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Useful - again, shows one man's perspective. Green has been integral to the formation of TG/TS community. One thing about this literature is that it's good or not depending on your needs. So for the layperson, this presents a great overview of F-t-m transsexuality, the medical heritage, the formal community development in the 1990s, and one man's experience.
It's probably one of the best books out there by a transsexual person for a family member or friend of a trans-person
But for more complicated expressions, perspectives, or insights into transsexuality, this is very basic. Moreover, what I just said presumes that the layperson wouldn't want a complicated perspective. Another thing about transsexuality is that every person has a complicated experience of many questions, and you don't need to be an academic Gender Studies scholar to understand, through your bodily or social experience, super complicated gender. If this is the case, then a book like Riki Wilchin's is probably better.
It's interesting for a historical perspective to contrast this staid writing with the more radical expression of Leslie Feinberg or Kate Bornstein, who wrote at about the same time. Feinberg's personal experience of being publicly called out due to masculine gender presentation prior to transition was similar to Green's, but Feinberg chose to stop transitioning and proudly take a more liminal path. Green proudly chose to be out as a transman. Reading them both provides inspiration toward whatever path someone might be considering.

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