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" And with shriek, and shout, the demon rout

- Came round the unburied dead. “ Yea! round, and round, with their giant wings

“ The monster Bird, and the dragon Snake, “ And the Evil Race from the Ebon springs

“ Of the Genii's waveless Lake! “ Yea round, and round, with their stoney glare,

“ And their gnashing teeth, and their ghastly yell! “ And limb, by limb, they had torn me there

“ Had I miss 'd one word of the wizard spell. “ But I mastered the fiends with a fearless breast, 66 And I tore the babe from its darksome rest, “ And I severed the hands, and the feet, and the head, “ And I looked around and the fiends were fled“ And I was alone with the mangled dead !

“ And never from her hall of light
“ The moon's hushed glory seem'd so bright

“ As then !—the gale its pride had bow'd-
" The tree—the herb the flower—below;

“ And the white star and pausing cloud
“ Above me ;-seemed to hail, and know

" The new-made Monarch, whom the Hour,
“ And the dark daring of the deed
And the Art minioned to the meed,

“ Had diadem'd with power!
“ And the lovely Earth is bared to me

With the wealth of its coffer'd dower;


“ The death, and the life in every tree ;

“ And the spirit in every flower :“ From Clime to Clime unseen I glide

“ On the car of my swift desire, " I rule the steeds of the rushing Tide,

“ And the heart of the restless Fire. “I watch o'er the Past in its mighty sleep,

“I walk in its Chambers dark, “ And over the future's shoreless deep

“ I sail in my prophet-bark. “ But I pine from my wisdom's desolate throne,

my sceptre charms me not ; “ And I fly in thought, as I sit alone,

“ To my father's tranquil Cot. “ And why, 0 dupes of the burning dream,

“ For a boon that deceiveth, roam ? “ Will the Sun on a stranger's dwelling beam

“ More bright that it shines on home? “ But I read your brow-and I read your heart,

" And I know the seal is set; “ And that spell is above a Magian's art,

" That can hold man from- -Regret."

66 And

The sorcerer rose, and led the way

Thro' a rent in the deep wall's massive base, And they stood in a cell where the peering ray, Crept faint from above thro' the dismal

space; Serving just to shadow dimly,

Their outlines from the denser gloom,

Like the half-worn images sculptured grimly

On the walls in the outer room.

Suddenly forth to the roof, the light

Burst, of a mighty flame ! It shot from the earth to that lofty heightLike a burning town on a northern night, And it trampled the gloom with an Angel's might

And it died as it came !

But behold on the spot where it falleth,
A meteor hath risen, and slowly crawleth,-
The child of the fire-fiend creeping

Along ;—till at length with an impish mirth
To and fro see it fitfully leaping,

As it courses the jagged earth! Then they marked that the seer had his raiment thrown On the ground; and a narrow and knotted zone, Star-studded, was bound on his loins alone!

They stand within the flame, that curld,

Not in the northern wizard's ring,

But oval-like; and imaging
A mystery in the Antique world.

And the Sorcerer on their heads hath lain

One hand, the other raised on high ! “ Worms on life's lotos leaf—whate'er

“ Of dread or menace meet the eye

“ Or thrill the appalled ear-beware

“Of any sound-of any cry
Beyond the ebb of breath!

“ This fiery wall is life’s domain
Transgressed one inch is death!

“ For the fiends are without, and I hear them now,
“ And I feel their breath on my dampening brow.
“ If a single drop from the brimmed spell
“ Run o'er, ye are doomed to the wrath of hell.
“ And a death by the gripe of the demon's fangs,
“ Will but herald the soul to Tapana's * pangs


Now the fire is calmly burning,

And the orgy hath begun,
And along the red girth going,
From an iron vessel throwing
In the flame the appointed things
Of that black and fearful learning;
Thus the Magian with each one

Slowly sings.
66 Seizers of the wretch who wars
“ With the Sovereign of the Stars,

Tapana is one of the many Boudhese hells to which, among other criminals, the dabblers in unlawful arts are condemned. The reader will note, that in the ensuing incantation, the sorcerer forsakes the Boudhist superstition, and alludes only to the Hindoo. The Hindoo magicians, to whose order he appears to belong, are of greater renown than the Boudhist,

“Ye, whom my victory taught to fear me,
“ Still and bright Grahana* hear me!

“And ye who sweep thro' the air and the deep,

“ And rise on the Fire God's wings, “ Or couched in the gloom of the mountain's womb,

“ Hold court with the Metal kings; “ Ye mocking ELEMENTS-who laugh

“ At a mortal's doom with a frantic mirth“ And scatter our dust, when we die, like chaff

“ O'er the heart of the griefless earth: “ Ye, whom my victory taught to fear me, “ Bhuta, dread servants of Siva, hear me ! “ Four and sixty bones are here, 66 Blent and seethed in the bowl of Fear; “ Four and sixty roots are mingled

By the moon, at her moment of glory, singled. “ By these, by the ashes, the draught, and the dust-“ Come hither—come hither, ye must-ye must!

Steep my tongue in the Fount of the Future Things, “ And shadow my soul with your rushing wings.”

• The planets : their name (Grahana) signifies the act of seizing, and they are chiefly invoked by the Hindoo magicians in ceremonies denouncing evil upon enemies.

+ Bhuta, the Elements, are considered by the Hindoos as demonsthe Atharvana Veda-(one of their sacred books)-is said to enjoin their worship.

# Siva, the God of Destruction.

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