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chiefly the words of Christ ; a dignified employment indeed was the latter, for the brother of Jesus, and the bosom-friend of God whilst in our flesh he tabernacled here below. I with John would prize the Words of my once crucified, but now highly exalted Lord ; and having often prayed his good Spirit to assist me in this little work, by furnishing me with ideas worthy of his great name, I send it forth imploring his blessing, and rejoicing if it shall be useful to any soul.

I said I was born of professing parents. My mother was snatched from this world when I was young, and I trust from the little I can recollect of her, and what I have heard from various quarters, that she is now joining with those who are eternally singing praises to God and to the Lamb. But grace runs not by lineal descent, The regenerate are born, not by the will

of the flesh, nor by the will of man, but

By the Word of God, which liveth and " abideth for ever.And if any man hath 'cause to boast, it is not in pious descent, but in the adoption of grace, raising him higher than nature's ties can do, viz. to the glorious liberty of the sons of God: and this liberty delivers us, ist. From original sin, received from our parents, and engrafted in our unfinished members, whilst forming in the womb, as an entailed curse on every one of Adam's race, because of their covenant head's transgression : 2d. From actual sin ; received into our hearts by the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eye, and shewing their fruits in the pride of life-a pride which is at enmity with the living God.

I feel my work arduous, and requiring the skill of more gracious hands than mine. I ask however but one indulgence of the


Public, which is this, that they will not condemn unnecessarily, a youth who having to sustain the cares of business in some degree, and that also of a family-and who young as he is, is both an husband, and lately a father, has set down at the age of 22, to prepare for the Press, a work of such magnitude, not so much in size as in subject; and of importance, as it handles the oracles of the living God.-Young I am, in

young in Chris. tian experience; few my years in this world ; fewer my years in the Christian warfare ; for I had attained nearly the stature of man, before I became even a babe in Christ, and desired the sincere milk of the word. A babe I am yet ; but babes can lisp their father's praise ; and one is my father even Christ; who is the everlasting Father, and prince of Peace,

age; and

I know what authors must expect to

feel, from the eye of criticism, the smart of satire and the lash of censure: yet I would so wish to esteem as a kindness, even the reproofs of an enemy, that I might profit by them, whilst the wounds of a friend I beg to adınire. The Press has many patrons of godliness; many who are on the Lord's side, who honor his name, and espouse his cause. And what will these say of me? I trust they will give me the right hand of fellowship, and acknowledge me one who loveth the Lord Jesus in sincerity and truth. The communion of saints is prizeable, next to union with the living head, and fountain of holiness and grace. I feel this satisfaction, that the Bible hath been my guide in this work. Men may err in controversy, if they write about the Bible. But if they take the Bible for their guide, with



this earnest prayer, that the Holy Spirit may teach them the true use of it; then if they fight any battles, it may be presumed they are indeed the battles of the Lord.

Boston, May 1, 1806.

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