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Christ to pray unto thee as Our Father. Thou didst at first give us life, and endue us with understanding. By thy paternal care all our wants are supplied, and in thee we continually live and move and have our being. We rejoice that all events are under the direction of thy providence, and that nothing can befal any of us without thy permission.

People. We adore thee as our Father who art in beaven.

Minister. Great and wonderful are thy works, Lord God almighty, just and true are thy ways, thou king of saints. Thou art exalted above all blessing and praise, the whole earth is full of thy glory, and the host of heaven worshippeth thee.

O thou, who searchest all hearts, dispose us and all mankind, we beseech thee, to manifest our reverence of thy perfections, by endeavouring rightly to know thee, the



only true God, and by maintaining such a sense of thy continual presence with us, as will engage us to love and serve thee at all times. May we speak forth thy praise with grateful hearts. May we worship thee in spirit and in truth; and whatsoever we do, may we do all to thy glory.

Hallowed be thy name.

Miniser. Most gracious and ever blessed God, we pray that all thy reasonable creatures may own their allegiance to thee, and become the willing subjects of thy government. May the power of true religion be more felt in the hearts, and manifested in the lives of men. May the gospel be continually spreading throughout the world, and may the pure knowledge and the genuine fruits of it appear more in those who profess it. May we and all the disciples of Christ, be truly humble, sincere, and holy. In every relation and condition of

life, may we do unto others as we could reasonably desire they should do unto us. May we love God with our whole hearts, and keep all his commandments continually. In thy due time, may oppression and ignorance, persecution and war cease from the earth, and may all nations be blessed with pure religion and virtue, knowledge and liberty, peace and good order.

Thy kingdom come.


O thou righteous governor of all worlds, may thy law's, which are always wise, juft, and good, ever be duly obeyed. May the whole human race serve thee with perfect hearts and with willing minds. May their obedience be like the obedience of the fpirits above. May all mankind endeavour to advance the purposes of thy benevolent government, by acting with fidelity in the



feveral circumstances which thou hast allotted unto them.

As in heaven, angels who excel in strength do thy commandments, hearkening to the voice of thy word, so may those who are entrusted with power and domi-. nion in this world, be ministers of God to thy people for good.

In a more especial manner would we express our desires for this the land of our nativity. May thy gospel be honoured amongst us, and may we be that happy people whose God is the Lord. . May our King rule over us in thy fear; deeply sensible of his dependance upon thee, may he faithfully discharge the duties of the important station in which thy providence has placed him. May he be duly attentive to the peace and welfare of this nation; may he be blessed of thee in his person and in his family. · May all magistrates, and those in authority, consider themselves as the stewards of heaven, who must one day render an ac


count of their conduct to the suprenie judge. May thy pure and holy laws be the rule of their lives, and the guide of all their consultations.

May all christian ministers sincerely endeavour rightly to understand thy holy word. And may they so explain it to others as to bring them to the firm belief and constant practice of the truth; and by their exemplary lives and conversation may they manifest the excellence of the holy religion which they recommend.

May we and all thy rational offspring chearfully resign ourselves to thy disposal. Whatever circumstances thou seest good to allot for us in this world, whether profperous or adverse, may it be our care to maintain, amidst all the changes of human life, such a temper and conduct as thou shalt approve. May thy commands be executed, and thine appointments be readily acquiesced in by all thy creatures, in every rank and situation in which thy providence has placed them.



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