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In the country of Cæsarea Philippi Jesus inculcates the
virtue of self-denial, See § 93, 105, and declares that he
will judge the world at the last day,

Jesus is transfigured upon an high mountain in the country

of Cæsarea Philippi, and foretels his own sufferings and

resurrection a third time. See $70. 73.

Jesus, in his way to the feast of Dedication, is refused lodg-
ing in a village of the Samaritans. The disciples desire
him to call fire down from heaven upon the Samaritans :
He rebukes the disciples for their wrathful spirit, and
goes to another village,

Jesus in his to the feast of Dedication sends the seventy

disciples out the mean while he himself tarries in Sa-



In the country of Cæsarea Philippi Jesus cures a youth that

was afflicted with an epilepsy, declares the efficacy of

prayer and fasting in the working of miracles, and foretels

his own sufferings the fourth time, See § 72. 101. also his

resurrection the fourth time. See § 106.

The didrachmas are paid in Capernaum. The disciples are
reproved for contending about the chief posts in the king-
dom. See § 106. 130. Of the evil and punishment of
offences. See § 97. The parable of the lost sheep deli-
vered the first time. See § 94. The forgiveness of
injuries is enjoined. The parable of the servant debtors, 74

Jesus leaves Galilee and goes up to Jerusalem to the fourth

passover, by the way of Perea,



life. See § 105. 119. The parable of the good Sama- Sect.
ritan who took care of the wounded Jew whom he found
lying upon the road to Jericho,

Jesus lodges at Bethany with Martha and Mary, in his way
to the feast of Dedication,


At the feast of Dedication, Jesus meets with the man who
was born blind, whom he had cured at the preceding feast
of Tabernacles. See $78. He leaves Jerusalem and goes
to Perea. His ministry in Perea begins. See § 98.
In Perea Jesus teaches his disciples to pray.

The parable

of the importunate friend,

His miracles

In Perea our Lord cures a dumb demoniac.

are ascribed to Beelzebub a third time. See § 36. 48.

The Pharisees a third time demand the sign from heaven.

See § 48. 68. The sign of the prophet Jonas is promised

a third time. See § 48. 68. The parable of the lighted


Jesus dines with Pharisees a second time. See $ 43. 92. He

denounces heavy woes against the Scribes and Pharisees.

See 121.


The charge to the multitude. The parables of the rich
glutton; of the servant that waited for the return of his
Lord; and of the two stewards,

The multitude is reproved for not discerning the times.
Galileans are slain by Pilate. The parable of the barren

In Perea the woman that was bowed down is cured. The
parables of the grain of mustard seed, and of the leaven,
are delivered a second time. See § 52. 53.

Concerning the number of the saved. Jesus is desired to

leave Herod's dominions. He bewails Jerusalem the first

time. See $111.121.


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The parable of the nobleman's servants,

Jesus is anointed by Mary in Bethany. See § 43. 125.
Jesus enters Jerusalem publicly, as Messiah.

He weeps

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