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This evening, Delia, you and I

Written in a Quarrel (the delivery of it prevented by a re-

The Symptoms of Love
See where the Thames
Bid adieu, my sad heart
Written after leaving her at New Burns
On her endeavouring to conceal her Grief at Parting
Hope, like the short-lived ray
All-worshipped gold ! thou mighty mystery
Written is a Fit of Illness
To Delia, 1755
Ode, supposed to be written on the Marriage of a Frieni
The Fifth Satire of the First Book of Horace. Printed in

Duncombe'e Horace, 1759
The Ninth Satire of the First Book of Horace. Adapted

to the present times
Addressed to Miss Macartney, afterwards Mrs. Greville,

on Reading the Prayer for Indifference, 1762

Anti-Thelyphthora : a Tale in Verse


1. Walking with God

2. Jehovah-Jireh : The Lord will provide

3. Jehovah-Ropli : I am the Lord that healeth thee

4. Jehovah-Nissi : The Lord my Banner

5. Jehovah-Shalom : The Lord send Peace

6. Wisdom

7. Vanity of the World

8. O Lord, I will Praise Thee

9. The Contrite Heart

10. The Future Peace and Glory of the Church

11. Jehovah our Righteousness

12. Ephraim Repenting

13. The Covenant

14. Jehovah-Shammah

15. Praise for the Fountain Opened

16. The Sower

17. The House of Prarnos

18. Lovest thou me?

19. Contentment

20. Old Testament Gospel

21. Sardis

22. Prayer for a Blessing

23. Pleading for and with Youth

24. Prayer for Children

25. Jehovah Jesus

26. On Opening a Place for Social Praver

27. Welcome to the Table

28. Jesus hasting to Suffer

29. Exhortation to Prayer

36. The Light and Glory of the Word

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On observing, some names of little note recorded in the

Biographia Britannica

Report of an Adjudged Case, not to be found in



the Books

On the Burning of Lord Mansfield's Library, together

with his MSS., by the Mob, in the month of June


On the Same

The Love of the World Reproved; or, Hypocrisy Detected

The Lily and the Rose

idem Latine Redditum

The Nightingale and Glow-worm

On a Goldfinch Starved to Death in his Cage

The Pine-apple and the Bee

Horace-Book ii., Ode x.

A Reflection on the foregoing Ode

The Shrubbery: Written in a time of Afdiction

The Winter Nosegay

Mutual Forbearance,

ecessary to the Happiness of the

Married State.

To the Rev. Mr. Newton--an Invitation into the Country

Translation of Prior's Chloe and Euphelia.

Boadicea-an Ode .


The Poet, the Oyster, and Sensitive Plant

To the Rev. William Cawthorne Unwin

An Epistle to Joseph Hill, Esq.

The Diverting History of Jolin Gilpin, showing how he

went farther than he intended, and came safe home


The Distressed Travellers; or, Labour in Vain. 'An ex-

cellent New Song, to a Tune never sung before

A Tale founded on a fact, which happened in January 1779

To the Rev. Mr. Newton, on his Return from Ramsgate,

October 1780,

Love Abused

A Poetical Epistle to Lady Austen, December 17, 1781

To the Rev. Mr. Newton, Rector of St. Mary Woolnoth,

May 28, 1782 .

The Colubriaci, 1782

On Friendship, 1782

To an Afflicted Protestant Lady in France

The Yearly Distress ; or, Tithing-Time at Stock in Essex

Sonnet to Henry Cowper, Esq.

Lines addressed to Dr. Darwin, author of the " Botanic


On Mrs. Montagu's



On the Death of Mrs. Throckmorton's Bullfinch

The Rose

Ode to Apollo

The Poet's New-Year's Gist

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Pairing Time Anticipated

'The Dog and the Water-Lily

To the Immortal Memory of the Halibut on which I dined

this day, Monday, April 26, 1784.

Gratitude_addressed to Lady Hesketh, 1786

Lines composed for a Memorial of Ashley Cowper, Esq.

Song on Peace ; written at the request of Lady Austen

Song; also written at the request of Lady Austen

Epitaph on Johnson

To Miss C on her Birthday

The Flatting-Mill.

Epitaph on a Hare .

Epitaphium Alterum

On the Loss of the Royal George

The Negro's Complaint

Pity for Poor Africans

The Morning Dream

Sweet Meat has Sour Sauce; or, The Slave-Trader in the


The Valediction

On the Queen's Visit to London, the night of the 17th

March 1789

Annus Memorabilis, 1789

The Cock-Fighter's Garland

On the Benest received by His Majesty from Sea-Bathing,

in the year 1789

To Mrs. Throckmorton, on her beautiful Transcript of

Horace's Ode, Ad Librum Suum

Inscription for a Stone erected at the Sowing of a Grove

of Oaks at Chillington, the seat of T. Giffard, Esq.,


Another, for a Stone erected on a similar occasion at the

same place in the following year
Hymn for the use of the Sunday School at Olney
Stanzas on the late Indecent Liberties taken with the Re-

mains of the Great Milton, Anno 1779
To Mrs. King, on her kind Present to the Author, a Patch-

work Counterpane of her own making

In Memory of the late John Thornton, Esq.

To Warren Hastings, Esq.

The Four Ages

The Judgment of the Poets

The Moralizer Corrected

The Faithful Bird

The Needless Alarm

Inspription for the Tomb of Mr. Hamilton

Epitaph on Mrs. M. Higgins

The Retired Cat

Yardley Oak

To the Nightingale, which the Author heard sing on New-

Year's Day, 1792

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Lines written for insertion in a Collection of Handwritings

and Signatures made by Miss Patty, sister of Hannah

More .

Epitaph on a Free but Tame Redbreast :

Sonnet to William Wilberforce, Esq.

Epigram, printed in the Northampton Mercury

To Dr. Austin, of Cecil Street, London

Sonnet, addressed to William Hayley, Esq.

Mary and John

To Sir Joshua Reynolds

On the Author of Letters on Literature

To the Rev. William Bull

Catharina. To Miss Stapleton, now Mrs Courtenay

Catharina. Second Part. On her Marriage to Georg

Courtenay, Esq.

On the Receipt of my Mother's Picture out of Norfolk, the

Gift of my Cousin, Anne Bodham

The Poplar Field .

On a Mischievous Bull, which the owner of him sold at

the Author's instance

An Epitaph

Epitaph on Fop, a dog belonging to Lady Throckmorton

Sonnet to George Romney, Esq.

On receiving Hayley's Picture

Epitaph on Mr. Chester of Chicheley

On a Plant of Virgin's-Bower, designed to cover a garden-

To my Cousin, Anne Bodham, on receiving from her a

Net-work Purse made by herself

Inscription for a Hermitage in the Author's Garden

To Mrs. Unwin

To John Johnson, on his presenting me with an Antique

Bust of Homer

To a Young Friend, on his arriving at Cambridge wet,

when no rain had fallen there

A Tale

To William Hayley, Esq.

On a Spaniel, called Beau, killing a Young Bird,

Answer to Stanzas addressed to Lady Hesketh by Miss

Catharine Fanshawe .

To the Spanish Admiral, Count Gravina, on his Translat-

ing the Author's Song on a Rose into Italian Verse .

On Flaxman's Penelope

On receiving Hayne's Virgil from Mr. Hayley

To Mary

On the Ice Islands seen floating in the German Ocean

Montes Glaciales, in Oceano Germanico Natantes

The Salad. By Virgil

The Castaway

Monumental Inscription to William Northcot

A Riddle .

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