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knowledge less than the least of all the mercy, and of all the truth thou hast showed unto us.

We confess we have finned against thee, we are guilty before thee, we have finned, and have come 1hort of the glory of God: we have corrupt and finful natures, and are bent to backslide from thee; backward to good, and prone to evil continually.

Vain thoughts come into us, and lodge within fying down or rising up, and they defile or difquiet pur minds, and keep out gold thoughts.

We are top Apt to burden ourselves with that care which thou haft encouraged us to cast

upon thee. We are very much wanting in the duties of our page ticular relations, and provoke one another more to folly and passion, than to love and to good works. We ar very cold and defective in dur love to God weak in our desires towards him, and unsteady and uneven in pur walking with him; and are at this time much det E frame for his service.

We pray thee forgive all our fins, for Chrift's fake, and be at peace with us in him who died to make peace, and ever lives, making interceflion.

There' be many that fay, Who will show us any good ? but, Lord, let us not be put off with the good of this world for a portion : For this is our hearts defire and prayer, Lord, lift up the light of thy countenance upon us, and that fhall put gladness into our hearts, more than they have, whose corn, and wine, and 'oil increaseth.

Lord, let thy peace rule in our hearts, and give law to us, and let thy peace keep our hearts and minds, and give comfort to us; and let the confolations of God, which are neither few nor small, be our strength and our song in the house of our pilgrimage.

Lord, we commit ourselves to ihy care and keeping this day : Watch over us for good, compass us about with thy favour as with a shield; preserve us from all

evil, yea, the Lord preserve and keep our souls ; preserve our going out and coming in.

Our bodies and all our worldly affairs we commit to the conduct of thy wife and gracious providence, and submit to its disposals. Let no hurt or harm happen to us; keep us in health and safety ; bless our employments, profper us in all our lawful undertakings, and give us comfort and success in them. Let us eat the labour of our hands, and let it be well with us.

Our precious fouls and all their concerns we commit to the government of thy Spirit and grace. O let thy grace be mighty in us, and suficient for us, and let it work in us both to will and to do that which is good, of thine own good pleasure.

O give us grace to do the work of this day in its day, according as the duty of the day requires; and to do even common actions after a godly fort, acknowledging thee in all our ways, and having our eyes ever up to thee, and be thou pleased to direct our steps.

Lord, keep us from tin; give us rule over our own Spirits, and grant that we may not this day break out into passion upon provocation, or speak unadvisedly with our lips : Give us grace to live together in peace and holy love, that the Lord may command the blessing upon us, even life evermore. Make us conscientious in all our dealings, and always watchful against fin, as, becomes those who see thine eye ever upon us : Arm us against every temptation, uphold us in our integrity, keep us in the way of our duty; and grant that we may be in thy fear every day, and all the day long.

Nevery doubtful care, let our way be made plain before us; arkal give us that wisdom of the prudent, which is at all times ofitable to direct; and let integrity and uprightness prefer them for we wait on thee.

Sanctify to us all our lofles, crofles, dictions, and disappointments, and give us grace to fubionit to thy holy wilt to them, and let us find it good for us to be afficted, that we may be partakers of thy holiness.

Prepare us for all the events of this day, for we know not what a day may bring forth : Give us to stand complete in thy whole will; to deny ourselves, to take up our cross daily and to follow Jesus Christ.

Lord, fit us for death, and judgment, and eternity, and give us grace to live every day as those that do not know but it may be our last day.

Lord, plead thy caufe in the world; build up thy church into perfect beauty ; fet up the throne of the exalted Redeemer in all places upon the ruins of the devil's kingdom. Let the reformed churches be more and more reformed, and let every thing that is amifs be amended; and let those that suffer for righteousness' fake be supported and delivered.

Do us good in these nations; bleistberking end att intborityt guide public counsels and affairs; oversule all to thine own glory; let peace and truth be in our days, and be preserved to those that shall come

after us.

Be gracious to all our relations, friends, neighbours, and acquaintance, and do them good according as their niecesfities are. Supply the wants of all thy people. Dwell in die families at fear thee, and call upon thy naine, Forgive our enemies, and those that hate us; give us a right and charitable frame of spirit towards all men, and all that is theirs.

Visit those that are in affiction, and comfort them, and be unto them a very present help. 1 Recover the fick, eafe the pained, succour the tempted, relieve the oppreffed, and give joy to those that mourn in Zion.

Deal with us and our family according to the tenure of the everlasting covenant, which is well ordered in all things and fure, and which is all our salvation, and all our desire; however it pleafeth God to deal with us and with our house.

Now befred be God for all his gifts both of nature and d grace, for those that concern this life and that to come; especially for Jesus Christ the fountain and

foundation of all; thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.

We humbly beseech thee, for Christ Jesus sake, to pardon our sins, accept our fervices, and grant an answer of peace to our prayers, even for his fake who died for us, and rose again, who hath taught us to pray, Our Father which art in heaven, &c.

An Evening Prayer for a Family.


OST holy, and blessed, and glorious Lord God,

whose we are, and whom we are bound to serve; for, because thou inadeft us, and not we ourselves, therefore we are not cur own, but thine, and unto thee, O Lord, do we lift up our souls ; thy face, O Lord, do we seek; whither shall we go for happiness, but to thee, from whom we derive our being ?

Thou art the great benefactor of the whole creation, thou givest to all life and breath and all things: thou art our benefactor, the God that haft fed us, and kept us all our life long unto this day. Having obtained help of God; we continue hitherto monuments of fparing mercy, and witoenes for thee that thou art gracious, that thou art God, and not man; for therefore it: is tliat we are not cut off,

One slaytelly another, and one night certifies to anae other, that thou art good, and dort good, and never faileft those that feck thee, and trust in thee. Thou makest the outgoings of the morning and of the creatie ing to praise thee.

It is through the good hand of cur God upon us, that we are brought in safety to the clofe of another day, and that after the various employments of the day, we come together at night to mention the loving-kind.. ness of the Lord, and the praises of our God, who is good, and whose mercy endureth for ever.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with his be. nefits, even the God of our salvation ; for he that is

our God is the God of faivation. We have from thee the mercies of the day in its day, according as the neceflity of the day requires, though we come far short of doing the work of the day in its day, according as the duty of the day requires.

We bless thee for the ministration of the good angels about us, the serviceableness of the inferior creatures to us, for our bodily health and ease, comfort in our relations, and a comfortable place of abode, that thou haft not made the wilderness our habitation, and the barren land our dwelling; and especially that thou continueft to us the use of our reafon, and the quiet and peace of our consciences.

We bless thee for our share in the public tranquillity, that thou hast given us a good land, in which we dwell safely under our own vines and fig-trees.

Above all, we bless thee for Jesus Christ, and his mediation between God and man, for the covenant of grace made with us irr him, and all the exceeding great and precious promises and privileges of that covenant, for the throne of grace erected for us, to which we may in his name come with humble boldness, and for the hope of eternal life through him.

We confess we have finned against thee; this day we have finned and done foolishly : O God, thou knowest our foolishness, and our fins are not hid from thee; we mispend our time, we neglect our duty, we follow after lying vånities, and forsake our own mercies. We offend with our tongues : are we not carnal and walk as men, below Christians ? Who can undera Nand his errors ! Cleanfe us from our fecret faults.

We pray thee give us repentance for our fins of daily infirmity, and make us duly sensible of the evil of them, and of our danger by them, and let the blood of Christ, thy Son, which cleanseth from all fin, cleanse us from it, that we may lie down to night at peace with God, and our souls may comfortably, return to him, and repose in him as our rest.

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