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Herself into the scarlet fever,
He left-as we will also leave her.

- square,

Change we the scene—To.
Au trosième with the Muse repair.
See in that room—the drapery's blue-
A little party met at loo:
Young-single-beautiful-in short,
The veriest rose-buds of the court.
Poor Lady Frances, you must know,
Caught a bad cold some nights ago.
And, freed awhile from courtly duty,
At home behold the languid beauty,
Whiling the tedium that attends
On sickness, with some bosom friends,
And loosed from chaperons and mothers,
Chatting on love and elder brothers.
It makes one's heart beat to behold
Sweet girls together uncontrolled ;
Guileless but gay-and tho’ without us
Talking-dear creatures ! all about us.

“ 'Tis I to deal—you saw their pearls? “I own-I never liked those girls, “ And yet the stupid men they charm. “Jane's head is good—but such an arm ! “ What made her like that Mr. Frere, “The odious man-what!-diamonds dear?

“ So George will marry Bell, they say-
“ Poor thing !--he's been extremely gay;
“ I own it gave me great surprise
“ He's handsome !

-Yes--such charming eyes ! 66 The Duke at first refused consent, 66 But Bell upon the match was bent-" He'd scarce a sous !---was that the rub" What made him live so well ?-a club. “ Well, they'll be happy, for he sings “ Such songs-she wears the prettiest things ! “ With great economy they'll dom

They've hired Lord Henry's house at Kew. “ Love ev'n the poorest couple blesses, "" And Carson makes the prettiest dresses. “ Is that the deuce ?-fie, love-the two!

“ O Lord !"—here shrieks appal the hearing, For at the casement to their view,

A deuce-like two indeed appearing; One face gay, grinning with delight, The other sad and grave as night--Yet both in dusky hue alike,

And strange uncouth, outlandish features.-Enough, in real truth, to strike

Some terror into those sweet creatures.
Half in the room, and half without,
They pause a moment as in doubt;
Not so the damsels--through the door
Each struggling to be first, they pour,

And really it was quite heart-breaking
To hear so sad a waste of shrieking.
Such sounds, if lavished on the stage,
Had made e'en merit quite the rage.
Scarce more terrific, or more loud
The clamour of the Bromian crowd,
When Pentheus, as old tales recount,
Lay hid on grey Cithæron's mount,
And strove, rash Monarch ! to discover
What ladies do-when half seas over!

So--there arrested in amazement,

our Brothers at the casement.
Quoth Ching at last“ Upon my soul,
I think her conduct yastly droll,
Perhaps her feelings quite betray'd her,
At such a public honour paid her.
What think you ?" —

Chang, serene and cool
Replied---“ O Ching, you are a fool !
Enough I've now in sober sadness,
Conceded to this shallow madness.
Come--danger dwelleth in delay,
Retreat we safely while we may.”
“ You're quite enough to make a man swear,"
Cried Ching-when suddenly his answer
Dies on his lips, as half a score
Of menials rush within the door:

The butler, who leads on the'assault,
Wheels round, and shouts in thunder, “ Halt!"
While to the dread of each beholder,
Comes up his musquet to his shoulder. .
He lays his finger on the trigger,
And mutters out---“ By Jove--a Nigger !"
By butlers shall their blood be shed ?
Slap went the window, down each head.
The menials to the lattice run--
The Butler points below his gun--
All look without--no Twins are there !
Like witches, have they turned to air !
“ Run, John, the yard below explore
“ You, Thomas, fly to the front door!”
They ran, they searched, they stared, they gaped
In vain-our heroes have escaped.
Love stretched her cloud, my Twins, o'er ye, as
She stretched it once o'er good Æneas.
How scaped they thus from being shot there?
First sing, sweet Phæbus, how they got there!
Well then, this window, reader, know,
Looked on the unwatched yard below;
It was a corner house, and (bearing
Some few doors round) was one repairing,
A scaffold used whose walls in mending,
Had served our brothers for ascending;
Then creeping round the leads, they gain
The house which love will storm in vain,

And reach, by cords from roof suspended,
The window where the journey ended.
So when Fate bade them fly the foe,
Their course was upward, not below.
Trained from their earliest years to climb,
They seized the rope, and swung sublime,
While, unsuspicious of this soaring,
The foes beneath were all exploring.
'Twas thus the enemy they baffled,
Retracked the leads, regained the scaffold,
And, tarrying till the search was o’er,
Won terra firma as before.
You'll own that these the sort of fellows
That make old husbands devilish jealous.

Now, as they wander, Ching declares,
He has no notion of such airs;
That coyness may a maid be suiting,
But not when once it comes to shooting !
That that event hath sealed her sentence,
And he will leave her to repentance,
To wet with pining tears her pillow,
Recall his love, and wear the willow.
But Chang no answer gave-inurned
Within his breast a fever burned,
And all or light, or gay, or vain,
But reached the sense to rouse disdain.
And more than all it seemed to sting
When Ching's allusions served to bring

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