3 rods widewhich leads into the country road that leads by Samuel Davenport's house, a little northward of the brook that crosses said country road, south of said Davenport's house. Damage £8 0o. Surveyed 29th August, 1791, by


ISAAC CHEDSEY, " Whole cost, £43 9 8.”

“In Town meeting, 22d Sept. 1791, this report was accepted and approved."

In 1824, the Selectmen agreed with Reuel Pardee and John Mitchel, for land for a two rod highway on the south side of their lots, being formerly called the Indian field. The road runs east and west, between the two roads that go

to the Cove. For the land and fence, the Selectmen allowed Reuel Pardee sixty dollars, and John Mitchel thirty-six dollars.

The State road from North-Branford to Dragon Bridge, being now principally taken up for a Turnpike, is omitted.





Names, Marriages, and Births,




From its settlement in 1644, to the ycar 1800.

THE following account was collected from the public and family records, from tradition, and from the monuments of the dead. Of some, no dates could be found. The families are traced as far back as there are any authentic memorials of them. Those which have removed from the town, are also noticed, where records or other correct information respecting them came in the way of the compiler. They are arranged in alphabetical order. The name of each family is stated in large capitals : the branches or descendants of the original family, are designated by small capitals.

Nore.This mark [?] added to the names, signifies that the persons died young.

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