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Some Account of a scarce and curious Alchemical Work, by M. Maier.

By the Rev. J. J. Conybeare, MGS......


On the Changes in the Declinations of some of the principal fixed Stars.

By J. Pond, Esq. Astronomer Royal, FRS........


Appendix to the preceding Paper. By J. Pond, Esq. Astron. Royal .... 250

Discovery of Chloride of Potassiuni in the Earth. By J. Smithson, Esq. 258

Astronomical Observations. By Col. Beaufoy, FRS...


Instructions for the Application of the Barometer to the Measurement of

Heights. By Baden Powell, MA. (continued).


On the Volcanic Island of Milo. By Sir F. S. Darwin. (With a Plate.) 274

An Examination of the Blood. By Dr. Prevost and M. Dumas

an. 276

On the Crystalline Forms of Artificial Salts. By H. J. Brooke, Esq.

FRS. (continued) ...


Description of the Galvanoscope. By the Rev. J. Cumming, MA. FRS.

(With a Plate)......


Remarks on M. Longchamp's Memoir on the Uncertainty of Chemical

Analysis. By R. Phillips, FRS. L. and E...

... 289

Analytical Account of the Linnean Transactions, Vol. XIV. Part I...... 292

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PLATES IN VOL. VI. (New Series.)


XXI.-Granite Veins.

XXII.-Volcanic Island of Milo.

XXIII.--Description of the Galvanoscope.






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Page 82, line 22, for vibrate, read oscillate.

84, 4, for parallelopedal, read paralloriped.
85, 29, for quantity, read quality.
88, 5, for parallelium, read parallelism.

27, for harp-unisons, read harp, unisons.
89, 7, for repulsing, read repelling.
90, 24, for place, read plane.
95, 6, for Baden Bowell, MA. read Baden Powell, MA.
215, 14, from bottom, for 100 feet, read 1000 feet,
218, 14, for Dex, read Dax.
232, 15, for New England, read Connecticut.
299, 10, for alternatis, read alternis.
371, 6. for mean of result, read mean of his result.

24, for potash, read alkali.

The notice respecting the Correctness of the Greenwich Observations inserted in p. 397, and signed X. should have had the signature of James South, Blackman-street."

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