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For Recovery from Sickness.

O LORD, our heavenly Father, who redeemeft the lives of thy servants from destruction, and givest health, and life, and blessing; accept the sincere and humble thanksgivings of thy servant, whom thou haft raised from a bed of sickness, and restored to some good measure of health and strength: we praise thee for this gracious instance of thy goodness; may the remembrance of thy late mercy to him, have a happy and lasting influence upon his mind, and may that life, which thy mercy prolongs, be devoted to thy service, in a conAtant obedience to thy holy commandments, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For the Recovery of a sick Child. ALMIGHTY and most gracious God, thou art the length of our days, and the constant support of our being. We rejoice in the goodness of thy providence,


and bless thy holy name for redeeming the life of thy servant's child from sickness and distress. In submission to thy will, we humbly pray that it may please thee to prolong it to years of reason and understanding, that it may be employed in thy service, and be an instrument of much usefulness in the world, to the glory of thy holy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

9 Though the foregoing Orcasional Forms are calcu

lated for a considerable variety of circumstances ; yet the Minister is at liberty to introduce such petitions of his own, as he may more perfectly adapt to the circumstances of the time, and his Congregation; and this he may do either by introducing them in some proper part of the Service, or in his Prayer after Sermon, in which the Society hopes to enjoy the peculiar advantages of free Prayer, as distinguished from the advantages of a pre-composed Form.



9 The Bread and Wine being put on the Table, the Minister may begin the Service with the following Address to the Communicants :


E are assembled at this time, to commemorate the sufferings and death of our Lord Jesus Christ: to declare our obligation' and desire to improve in all goodness as becomes his disciples, to acknowledge Ourselves members of his body, and our duty as such, to live with each other in mutual love, and in the continual exercise of christian charity. Be ye therefore now exhorted conscientiously, and in the fear of God, to fulfil this part of your duty; Thewing hereby your obedience to the great


law-giver of the Christian Church, and improving yourselves by this religious memorial of him, in a steady submission to all those divine and moral laws, which he lived and died to establish, as the foundation of everlasting happiness. To the right obfervance of this christian ordinance, may God incline your hearts; and in the use of it, may you be filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, to the praise and glory of God.

q The Minister may then take the Bread; and say,

The Lord Jesus, as he was eating with his disciples, the fame night in which he was betrayed, took bread, and gave thanks..

Let us in like manner express our religious gratitude.

ALMIGHTY God, the eternal fountain of life, and the father of all mercies, we' thine unworthy servants come before thee,' in humble acknowledgnrent of thine eter


mal power, and in the exercise of that unfeigned joy, with which thy righteous and universal government inspires us; thy kingdom ruleth over all, and thy goodness knows no bounds. We thank thee, hea. venly Father, for the condescension and goodness we experience every day and hour of our lives. Thou forgivest our iniquities, and healest our diseases; thou redeemest our lives from destruction, and crownest us with loving kindness and tender mercies. We adore thee, more especially, as the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have access, by faith, into this grace, wherein we stand, rejoicing in the hope of pardon, and of eternal glory. We embrace, with pleasure, every opportunity of acknowledging our relation to him, our submission to his authority, and our delight in the prospect of being made partakers with him hereafter, in the honours and happiness of the heavenly kingdom. Grant, O Lord, we beseech thee, that we may partake wor


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