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dismission from the Church, to which they belong with a view to unite with this Church, in order to a continued enjoyment of Church privileges.

3. In all cases of private offences, the rule as given in the 18th Chap. of Matthew, 15, 16, 17, verses is to be observed.

4. In cases of public and notorious offences, against the laws of religion and morality, the Church as a body may call the offender to an account, by a Committee appointed for that purpose, who shall report to the Church.


There shall be a standing Committee of this Church, consisting of four or more members, as the church may judge proper, who with the pastor shall have the powers, and

perform the duties, as follows, viz.

1. It shall be the duty of this committee to enquire after all public offences in this church, which may come to their knowledge by complaint or otherwise.

2. It shall be the duty of this committee to ascertain the facts in each case that may come before them, and to make reports to the church, both of the facts and the measures proper in their opinion, to be taken in their case.

3. This committee shall have power to summon before them all members of the church, accused of any offence, to examine them, and to give them such brotherly counsel, as may, in their judgment, tend to reclaim offenders.

4. This committee shall have power to call upon any of the brethren of the church, to aid them in the discharge of any of their duties.

But this church declares, that in appointing this committee, they do not discharge or lessen the obligations of individual members of this church, to watch over, admonish and reprove one another.

This Church was gathered and organized Oct. 8, 1711.



Rev. Jacob HEMINWAY, began to preach in East Haven in November, 1704 ; and was ordained pastor, October 8, 1711; and died October 7, 1754, aged 70.

Rev. Nicholas STREET, was ordained pastor, October 8, 1755; and died October 8, 1806, aged 76.

Rev. Saul CLARK, was ordained pastor, Jan. 13, 1808; and resigned May 19, 1817.

Rev. STEPHEN DODD, installed pastor Dec. 11, 1817.


Caleb Chedsey, died Feb. 20, 1713.
Joshua Austin, died March 29, 1760.
Thomas Smith, died 1762.
Daniel Hitchcock, died 1761.
Deodate Davenport, died Dec. 3, 1761.
Samuel Heminway, chosen 1758, and died Oct. 25, 1777.
Abraham Heminway, chosen 1761; removed.
Amos Morris, chosen 1776; died Dec. 30, 1801.
Stephen Smith, chosen 1778; died Jan. 22, 1816.
Samuel Davenport, chosen 1797; died July 9, 1810.
John Morris, chosen July, 1800 ; removed 1806.
Levi Pardee, chosen July 1800; died Nov. 21, 1813.
Enos Heminway, chosen 1806 ; removed June 13, 1830.
Amos Morris, chosen 1816; resigned 1818.
Bela Farnham,
Amos Morris,

chosen and installed July 1, 1832. Samuel H. Heminway,


Of the members of the Congregational Church in East Haven, from 1755, when Rev. Nicholas Street was ordained Pastor, to the present time, December, 1833.

N B. The persons against whose names this mark * is inserted, are dead. The names of those who are dismissed or who have removed from this town with or without a dismission, are printed in Italics. The Names of those from whom the Church has withdrawn fellowship, are omitted as being blotted out. Their number is 14.

* Joshua Austin.
* Mehitabel, wife of Joshua Austin.
* Thomas Smith.
* Deodate Davenport.
* Lydia, wife of Deodate Davenport.
* Sarah Davenport.
* Esther, wife of Stephen Morris.
* John Russel.
* Mary, wife of John Russel.

Mary, wife of David Smith.
* John Chedsey
* Sarah, wife of John Chedsey.
* Mary, wife of Nathaniel Ludington.
* Sarah, wife of Samuel Bradley.
* Hannah, wife of Isaac Bradley,
* John Shepard.
* Sarah, wife of John Shepard.
* Eunice, wife of Thomas Smith,
* Theophilus Alling.
* Elizabeth, wife of Theophilus Alling.
* Caleb Bradley.
* Sarah, wife of Caleb Bradley.
* Sarah, wife of Dan Bradley.
* Abraham Chedsey.

Bathsheba, wife of Abraham Chedsey,
* Daniel Hitchcock.
* Abigail, wife of Daniel Hitchcock.
* Daniel Bradley
* Mehitabel, wife of Daniel Bradley.
* Thankful, wife of Stephen Bradley.
* Elizabeth, wife of Zebulon Bradley.
* Deborah, widow of Samuel Chedsey.

* Gideon Potter. * Mary, wife of Gideon Potter. * John Heminway. * Mary, wife of John Heminway. * Stephen Thompson. * Hannah, wife of Stephen Thompson. * Samuel Heminway. * Sarah, wife of Abraham Heminway. * Esther, wife of Timothy Thompson. * Sarah, wife of Patterson Smith. * Benjamin Smith. * Desire, wife of Benjamin Smith. * Rebekah, wife of Nathaniel Hitchcock, junr. * Samuel Smith. * Daniel Smith. * Hannah, wife of Daniel Smith. * Sarah, wife of George Pardee. * Benjamin Pardee. * Mary, wife of Benjamin Pardee. * Sarah, wife of Isaac Pardee. * Mary, wife of Jacob Pardee.

Mary, wife of Stephen Pardee. Mary Pardee. * Moses Thompson. * Desire, wife of Moses Thompson. * Abigail O'Neal.

Lydia, widow of John Smith. * Joseph Tuttle. * Hannah, wife of John Rowe. * Nathaniel Barnes.

Mary, wife of Samuel Forbes. * Thankful, wife of Isaac Howe. * Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Thompson.

Joseph Holt, * Mercy, wife of Samuel Holt.

Abigail, wife of Eliphalet Ludington. * Anna, wife of Daniel Holt. * Hannah, wife of Levi Bradley. * Mehitabel, wife of Jesse Ludington.

Mercy, wife of Eleazer Morris. * John Moulthrop. • Lydia, wife of Israel Moulthrop.

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• Samuel Thompson.
* Hannah wife of Samuel Thompson.
* Anna, wife of Asher Moulthrop.

Mary, wife of Samuel Smith.

Lydia Robinson.
* Sarah Robinson.
* Elizabeth wife of Isaac Penfield.
• Caleb Chedsey.
* Abigail, wife of Caleb Chedsey.
* Hannah, wife of Thomas Dawson.
* Lydia Grannis.
* Matthew Moulthrop.
* Sarah, wife of Matthew Moulthrop.
* Hannah, wife of Samuel Chedsey, Junr.
* Mehitabel, wife of Thomas Grannis.

Isaac Chedsey.
* Sarah wife of Isaac Chedsey.
* Joel Tuttle.

Rebekah, wife of Joel Tuttle.

Dorothy Tuttle.
* Margaret Jacobs.
* Mary, wife of John Higgins.
* Keziah, wife of Gideon Potter, junr.
* Elizabeth Woodward.
* Mercy Pardee.
* Deborah, wife of Titus Alling.
* Richard Darrow.

Abigail, wife of Nathaniel Jocelin.
* Thankful, wife of Robert Dawson.
* Sarah, wife of Rev. Jacob Heminway.

Mary, widow of Samuel Goodsell.
* Abigail, wife of Dan Goodsell.
* Lydia, wife of Ebenezer Darrow.
* Hannah, wife of Peter Woodward.
* Eunice, wife of Ebenezer Pardee.
* Sarah, wife of Timothy Russel.

Esther, wife of Joseph Hotchkiss. * Gideko and Abigail, blacks. The above names of members were collected and recorded by Rev. Mr. Street in 1756 ; Mr. Heminway having left no record.


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