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was come

to her

will be meet to impart them to you,
who are Strangers and Gentiles.
28. The Woman answered: 'Tis

28 And she antrue, Lord ; and I acknowledge my swered and said unown Unworthiness : Yet as the Dogs to him, Yes, Lord : are always allowed to pick up the yet the dogs under

the table eat of the Crumbs which fall from the Chil

childrens crumbs. drens Table ; fo I hope you may grant this one small Favour to me, who am a poor Stranger, without diminishing your Bounty to the Jews.

29. At this Answer, Jesus as it were 29 And he said surprized with the Woman's Faith, unto her, For this and vanquished by her modest Impor- the devil is gone out tunity, yielded to grant her Request, of thy daughter. saying, O Woman, your extraordinary Faith and Patience thall not go unrewarded; your Daughter's Disease is re

30 And when the moved.

30. Whereupon the Woman, be- house, the found the lieving what was said, and joyful at devil gone out, and her Success, went Home and found her her daughter laid upDaughter perfectly well.

on the bed. 31. Then Jesus returning from

31 S And again the Coasts of Tyre and Sidon, came departing from the through the Borders of Decapolis to Sidon, he came unto

coaits of Tyre and the Lake of Galilee.

the sea of Galilee, 32. And as he was in the way, the through the midft of People brought to him a Man that was the coasts of Decaboth Deaf, and had also a very great polis. Impediment in his Speech : and they de

32 And they bring sired him to lay his Hand upon him, as

unto him one that

was deaf, and had they had known him do upon several others, and cure him.

an impediment in

his speech : and they 33. Jesus, though he could easily, beseech him to put have cured him with only a Word his hand upon him. speaking, or laying his Hand upon 33 And he took him, as he had often done to others;

him aside from the yet chusing sometimes to represent multitude, and put the invisible Efficacy of his Power by ears, and he spit

, outward Signs, he took the Man a lits ears, and he spit,

and touched his tle afide out of the Road, and put his

tongue. Fingers into his Ears, and with a lit

34 And

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tle Spittle upon his Finger touched his

Tongue. 34 And looking 34. Then looking up to Heaven, up to heaven, he to Thow the Man from whence he fighed, and faith un- ought to acknowledge that all Beneto him, Ephphatha, fits proceed, he groaned within himthat is, Be opened.

self, and said to the Man: All the Causes of your Infirmity are removed ; Receive your Hearing, and the Power

of Speech. 35 And straight 35. Upon which words, the Man's way his ears were Hearing immediately came to him, opened, and the

and the Impediment in his Speech tostring of his tongue was loosed, and he tally ceased, and he spake from thencefpake plain.

forward plainly and distinctly. 36 And he charg 36. Then Jefus commanded those ed them that they that were present, not to report this should tell no man: Thing publickly abroad: But they but the more he published it, notwithstanding his Comcharged them, so mand to the contrary; and even so much the more great deal they pub- he himself was not desirous to receive

much the more, because they saw that lished it.

the Glory of so great a Miracle.
And were be-

37. And they were astonished more yond measure alto

than at all the things they had ever nilhed, saying, He hath done all things

seen or heard before ; And they praised well: he maketh Jesus greatly, saying, that he did all both the deaf to hear, things for the Good and Benefit of and the dumb to Mankind, healing their Diseases, and speak.

relieving their Infirmities.




Jesus feedeth four Thousand with seven Loaves, ver. 1. Re

fuses to give the Pharisees a Sign from Heaven, ver. 11. Advises his Disciples to beware of the Hypocrisie of the Pharisees, and reproves them for not understanding an ease Figure of Speech, ver. 14. Restores to a blind Man his Sight, ver. 22. Asks his Disciples' their own and other Mens Opinion concerning him, and foretels to them his Sufferings, ver. 27. Exhorts to Perseverance and Patience under Afflictions and Perfecutions, ver. 34.

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BOUT this Time a very great

'In those days Multitude being gathered toge

the multitude ther after Jefus, intent upon hearing being very great, and his Doctrine, and desirous to have all having nothing to their Sick cured, so that they continued disciples unto him,

eat, Jesus called his long with him in a Place where they and faith unto them, could have nothing to eat; Jesus called 2 I have compalto him his Disciples, and said :

fion on the multi. 2. I pity these poor People, who

who tude, because they have followed me

now these Three have now been with Days together in the Defarts, where me three days, and there is no manner of Sustenance or

have nothing to eat.

3 And if I send Provision for them.


away fafting 3. And if I should dismiss them, to their own houses, without giving them any Refreshment they will faint by to support them by the Way; many the way : for divers of them, who are come from a great

of them came from

far. Distance, would certainly faint before they could get home.

4. And his disci4. The Disciples, not considering from whence can a

ples answered him, Jesus's former Miracles, said ; How is satisfie these it possible for us to provide Victuals in men with bread here a desart Place for such a vast Number in the wilderness ? of People as this ?

5 And he asked 5. However, Jefus bad them

them, How many

go fcc how much Bread they had with And they said,' Se

loaves have ye? them; and they brought him word



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that they had only seven Loaves, which they thought could do nothing towards

satisfying such a Multitude. 6 And he com 6.But Jesus wondring that they should manded the people

yet be so dull and flow of Belief, bad to sit down on the them order the People to sit down upon ground : and took the seven loaves, the Ground. Then taking the Bread and gave thanks, and in his Hands, he gave Thanks, and brake, and gave to

brake it, and delivered it to his Difcihis disciples to fet ples, and bad them distribute it to all before them: and the People. they did set them

7. They had also a few small Fishes, before the people. which Jejus took in like manner, and

7 And they had a few small fishes and having given Thanks, he bad his Dira he blessed, and com-ciples divide them alsó, and give every manded to set them one of the Company a piece. also before them.

8. And thus all the People did eat, 8 So they did eat, and had not only enough to satisfie and were filled: and them, but, when they had done, the they took up of the Disciples gathered up moreover Seven broken

that Baskets full of Scraps.
was left, feven bas-

9. Yet the Number of those who And they that

were thus fed, was not less than Four 9 had eaten

Thousand Men. Then Jesus dismisbout four thousand ; sed them and sent them home, and he sent them 10. I And when the Multitude was away.

gone, Jesus went by Boat with his 105 And straight- Disciples over

the Lake, and landed on a thip with his dif

. the Coast of Dalmanutha, or Magdala. ciples, and came in

11. Where presently some of the to the parts of Dal- Pharisees came about him, and bemanutha.

gan to dispute with him about his Mic 11 And the Phari- racles ; contending, since they could fees came forth, and not deny the Matter of Fact, that his began to question Miracles, being all worked upon with him, seeking Things here below, were not fufficient from him a sign Evidence of a Divine and Heavenly from heaven, tempting him.

Power : Wherefore, if he would convince Them, and not be thought to impofe upon the Credulity of the meaner fort of People, they desired he would call for some visible and

Vol.I, T undeniable

were a

undeniable Sign immediately from Hea-
ven. And this they did, not that they
defired to be informed in the Truth, and
convinced of his Divine Power; but
only in Hopes to find some Occasion
of accusing and reviling him.

12. Jesus therefore knowing their 12 And he fighed
incurable Hypocrisie and Malice, fighed deeply in his spirit

and said: What a perverfe Generation and faith, Why doth
of Men is this, that after so many Mi- after a fign? Verily

this generation seek
racles as I have worked among them, I say unto you,
they will yet believe nothing unless they There shall no sign
may fee a Sign from Heaven of their be given to this ge-
own chufing! No, there shall no Sign neration.
be granted them, to satisfie their unrea-
sonable and perverse Curofity.

13. And with this Answer turning 13 And he left
away from the Pharisees, he went them, and entring
back to the Boat, and returned over

into the ship again, the Lake again.

departed to the o

ther side. 14. Now as they were going, the

14. Now the Disciples found that they had forgotten disciples had forgotto furnish themselves with Bread; ha

take bread, ving no more than one Loaf with them neither had they in in the Boat.

the ship with them

more then one loaf.
15. About which, while they were

15. And he charg-
sollicitous; Hesus began to admonished them,
them to beware of the Leaven of the Take heed, beware
Pharisees and of Herod, meaning of the leaven of the
their false and wicked Doctrine, which Pharisees, and of the
was as apt to corrupt Mens Minds and leaven of Herod.
Manners, as Leaven to make Bread
16. But the Disciples, whose Minds

16 And they rea.
were taken up about their Want of

soned among them-
Bread, hearing him mention Leaven, because we have no

felves, saying, It is
fancied prefently that he said this to bread,
reprove their Negligence in forgetting
to bring Bread.

ten to

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