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course a sacred festival, they deem it ever
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ex tree on The soul,

they aleviate the try to release withal the beasting benden thin daily labors. They eat &c.



(8) Mus they satisfy hunger and thirst, thor imperious appetites, to which nature has outfected the raceyman, offering them no farther gratification share what is merely cessary to support lise. For they eat only so as not tower & domit that they might not be thirsty, avoiding plenitude as payudici udicial both to the body and to the mind. and to the mind. Their clothing, like then donas is mean and simple, as in cended anly protect them from this extremes сла смес хасл. Дней chief reject to fal (9), "Falochord & dre

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family conexion; for family ties are not spöken guid reference to ati voluntarily performed; but it is adopted be thin admiration for virtue & love of gentleness she.


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there ventures on all to acquire meither house, nor slave, nor favor, nor Hockin lende vor sort, which gave be looked upon as the fountame ir po roundum & vicle. but they bring. Together into the middle, as a common stoot and enjoy one daurum, general omejite from all. Cand they ་་ in the same stan, ating clubs & suites and combinate as one another and dong way thing thing hent and mix with there whole lives witte reference to the general a Wan tage". /22 cultivates of hand, others shepherds incouthards, others ante zaves on Landicant "Accordingly, cach These men, who dissen so widely in their respect


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2" wives; to mumerous relations



affectionate companc to the country in which they were born and educated which long familiarily by the most frown que tris Laden deared to the dearts. Kont Bey do not remove to anoth city, they put tone freedom, the freedom of the mind. and not like ill-fated slaves a mere change of madkids. way down, wen the best qujulated aroundo with com motions, cranes, and disorders, in tolerable to thing who has once felt the charms They fine thenn Lalita Du 3.p 21. "This they consider as their native place, Loving pre -ferred it as a situation exceedingly commodious on accur of its security and salubrious news. The Louises, in which they humble manner, being intended only for flowe Leah and cold, and they live not contiguous as in towns (for clore" proximity would be disapp able to men, who prefer seckersion)



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ver get at to great a distan to fore clude that can munion, in which the members delit or mutual assistance in case y weig aleached by thieves. Lucas (4) p 21. " mm astery, in which when alone they perform the mysteries y a doty life. Into this folace they bring neither ment nor drink many for the body, but only to any are accustomed to foray The wening asking at the rising me some blessing, which illum in as the mind, with he wa at `ith scling, that their souls, now exonerated your lite load y on al objects иссуранд with their own enclosure as with the silence and tolmunity of a dacred couch might investigate In truth. Whey spend so po 21. From six days each man cartones in dis reparali apartment, without passing the thousdold or casting a look on


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71826." They meg and temperance as the foundatio The othe virtues can be raised in the soul. In me eat or drinks nutit the sun set; as they thinks the fourouch of wisdom the only makan ployment of the day! and the mere support of the body the Buitate darkness. Hence they devote to the former all the dour & lichtet. and to the Callen but a om all portion of the right. Some in akow the thirst for knowledge predominates do not, the after three dogs ab. stinence for the necessity of suffourt, while a few sofund



and delicate rands, whiche wir den Auflies, as to abstain doute that the banely taste refreshment, being accustared, as the

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the Therapeutic. See page 20. In Hennell has omitted theor passages - from

oulsequent book. on / Contum calve Li

The Essecuus who, as preferring practice

11" Having Broken o engage in the duties of life,


and who in all respects, or to ate less invidious Language in mort respects - surpass other I neth advance, pursuant to the thread джу отрусов to give a description of thon who embrace a conlane folative life. Ish ouffering the partialities of friendship to exaggerati then virtuves, as is the practice with historians and foret, in The absence of pain. and honorable and, but donestly adheref the breathe whide the most eloquent in this in stance, can hardly dipsa adeguality to delicate. I fee it, however, my duty to allein got the arduous tatts: for The superior excellence Then men ought not like a cause with those who love to peak of what is fain and

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of silence with

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ear duck.

"The objech then philosopsters is manifest from the The Kittiwhich they assume. call themselves Therapenda propriety, within as refering to that which is practifed

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the Healos, and a medical art superon The work e. for the 4 y The bodies, which the former enve


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The Dordo


of men when seized

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disorders fierce and remediable; when occupied by busty and de -praved indulgences; by ifuerance, iniquity,


and an

innumevalle multi lübe


of other vices and bad paping; They or designate themselves as daving learned from. - live and the doty & ans hoses, to worship that Greats Being, who in veg and to his nature is more simple and and antecedent to the idea of


undivided Ran


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"The perous who to rozers too › Botha's Graus Paid WV.17.194. See the whore to assay a frame of alia in ающе Jones Ecclesiastical Researches. C4.875. where the fullest view is tove fored presented in English, of the whole subject. See 15 3.4.5. Mer Hennel quotes Jones Franstalim with a few amissing ou

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