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25 Then answer

25. The People all replied; We
ed all the people, and will be answerable for it: If there be
faid, His blood be on any Guilt in this Matter, let it lie upon
us, and on our chil-

us and our Posterity.
26 Then releaf-

26. Pilate then released unto them
ed he Barabbas unto

Barabbas. And when he had scourged them: and when he had fcourged Jesus, Jejus, and found that neither would he delivered him to . That satisfy the People, he delivered + See John be crucified. him to them to be crucified.



27 Then the fol

27. Then * the Soldiers came a-
diers of the gover- bout Jesus, and took him into the Go-
nor took Jesus into vernor's Hall, and gathered together
the common hall,
and gathered unto

their whole Company, to abuse and
him the whole band make sport with him,
of soldiers.

28 And they strip 28. And because they had heard that
ped him, and put he had been ftiled King of the Jews,
on him


scarlet they stript him of his own Cloaths, robe.

and in derifion put upon him a Scarlet
29 S And when

they had platted a
crown of thorns,
they put it upon his

29. Then setting upon his Head a
head, and a reed in Wreath of Thorns for a Crown, and
his right hand: and putting in his Hand a Reed or Cane
they bowed the knee for a Scepter, they kneeled down before

and him, and in mockery faluted him as
Hail, king of the
30 And they spit

30. And they scornfully spit upon
upon him, and took his Face; and took the Cane out of his
the reed, and smote Hand, and beat him upon the Head
him on the head. with it.

before him ,
mocked him, saying, King.

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** It appears from the History, John xix, that some of these
things were done before Pilate condemned Jesus: But St. Matthews
for method's fake, relates all thele Circumítances together.

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31. And when they were


with 31 And after that mocking and abufing him, they difrobed they had mocked him of his Royal Attire, and put his him, they took the

robe off from him, own Cloaths on again, and led him a


his own raiway with the * Cross upon his Should

ment on him, and ers to be crucified.

led him away to cru

cify him. 32. And as they were going out of 32 And as they the City, they met with one Simon came out, they found a Cyrenian; and because Jesus was

a man of Cyrene, Si

mon by name, him weary and not able to carry the Cross any farther, or because they suspected bear his crols.

they compelled to Simon to be a Favourer of Jesus, they compelled him to carry the Cross after them.

were come unto a


Eg 34. And when they came to 33 And when they the place, which, from Malefactors being used to be executed therein, was place called Golgocalled Golgotha, that is, the Place of a

tha, that is to say, a Skull, they gave Jesus' + a Portion of place of a Skull

, Vinegar, mixed with Gall; but when vinegar to drink,

34 They gave him he talted it, he refused to drink. mingled with gall :

and when he had tafted thereof,


would not drink. 35. Then nailing him to the Cross, 35 And they cruthey stripped him; and some of his cified him, and part

ed Cloaths they divided among them, and

his garments, for the rest they caft Lots; fulálling cafting lots: that it that Prophecy, (Psal. xxii, 18.) They which was spoken by

might be fulfilled parted my Garments among them, and the prophet, they par. cast Lots upon my Vesture.

ted my garments among them, and upon my verture did they caft lots.

* Some Learned Men think it was only that Piece of Wood which was to be fastened across the Stake.

| Instead of a stupefying Potion usually given in compassion to Malefactors.

36. And

36 And fitting 36. And they appointed a Watch, down, they watched to tarry by him, and to take care that him there :

his Disciples might not come and take

him away.


one on

37 And set up over 37. And that all who passed by,might his head, his accusati- know who he was, and the Crime for on written, THIS which he was crucified ; they put up IS JESUS THE KING OF THE over his Head this Inscription, JESUS JEWS.


38. They crucified also with him two there two thieves Robbers, one on each side ; that seeing crucified with him : him executed in the midft of such no

the right corious Malefactors, the People might hand, and another be the more strongly prejudiced to beon the left. 39 And they

lieve him an Impostor. that passed by reviled 39 & 40. Moreover they which parhim, wagging their sed by, shaking their Heads at him in heads,

a jeering and insulting manner, faid; 40 And saying, *Well could you indeed pull down the Seech. Thou that destroyest Temple and build it again in three xxvi, 16. the temple, and Days time, who are not now able to buildeft it in three

fave days, save thy felf:

your self from Death. If you be, if thou be the Son of as you pretended, the Son of God; Ged, come down make proof now of your Power, and from the cross. come down from the Cross.

41 Likewise also the chief priests

41 & 42. In like manner the Chief mocking him, with Priests, and Scribes, and Elders mockthe scribes and elders, ing and deriding him, said ; He pre42 He saved o

tended to do great Miracles for the dethers, himself he livering of other Men from Diseases and cannot fave: if he Death, but you see he cannot now delibe the King of If ver Himself; If he be indeed the Melrael, let him now siah, let him but give us this one Decome down from the monftration of it, and we shall have cross,and we will be: fome Reason to believe him. lieve him.

43 He trusted in God; let him deliver him now if he will 43. He made a show of trust and have him : for he relying upon God, calling him his Fasaid, I am the Son


thery of God.

said i

ther, and pretending to be sent by him:
But if God * delights in him, and is
indeed pleased with him, why doth he
not now deliver him? These things
they said, not that they desired any con-
viction, but only because they thought

it impossible for him now to escape, + See the

44. + One of the Robbers also, 44 The thieves Marginal which were crucified with him, re

also which were cru.

cified with him, cast Ch. xxvi.8. proached him after the same manner.

the same in his teeth.

45 Now from the 45. I Now from Mid-day till Three fixth hour there was a Clock in the Afternoon, there was darkness over all the miraculous Darkness all the land until the ninth Land.


Note on


46. And about Three a Clock, Jesus 46 And about the being in the Agony of Death, cried out ninth hour Jesus cri. with a loud Voice, Eli, Eli, lama fa- ed with a loud voice, bachthani ? That is, My God, My fabachthani, that is

faying, Eli, Eli, lama God, why haft thou forfaken me? Psal. to say, My God, my xxii, 1.

God, why haft chou

forsaken me? 47. Which words, some of them

47 Some of them that stood by, hearing, and not under- that stood there,

tanding, but being ignorantly deceived when they heard by the like found of different words, that, said, This man said: He calls upon Elias to come and calleth for Elias. help him,

48 And straightway one of them ran,

and took a sponge, 48. Then one rạn, and filled a Sponge and filled it «vith with Vinegar, and with a Reed lifted vinegar, and put it it up to him to drink.

on a reed, and gave

it to him to drink. 49. But others said ; Nay, let him 49 The rest said, alone; tarry, and see whether Elias Let be, let us see will come to help him.

whether Elias will come to save him.

*YBM'3 Psal. xxii, 8. Which the Septuagint renders o to θέλει αυτόν,

50 Jesus


50 Jesus, when 50. Ş Presently after, Jesus' cried he had cried again out again with a loud Voice, saying ; with a loud voice, All that God has appointed and the yielded up the ghoft. Prophets foretold I should suffer, is now

finished ; And recommending his Soul

into the Hands of God, he died. 51 And behold, 51. And immediately the Veil which the vail of the tem- parted the Holy of Holies from the ple

rent in Sanctuary, was rent in pieces; fignitytwain, from the toping the diffolution of the Jewish Oecoto the bottom ; and nomy or Dispensation, and the opening the earth. did quake,

to all Believers * and the rocks rent.

an entrance into the * Heb. £ Holiest, that is, into Heaven, by the 19, 20.

Blood of Jesus. The Earth also trem52 And the graves bled, and the Rocks were cleaved ; figwere opened, and nifying that some great alterations were many bodies of faints working by the mighty and immediate which slept, arose.

Power of God, 53 And came out of the graves after

52 & 53. The Sepulchres also of his resurrection, and the Dead were opened, and many Bowent into the holy dies of Holy Men aruse, and appeared city, and appeared after Christ's Resurrection to many unto many

that dwelt in Jerusalem ; Signifying
54 Now when the that Christ by his Death and Resurrection,
centurion, and they had destroyed him that had the Power of
that were with him, Death, and given earnest of a Genera!
watching Jesus, faw
the earthquake, and Resurrection from the Dead.
those things that 54. Moreover the Roman Captain
were done, they fear- himself, with his Soldiers that were fet
ed greatly, saying, to watch Jesus, astonished at the great-

Truly this was the ness of these Prodigies, said ; Certainly
Son of God.

this was at least an Innocent Person, if 55 And many wo

not more than a Man. men were there (beholding afar off)

55 & 56. Many Women also, who which followed Je had travelled along with Jesus from fus from Galilee, mi- Galilee, and supplied him with Necefnistring unto him. saries in his Journey, stood at a distance

56 Among which from the Cross, and were Eye-witnerwas Mary Magda- ses of these things; as Mary-Magdalen lene, and Mary the and Mary the Mother of James and mother of James and foles, and Salome the Mother of John ther of Zebedee's and the other James; with others. children.

57 € 58.


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