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Scarce and Valuable Pieces From the Remotest Antiquity down to the Present Times.

BEING A COLLECTION of Manuscripts and

Printed Tracts, no where to be found but in the Closets of the Curious.

By a Gentleman who has made it his Business to

fearch after such Pieces for Twenty Years past.

All Men receive their Birth from other things,
But from Himself the PHENIX only springs ;
From his own Cinders, balm'd in costly Spices,
A Second PHENIX like the First arises :
O happy thine own Heir! What ruins all,
Adds Strength to thee, restor’d by Funeral,


LONDON, Printed for 7. Morphew near Stationers Hall.



PRE FACE By the Undertakers.

HE Nature and Extent of this Design being explain’d sufficiently in the Title Page, it's

needless to insist on it here; and the Usefulness of the Work being obvious to every Intelligent Reader, it's equally needless to enlarge upon it.

A Design partly of the same nature, was begun in Holland by the Learned and Industrious Mr. Le Clerc in 1903. which has met with such Approbation, that it is still continu'd and publish'd there in French, in a small Volume in 12°. once in half a year, under the Title of Bibliotheque Choisie, i. e. The Select Library. But whereas that Author mixes new Books as they come out, with those of an older date, our Design is only to give such as are antient or scarce; not by way of Abridgment as he does (except they be very bulky) but the pieces themselves: And because many don't understand French, we shall from time to time insert such of Mr. Le Clerc's Extracts as are Valuable and sute our Design, when we can't meet with the Books. But for those newly publish'd, either abroad or at home, we leave them to the Works of the Learned, because we would not interfere with the Proprietors of that useful. Book. And tho we shall take all possible care to invade no Man's Property, A 2


yet we shall be ready, if any such thing happens, to give all reasonable Satisfaction, upon a reference to Indifferent Persons.

A Work of this nature requires Impartiality; and as we mix nothing of our own Judgment in it, no man has reason to be offended that we don't make the Humour of any Party a Rule for our Collection, fince in this matter we have no regard to our own Sentiments, which is the surest Test of Impartiality.

The Gentleman who laid the Groundwork of this Design, has look'd over all the late Mr. Miller's curious Collection of Pamphlets; and since Dr. Seaman's Auction, which was the first, he has attended most that have been in London; where he purchas'd such curious Pieces as he thought fit for his purpose: befides what he has had from his particular Friends, and other Persons who were willing to promote this Undertaking. And that nothing may be wanting to make it compleat, such Gentlemen as have any thing Scarce and Curious to impart, and will be pleas'd to send it, directed for the Undertakers of the Phenix, to be left at Fellows's Coffee-House in Aldersgate-street, or give notice where they may be attended, we shall be ready to wait upon them, and hear their Proposals. In the mean time 'tis thought fit to give this publick notice, That we are already Masters of a Valuable Collection for several Volumes, and shall go with all possible speed upon another, if this meet with a favourable Reception; which we can scarce doubt of, since this is the only method for preserving and making publick such Valuable Pieces, as would otherwise be utterly loit, or at least confin'd to the Closets of the Curious: Whereas they may at one time or other be useful and instructive to Men of all Ranks and Facultys, and by consequence answer the End of the first Publishers or Composers.


The several TRACTS contain'd in

this VOLUME.

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PHenis nix 1. A Letter of Resolution concerning Origen and the chief

of his Opinions. Written to the Learned and most Inge

nious C. L. Efq; and by bim publis’d. 2. God's first Sally out of Himself in the Birth of the Universe.

86. 3. A Design about Disposing the Bible into an Harmony : or,

An Esay concerning the Transposing the Order of Books and Chapters of the Holy Scriptures, for the reducing of

all into a continued History, 4. Christ's Birth Mil-timed; or a Resolution of the Right

Honourable the Lord Carew's Question, touching the true time of the Conception and Birth both of John Baptist and also of our Saviour. Proving that Jesus Christ was not born in December. By R.S.

114. S.

The Reformation of the Church in Ireland, during tbe
Reigns of King Henry VIII. Edward VI. and
Queen Mary.

120. 6. The Sum and Substance of the Conference, which it pleas'd

his Excellent Majesty to have with the Lords Bishops, and others of his Clergy c at which most of the Lords of the Council were present) in his Majesty's Privy Chamber at Hampton Court, Jan. 1603. Contrałted by William

Barlow, Do&tor of Divinity, and Dean of Chefter. 139 7. Fragmenta Regalia : or, Observations on the Late

Queen Elizabeth, her Times and Favourites. Written by Sir Robert Naunton, Master of the Court of Wards.

181. -8. John Keymor's Observation made upon the Dutch Fishing, about the Tear 1601.

222. 9. The Form and Order of the Coronation of Charles the

Second, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland; as it was afied and done at Scoon, the first Day of January, 1651. To which is added, a Sermon preach'd at Scoon, upon that occasion, by Robert Down glas, Minister at Edinburgh, moderator of the Commiffion of the General Asembly.

232. A 3


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