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Murdock, James, D. D., Translation suasion 263. The orator must

of Mosheim's Ecclesiastical His know himself 264. The orator
tory, noticed 231.

and the debater 266. History 267.

The orator and the poet com-

pared 270. Logic 271.
Nestorian Christians, 1. The oldest Oxford Divinity, compared with

Christian sect 2. Their Conver that of the Romish and Anglican
sion to Christianity 3. The Ja Churches, etc. by Bishop Mcllo
cobites and Chaldeans 4. The vaine, noticed 228.
Koordistan Mountains 5. Ooroo-
miah 7. Climate 8. Traditions

of the Nestorians and their em- Parsons, Rev. B. Anti-Bacchus,
ployment 9. Population, lan noticed 242.
guage and literature 10. Modern Patrick, Bishop, Heart's Ease, no-
dialect 11. Reduced to writing ticed 245.
12. Books and Libraries 13. Pelagianism, Augustinism and, Wige
Books containing church ser gers' History of, reviewed 195.
vices, laws, etc. 14. Ancient The Bible 'not a book of phi-
MSS. 15. Readers 15. Char losophy 196. Offices of philosophy
acteristics of the Nestorians 16. 197. Old religions and philoso-
Church, Episcopal in form-ce phies 201. Collision belween in-
libacy-Nazarités 17. Nestorians spiration and established dogmas--
generally poor and charitable two forms of Christianity 202.
18. Religious creed 19. Friendly Dogmatic history 203. Systems
to Missions 20. Opposition of the of Augustine and Pelagius com-
Papists 21. Jesuitism 22. Encour. pared 205 ; examined 212. Char-

agement to Missionary effort 23. acter and history of Augustine
Nordheimer, Prof. Isaac, Critical 212. Origin of his views of Origi.
Grammar of the Hebrew Lan nal sin 214. Other opinions 216.
guage, reviewed, by Prof. Lewis Character and history of Pelagius
438. General philology 439. Ex 217. Opinions 218. Tendencies
cellences of the method of the of the two systems 220. Just Theo-
Grammar 440. Exclusive theo logical Education 224.
rizing 441. Exclusively induc- Perkins, Rev. Justin, on the Nesto-
tive method 442. Syntax 443. rian Christians 1.
Disagreement of the subject and Persia, the Nestorian Christians in, 1
predicate 444. Location of the Perfeciion, Examination of the doc-
adjective 446. Tenses 449. Re trine of, as held by Rev. Asa Ma-
lative forms 454. Vision of Eli. han and others, by Dr. Woods,
phaz 457. Objections 458. AC 166. Publications enumerated 166.
cents 462.

General remarks 167. Provisions
Nott, Rev. Samuel, Jr. Sermons on of the gospel 168. Agreement of
Public Worship, noticed 499. Christians 169. Question slated

172. Attainableness of perfection

in this life 174. Promises 176.
Opinion, Toleration of, D. Fosdick, Prayers for perfect sanctification
Jr. on, 114.

Orator, the Studies of, by Prof. S. G. Continued 406. Main question 407.


Physiology, Principles of, applied to Self Cultivation, Rev. T. Edwards

the Preservation of Health, by An on 75; its prerequisites, – self-

drew Combe, M. D., noticed 234. knowledge, self-rule and self-for-
Pond, Rev. Enoch, D. D., on the mation 77. Self-cultivation should
intermediate place 464.

be physical 78, intellectual 80, so-
Preachers and Preaching, by Prof. cial 82, moral and religious 83.

H. P. Tappan, 317. Three forms Means of self-cultivation 85.
of religion-religion of nature Sketches of Living Characters of
and law 317; of grace 318. Priest France, noticed 507.
ly office 319. Apostles and preach- Skinner, Reo. T. H., D.D., Religion
ers 320. Purity of the ministry and Liberty, noticed 506.
321. Three orders refuted 322. Smith, Charles A. Popular Expo-
The hierarchy 323. Office of the sition of the Gospels, noticed 508.
Christian minister 327.

Sophocles, E. A. Greek Grammar,
Public Horship, Sermon, by Rev. noticed 234.
Samuel Nott, Jr. noticed 499. Spring, Rev. Gardner D. D. Essays

on Christian Character, noticed
Religion and Liberty, by Rev. T.H.
Skinner, D. D. noticed 506.

Review of Wiggers' History of Au Tappan, Prof. Henry P. Review

gustinism and Pelagianism, by of Wiggers' History of Augus-
Prof. Tappan 195.

linism and Pelagianism 195.-
Robinson, Prof. Edward, D. D., on Preachers and Preaching 317.

the Bible and its Literature 334. Doctrine of the Will, noticed 504.
Rotleck, Charles von, L. L. D., Gen- Taylor, Rev. F. W. Flag Ship,

eral History of the World, no noticed 249.
ticed 493.

Taylor, Thomas, Memoir of Han.

nah More, noticed 243.

Toleration of Opinion, D. Fosdick,
Sabbath, Book for the, by Rev. J. B. Jr. on, 114. - Religious Tolera-
Waterbury, noticed 236.

tion among the Romans 114, and
Sabbath, Lars respecting the, etc. by Mohammedans 115. First toler-
Kingsbury, noticed 236.

ation of Christianity 115. Intol-
Scotland, Remarks on the Ecclesi erance of the Popes 116, and of
astical and Literary Condition of, Protestantisın 117. Increase of
360. Character of the people 360. religious toleration 118. Poliical
Causes of their peculiarities 361. intolerance 118. Censorship of
Climate, etc. 362. Political and

the press, prohibited books 119.
Ecclesiastical contests 363. Paro Bishop of London and Tindal's
chial Schools 364. History of Translation 119. Licensers and
Education 365. Society for Prop Imprimaturs of England 120.
agating Christian Knowledge 368. Literary controversy 121. Nick-
Schools of the Secession 369. names 122. Intolerance and tol-
Universities 370. Medical Edu eration often a matter of policy
cation-Present State of the Uni 123.
versities 372. Prospects of the Turney, Edmund, Exposition of
Established Church 373. Its his Rom. 8: 18-23. 189.
tory 374. Patronage 375. Origin Types and Typical Interpretation of
of the Secession 377 ; conse Scripture, Prof. J. Muenscher on,
quences 379. Recent opposition 92. Fanciful application of types

determined 108. Classes of types

W. 111. Rules for their interpreta- Waterbury, Rev. J. B. Book for tion 112.

the Sabbath, noticed 236.

Wiggers, G. F., D. D., History of U.

Augustinism and Pelagianism, Universalism as it Is. by Rev. E. F. reviewed 195. Hatfield, noticed 499.

Wilberforce William, CorresponUpham, Prof. T. C. Mental Phi. dence of, noticed 491. losophy and Treatise on the Will, Will, Treatise on, Treatise on, by reviewed 478. History of 479. Prof. Upham, reviewed 478. Threefold view of the mind-the Will, Doctrine of, by Prof. Tappan, Intellect 480. Original Sugges noticed 504. tion 481; Relative Suggestion, Winslow, Rev. Octavius, Work on reasoning 482. Imagination, the the Holy Spirit, noticed 238. Sensibilities 483. Desires, Affec. Woods, Rev. Leonard, D. D. Es. tions 485. Moral Sensibilities amination of the doctrine of Per486. The Will 488. Freedom, fection, as held by Rev. Asa Mapower 489. Religious motives, han and others 166, 406. 490.

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