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prayed the thirdtime, wholly to the Divine Will and Plealaying the

same sure. words.

45. And returning to his Disciples, 45 Then cometh he to his disciples,

and finding them the third time sleepand faith unto them, ing, he said ; What,

ye yet overSleep on now, and come with sleep and drowsiness ? Nay, take your rest; be- ye may e'en sleep on now; I have conhold, the hour is at quer'd my Agony, and 'tis too late for hand, and the Son of your Watching to be any comfort or afman is betrayed into sistance to me now: The time of my the hands of finners. Suffering is come, and I am just going

to be betray'd into the Hands of wick

ed and malicious Men. 46 Rise, let us be

46. Come, rise, let us go; he that going ; behold, he betrays me, is just upon us. is at hand that doth betray me.

47. Scarce had Hesus said these 47 S And while he Words, when suddenly Judas appearyet spake, lo, Judased conducting a great Number of Offone of the twelve cers armed with Swords and Staves, came, and with him who were sent from the chief Priests a great multitude and Elders to seize Jesus in his private with swords and Retirements, Judas having undertaken ftaves from the chief

to be their Guide, priests and elders of the people.

48. Now because the Officers did 48 Now he that not know Jesus's Face, and it was also betrayed him, gave Night; therefore, that they might not them a fign, saying, mistake the Person, Judas had given Whomsoever I shall them a Token, that when he came up kiss, that fame is he, to Jesus, he would falute him with a hold him falt.

Kiss ; by which Sign they should know him, and not fail to apprehend and

secure him. 49 And forthwith

49. Coming up therefore to Jesus, he to Jefus, he according to the appointed Signal, faand said, Hail master; and kissed him,

luted and kissed him. 50 And Jesus said 50. Jesus, knowing his Design, reprounto him, Friend, ved his Ingratitude with this gentle, yet


Thefe Words may either be read interrogatively, Καθεύδετε To 2o17or; Do ye yet sleep? Or else they must be understood ironically, and by way of Reproof. I have expressed both Senses in the Paraphrase.




severe Rebuke ; Friend, wherefore come wherefore art thou attended in this manner ? But while

come? Then came you he was speaking, the Officers seized they and laid hands him, and began to carry him away.

on Jesus, and took

him. 51. Then Peter, seeing to what ex

51 And behold, tremity things tended ; out of great

one of them that Zeal for his Master's safety, drew his

with Jesus, Sword, and striking at one of the High stretched his Priest's Servants, cut off a piece of his hand, and drew his Ear.

sword, and stroke a 52. But Jefus forbad him to make servant of the high use of his Sword, saying; These are not his ear.

priests, and smote off the Weapons which my Disciples must 52 Then said Jeuse. They who are impatient and pas- sus unto him, Put up fionate, and ready upon every Provoca- again thy fword intion to run to the Sword, shall them to its place; for all felves be liable to perish by the Sword. they that take the Our part is to overcome, not by fight- with the fword.

sword, shall perish ing, but by Patience and Suffering.

53. Otherwise, If I had designed to 53 Thinkest thou resist these Men, and wanted Adistance that I cannot now to conquer them, do you not think I pray to my Father, could easily have pray'd to God, (and and he shall presently

give me more than can even yet do it, if I' thought it ex

twelve legions of an• pedient) and he would prefently have gels? fent me an Army of Angels to destroy them? 54. But how then should the Will of

54 But how then God and the Predictions of the Pro- shall the scriptures phets have been fulfilled ? For God be fulfilled, that thus sent me into the World, to suffer and it must be? die, and the Prophets have foretold that I should do so; and all these things must needs be accomplished. 55. Then Jesus turning himself to

55 And in that the Multitude, faid; What makes you fame hour faid Jesus come out against me in the Night, with to the multitudes, a Band of Soldiers, armed with Swords Are ye and Clubs, as if ye came to apprehend as against a


swords and a Robber that would make strong Re- with fwords fiftance ? Did I not every Day fit open- fat daily with you

staves to take me? I ly teaching in the Temple, and ye teaching in the temmight have taken me when you plea


come out

ple, and ye laid no fed, if you had had any great Crime to hold on me.

lay to my Charge ? 56 But all this was

56. But now * is the Time, wherein done, that the scripthe Infinite Wisdom of God has appointures of the prophets ted me to suffer ; and all these things might be fulfilled. ought thus to come to pass, that the Then all the disciples Scriptures might be fulfilled. Then all forsook him,and fled.

the Disciples, seeing there was no Remedy, and that Jesus himself would not suffer them to try to rescue him,

forsook him and Aled. 57. § And they

57: Now they that had apprehendthat had laid hold on ed Jesus, carried him to Caiaphas the Jesus, led him away High Priest, in whole House the Counto Caiaphas the high cil of the Scribes and Elders were ready prielt; where the fcribes and the el gathered together. ders were assembled. 58. And Peter, having recovered his

58 But Peter fol- Fear a little, and taken Courage ; followed him afar off, lowed them at a Distance to Caiaphas unto the high priests his Palace, and went in after them, and palace, and went in, sat down among the Servants, to lee and sat with the ser. what the Event of this thing would be. vants to see the end.

59. Then the Council, having gotten 59

Now the chief priests and elders, Jesus in their Power, fought for all the and all the council, Witnesses against him they could; and fought false witness like malicious Informers rather than against Jesus to put just Judges, contrived so to examine him to death, them, as to urge them, if possible, to

testify some thing against him, which they might judge to be a Crime worthy

of Death. 60 But found none: 60. But none witnessed so much ayea, though many gainst him, as was sufficient to condemn false witnesses came, yet found they none.

him : Nay, tho' many False Witnesses At the last came two

were suborned on purpose, yet could false witnesses,

not they convict him of any Capital Crime.

régove, which we render was done, may most properly be rendered is done: And then these will be the Words, not of the Evangelist

, but of Christ; See Luke xxii. 53. But the Sense is the

fame either way


61. At last there rose up two false 61 And said, This Witnesses, who maliciously misrepre- fellow said, I am able senting and misinterpreting some things to destroy the temple which he had said, and industriously it in three days.

of God, and to build putting the most odious Sense upon Words which they did not understand ; teftified against him, that he had declared, He could pull down the Temple of God, and build it up again in three Days. 62. To this when Jesus made no

62 And the high Reply, the High-Priest standing up in priest arose, and said a Passion, faid; Have you nothing to elt thou nothing?

unto him, Answerfay for your self? Can you make no What is it which Answer to the Accusation these Men these witness bring against you ?

gainst thee? 63. But Jesus, knowing that they 63 But Jesus held sought only to urge him to say some- his peace. And the thing which they might lay hold on, high priest answered and turn to his Accusation, still held

I his peace. Then said the High-Priest; living God, that thou

adjure thee by the I adjure you folemnly by the dreadful tell us, whether thou and tremendous Name of God, in be the Christ, the whose Presence you stand, that you tell Son of God. us plainly and truly, whether you be indeed the Messiah, the Son of God,

64 Jesus faith un64. Then Jesus confessed, saying, to him, Thou hast I am; and ye shall shortly see a con- faid: nevertheless I vincing Evidence of it, in that wonder- say unto you, Hereful and unparallelled Destruction which after shall ye see the I will send upon the Jewish Nation; Son of man fitting in the quick and powerful Progress on the right hand of which the Gospel fhall make over the power, and coming

in the clouds of heaEarth; and finally in my glorious Ap

ven, pearing to judge the World.

65 Then the high 65. At this the High-Priest in great priest

his Indignation rent his Clothes, saying ; clothes, saying, He Here is manifest and notorious' Blaf- hath spoken blasphephemy; What need we trouble our my, what further selves to seek for

other Witnesses ?

need have we of wit.

nesses? behold, now This whole Allembly has now with their own Ears heard him speak plain blasphemy.

ye have heard his and direct Blasphemy.

66 What


this Jesus.

66 What think ye? 66. What think you of it? They all They antwered and said ; This is manifeftly a Capital Crime, faid, He is guilty of and worthy of Death. death.

67 & 68. Then began the Servants 67 Then did they spit in his face, and and common People to fall upon him buffeted him, and

as a Man already condemned ; spitting others smote him upon him, buffeting him, offering all with the palms of manner of Rudeness and Indignities their hands,

to him: And some hoodwinking him, 68 Saying, Pro- ftruck him with their hands, and jeer

us thou Chrift

, who" is "he ingly faid ; Now, you that pretend to that smote thee ?

be a great Prophet, show your Skill,

and tell who it is that smites you. 69 S Now Peter 69. All this time Peter sat withfat without in the out in the Court among the Servants; palace : and a dam and as he was sitting there, there came lel came unto him, to him a Maid-Servant, who rememsaying, Thou also bred she had seen him, and said ; I bewalt with Jesus of lieve you were one of the Followers of Galilee. 70 But he denied

70. Peter surprized with Fear at this before them all, fay- sudden Challenge, and forgetting his ing, I know

not former Confidence, immediately denied what thou sayeit.

it, saying ; I know nothing of Jesus, neither can I tell what

you mean. 71 And when he

71. Again, as he was going out into was gone out into the Porch, another Maid-Servant feethe porch, another ing him, said to those that stood by ; maid saw him; and Surely, That Man there, was one of

unto were there , This Jesus's Followers. fellow was also with

72. But Peter hearing her, turned Jesus of Nazareth. himself about, and, in a mixt Passion

72 And again he of Fear and Anger, swore that he denied with an oath,

never had

any thing to do with I do not kno 73 And after a

73. A little after, another of the while

standers-by faid to Peter ; Certainly, him they that stood if I be not ftrangely mistaken, you by, and said to Peter,

were one of this Man's Disciples; For Surely thou also art your very Speech showeth, you are a one of them, for thy Galilæan. speech bewrayeth thec

the Him.




74. But

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