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necessary to say what he has, in order to understand fully the character of Morgan and other prominent secessionists of that state. And, furthermore, less could not have been said without doing great injustice to that noble and loyal band of patriots in Kentucky who did and suffered so much for their country. For this part of the work, the author is largely indebted to several published articles from the pen of that sterling patriot, Rev. R. J. Breckinridge, D. D.

The author has freely used whatever material he has found in other publications, which seemed to him to contribute to the interest and truthfulness of this history. And here he would make an especial acknowledgment of numerous letters from various sources, which have been of great assistance in preparing this work.

The author has labored to write a true and impartial history, without reference to political parties, and without any design of political effect other than that which the truth may produce. If he has failed in this, it is because he has been misled.

Tacitus assures us that History is listened to with more favor when she slanders and disparages. " Obtrectatio et livor proris auribus accipiuntur." The author has not had the culpable ambition of pleasing at the expense of truth.

The reader may desire to know why the sketches of other persons who aided in the captare of Morgan are not in this work. It would have given the author great satisfaction to have given sketches of General Judah, Colonels Crittenden, Wolford, Major Fish back, and other officers and privates who did their duty nobly in the pursuit of Morgan; but that would have made the work much larger than the author designed it to be. He, therefore, concluded to give sketches of such officers only as will be necessary to give to the reader a clear and full understanding of the pursuit and capture of Morgan




CHAPTER II............

an enemy and makes a capture without the use of sword or

saber-His marriage-Brief account of battles, raids, skirm-

ishes, etc., in Kentucky-Design of his raids—Incidents—A

sympathizing parson.


.... 91

Morgan in Tennessee-His military character-At Edgefield-

Capture of a Federal brigade-Narrow escape of Morgan-Cap-

ture of a Brigadier-General—Morgan's first thorough defeat-


CHAPTER IV..............


Morgan's great raid through Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio-The

line of his march—At Burkesville—Fights at Columbia and

Green River Bridge-A female soldier-Fight and surrender at

Lebanon–Morgan marches to Brandenburg—A warlike event

CHAPTER VI.........


The proclamation of Govern Tod-Morgan in Ohio-Patriotism

of the people—The state militia-An incident related by Mor-
gan-Morgan at Harrison-Destroys a railroad-At East Syca-

---At Camp Dennison-At Buffington Island—Incidents.


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