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Then the King, supported by the great Constable, Marshal, and accompanied with the Chancellor, arole from the Throne, and went out at door prepared for that purpose, to a Stage, and showeth himself to the People without, who clapped their hands, and cried with a loud Voice, a long time, God Juve the King.

Then the King returning, and fitting down upon the Throne, deliver'd the Scepter to the Earl of Crawford and Lindsay, to be carried before him. Thereafter the Lion King of Arms rehearsed the Royal Line of the Kings upward, to Fergus the first.

Then the Lion called the Lords one by one, who kneeling, and holding their hands betwixt the King's hands, did swear these words; By the Eternal and Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth for ever, I become your Liegeman, and Truth and Faith shall bear unto you, and live and dye with you, against all manner of folks whatsoever, in your service, according to the National Covenant, and solemn League and Covenant.

And every one of them kissed the king's left Cheek.

When thefe Solemnities were ended, the Minister ftanding before the king on his Throne, pronounced this Bleiling.

The Lord bless thee, and save thee; the Lord bear thee in the day of trouble, the Name of the God of Jacob defend thee : the Lord send that help from the Sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Sion. Amen.

After the Blessing pronounc'd, tlie Minister went to the Pulpit, and had the following Exhortation, the king fitting still upon the Throne. Ye have this day a King Crowned, and entred into Covenant with God, and his People ; look, both King and People, that ye keep this Covenant, and beware of the breach of it. That you may be the more careful to keep it, I will lay a few things before you.

I remember when the Solemn League and Covenant was entred by both Nations, the Commissioners from England being present in the East Kirk of Edinburgh, a paffage was cited out of Nebem. 6. 13. which I shall now again cite. Nebemiah required an Oath of the Nobles and people, to restore the mortgaged Lands, which they promised to do: after the Oath was tendred, in the 13th Verse he did shake his Lap, and said, S. God Make out every man from his house, and from his labour, that performeth not his promise ; even thus be be maken out and emptied, and all the Congregations said, Amen. Since that time many of those who were in Covenant are shaken out of it, yea, they have fhaken off the Covenant, and laid it aside. It is true, they are prospering this Day, and think that they prosper by laying alide the Covenant ; but they will be deceivd ; that word ipoken then, shall not fall to the ground ; God shall shake


them out of their possession, and empty them for their perfidious Breach of the Covenant.

The same I say to King and Nobles, and all that are in Covenant. If you break that Covenant, being so solemnly sworn, all these who have touch'd your Crown, and sworn to support it, shall not be able to hold it on; but God will shake it off, and turn you from the Throne: And ye Noblemen, who are affiftant to the putting on of the Crown, and setting the King upon the Throne; it ye shall either affift, or advise the King to break the Covenant, and overturn the Work of God, he shah fhake you out of your Pofieffions, and empty you of all your Glory.

Another passage I offer to your Consideration, Jer. 34. 8. After that Zedekiah had proinised to proclaim Liberty to all the Lord's People, who were Servants, and entred in a Covenant, he and his Princes, to let them go free, and according to the Oath had let them go; afterwards they caused the Servants to return, and brought them in subjection, ver. 11. What followeth upon this Breach ? Ver. 15,16. Te were now turned, and bad done right in my fight in proclaiming liberty: but ye turned, and made them jervants again. And therefore, ver. 18, 19, 20, 21. I will give the men who have transgressed my Covenant, who have mot performed the words of the Covenant which they made before me, when they cut the Calf in, and pajjed between the parts thereof, I wil even give them into the hands of their enemies, into the hand of them that seek their life, even Zedekiah and his Princesa If the Breach of a Covenant, made for the Liberty of Servants, was so punith’d, what shall be the Punishment of the Breach of a Covenant for Religion, and Liberty of the People of God? There is nothing more terrible to Kings and Princes, than to be given into the hands of Enemies, that seek their life. If ye would escape this Judgment, let King and Princes keep their Covenant made with God: Your Enemies, who seek your Life, are in the Land ; if you break the Covenant, it may be fear’d, God will give you over unto them as a Prey: But if ye yet keep Covenant, it may be expected, God will keep you out of their hands.

Let not the place ye heard opened be forgotten; for in it ve have an Example of Divine Juhtice against foash and the Princes, for breaking that Covenant, 2 Chron. 24. 23: The Princes, who inticed that Breach, are destroy'd. And in the 24th Verse it is suid, The Army of the Syrians came with a smal company of men, and the Lord deliver'd a very great Holl into their bands; because they had forsaken the Lord God of their Fathers : fo tbey executed judgment against Joash. And verse 25. His own fery.ints conspired against bim, and flew him on his bed, &c. The Con


spiracy of Servants or Subjects against their King, is a wicked coursé : But God in his righteous Judgments suffereth Subjects to conspire and rebel against their Princes, because they rebel againft God : And he suffereth Subjects to break the Covenant made with a King, because he breaketh the Covenant made with God. I may say freely, that a chief cause of the Judgment upon the King's House, hath been the Grandfather's Breach of Covenant with God, and the Father's following his steps, in opposing the work of God, and his Kirk within these Kingdoms : They broke Covenant with God, and Men have broken Covenant with them ; yea, most cruelly and perfidioully have invaded the Royal Family, and trodden upon all Princely Dignity.

Be wise by their Example. You are now fitting upon the Throne of the Kingdom, and your Nobles about you, there is one above you, even Jesus the King of Sion; and I, as his Servant, dare not but be free with you. I charge you Sir, in His Name, that you keep this Covenant in all Points; if you break this Covenant, and come againft this Cause, í aflure you the Controversy is not ended between God and your Family, but will be carried on to further weakning, if not the overthrow of it: But if you shall keep this Covenant, and i befriend the Kingdom of Chrift, it may be from this day God shall begin to do you good; altho your Estate be very weak, God is able to raise you, and make you to reign, maugre the opposition of all your Enemies: And howsoever it shall please the Lord to difpofc, you shall have peace toward God, through Christ the Mediator.

As for you who are Nobles and Peers of the Land, your share is great in this Day of Coronation ; ye have come and touched the Crown, and sworn to support it; ye have handled the Sword and Scepter, and have set down the King upon his Throne.

1. I charge you keep your Covenant with God; and see that ye never be moved your selves to come against it in any Head or Article thereof; and that ye give no Counsel to the King to come against that Doctrine, Worship, Government and Discipline of the Kirk, establish'd in this Land, as you would eschew the Judgment of Covenant-breakers. If the King and ye, who are engag'd to fupport the Crown, conspire together against the Kingdom of Chrift; both ye that do support, and he that is supported, will fall together. I press this the more, because it is a rare thing to see a King and Great Men for Chrift; in the long Catalogue of Kings, which ye have heard recited this Day, there will be found few who have been for Chrift.

2. I charge you also, because of your many Oaths to the King, that you keep them inviolably. Be faithful to him according to your Covenant, the Oaths of God are upon you; if directly or indirectly you do any thing against his itanding, God, by whom ye have sworn, will be avenged upon you for the Breach of his Oath.

And now I will close up all in one word more to You, Sir: You are the only Covenanted King with God and his People in the World: Many have obstructed your Entry in it ; now seeing the Lord hath brought you in over all these Obstructions, only observe to do what is contained therein; and it shall prove a happy Time for You and Your House. And because you are entered in Times of great difficulty, wherein small itrength seems to remain with you in the eyes of the World, for recovering your juft Power and Greatness; therefore take the Counsel which David, when he was dying, gave to his Son Solomon, 1 Kings 2. 2, 3. Be strong, and how thy self a Man, and keep the charge of the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and keep his Commandments, that thou may'st prosper in all that thou doʻjt, and whithersoever thou turnejt thy felf.

After this Exhortation, the Minifter closed the whole Adien with Prayer; and the 20th Psalm being fung, he dismissed the People with the Blessing.

Then did the King's Majesty descend from the Stage, with the Crown upon his Head; and receiving again the Scepter in his Hand, returned with the whole Train in solemn manner to his Palace, the Sword being carried before him.

Phenir x.

Hopes we ,

Publish'd by Their Lordship’s Order.
HE States-General of the United Provinces of the Low-

Countries; To all to whom these mall come, Greeting. ing of Peace would, in time, prove more successful; and that the reiterated Instances of the Prince of Orange should at last carry it above the Arts which have been us’d againft us, have kept us from publishing sooner an Answer to the Declaration of War of his Majesty of Great Britain ; Being unwilling to encrease the Feud, or to let the whole World see at what rate fo great a King hath been abus'd, by the publishing in his Name of a Manifest, wherein Truth is what hath been leaft aim'd at, and which is all full of things that deserve so little to bear in the Front so Illustrious a Name.

But since all our Endeavours, as well as those of the Prince of Orange, have prov'd fruitless; and that our moft earneft Suits are not only rejected with Scorn, but are also look'd up: on as Injuries, as it appears by the Exceptions that have been


The Answer of the States-General

of the United Provinces of the Low-Countries, to the Declaration of War of the King of Great Britain. Printed in 1674.

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