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3. For his Face look'd bright as the 3 And his raiment Sun, and his Cloaths appeared whiter became fining, exthan Snow, so as no Art of Man could ceeding white make any thing like them.


snow : so as no fuller

earth can 4. And there appeared at the same white them. time Moses and Elias, in shining Ap 4 And there apparel likewise, talking with Jesus. peared unto them

5. Then Peter, astonished with the Elias, with Mofes ; Glory and Beauty of the Vision, said and they were talkto Jefus : Lord, what a glorious Place ing with Jesus. is this! Let us abide here alwa;s; and

5 And Peter anwe will make Apartments, for Thee, Jesus, Master, it is

swered and said to and for Mofes, and for Elias.

good for us 6. Thus weakly did the good Man here: and let us talk, being wholly swallowed up with make three tabernathe mix'd Pallions of Admiration, Fear, cles; one for thee, and Joy; so that he scarce knew what and one for Moses, he said.

and one for Elias. 7. But while he was yet speaking, what to say, for

6 For he wift not fuddenly there came a Cloud, inter- they were fore acepting Jesus and the Two Prophets fraid. from the Apostles Sight; And out of 7 And there was the Cloud came a Voice, saying: This a cloud that overis my beloved Son, whom I have sent shadowed them : and to reveal to you my whole Will; him a voice came out of hear ye attentively, and obey fincerely the cloud, saying,

This is beloved and universally.

Son: hear him. 8. And immediately, when the 8 And suddenly Cloud was passed over, the Three when they had looke Apostles, awaking as it were out of a ed round about, they Dream, and looking about them, faw saw no man any Jesus alone left with them, in his usual more, fave Jesus onForm and Garb.

ly with themselves. 9. Then they came down from the 9 And as they Hill, And as they were going, Jefus, came down from knowing that this History of his Trans- the mountain, he figuration would appear very incredi- charged them that ble to those who saw only his Humi- they Should tell no

what things liation and Sufferings, commanded the Three Disciples not to say any thing of Son of man were ri

they had seen, till the what they had seen, till after his Re- fen from the dead. furrection




10 And


10 And they kept 10. Accordingly they kept the that saying with Thing secret for the present: Only, themselves, question- having their Minds ftill filled with ing one with another

the Thoughts of present worldly what the rising from the dead Thould Glory, they debated privately among themselves, what it was

that Jesus meant by his Resurrection from the

Dead, US And they 11. That he spake of some remarkasked him, saying, able Manifestation of himself, as the Why say the scribes Messiah, they could not doubt: But that Elias must first

one great Difficulty raised itself in come?

their Minds, which was, that the Jewish Doctors had constantly taught, that Elias must first appear, before the Manifestation of the Meffiah. This Scruple they could not get over, and therefore they asked Jefus about

it. 12 And he answer

12. Jesus told them ; 'Twas true ed and told them, indeed, as the Scribes had taught, that Elias verily cometh

Elias ought first to appear, to preach firstand restoreth all things, and how

Repentance and prepare Mens Hearts it is written of the for the Reception of the Gospel, beSon of man, that he fore the Mesiah manifested himself. must

He shewed them alfo, * how the Scripthings, and be set at tures had expresly foretold, that the nought.

Mefiah must be rejected, and suffer by the Hands of cruel and wicked Men, before his appearing with Power and Glory.

suffer many

* The Construction of these words looks as if they were transposed from Verse 10. which then would run thus ; éso sò xx yexpćino, ovootāvde seg wās, &c. But this Conjecture not being confirmed by any various Reading, nor by the Opinion of any Commentator that I have seen, I have not ventured to take any Notice of it in the Paraphrafe.

10. But

13. But, saith he, this Prophecy of 13 But I say unto Elias's appearing first, needs not raise you, That Elias is in your Minds any Scruple about the indeed come, and Things which I have told you will they have done unto

him whatsoever shortly be accomplished in me. For

they lifted, as it is Elias is indeed come already, † accord

written of him.
ing as the Prophet foretold he should:
For John the Baptist was the Person,
of whom Malachi prophesied : But the
Jews not knowing that it was He, who
was to come in the Power and Spirit of
Elias ; depised him and suffered him
to be slain.

14. By this time, Jesus and the 14 And when Three Apostles that had been with he came to his difhim upon the Hill, were come to ciples, he saw a great

multitude about the Place where the rest of the Dis

them, and the scribes ciples had been left below. And when

questioning with they drew near, Jesus found a great them. Multitude gathered together about his Disciples, and the Jewish Doctors difputing with them in hopes to get some Advantage of them in their Master's Absence.

15. Now when the People saw fe 15 And straightsus again, they were furprized with very when they beheld

way all the people, great Joy. For they knew not to what Place Jesus had retired, nor for amazed, and running

him, were greatly how long time he had designed to ab

to him, saluted him. sent himself. Seeing him therefore re* St. Luke turn again * so quickly, they were fursays it was prized, and ran to him with great Joy, the Day and saluted him. after, Luc.

16 And he asked 16. Then Jesus asked the Scribes, the scribes, What what it was that they disputed about quellion ye with with his Disciples.


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+ Καθώς γέγραπται επ' αυτόν, plainly refers to ελήλυθε. And the Verse ought to be translated thus; Elias is indeed come, as it is written of him: and they have done to him what they lifted; Or, but they have done ta bim, &c.

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And one of the 17. One of the People answered: multitude answered Sir, it is about a Son of mine, who and said, Master, I is amitted by an evil Spirit with a sore have brought unto Disease, which deprives him of the thee my son, which hath a dumb fpirit :

Use both of his Speech and Hearing. 18 And whereso

18. And his Cafe is so bad, that ever he taketh him, when the Fit takes him, it throws he teareth him ; and him upon the Ground, and he fomes he foneth, and at the Mouth, and gnasheth with gnasheth with his his Teeth, and the perpetual Vexatiteeth, and pineth on of it makes his whole Body waste 2way: and I spake to thy' disciples, that away. Now I brought him híther in they should cast him hopes to have him cured by you; and out, and they could when I found you not here, I desired

your Disciples to cast out the evil Spirit,

but they could not. 19 He answered

19. Then Jesus turning himself to him, and faith, 0 his Disciples, rebuked them for their faithless generation, Want of Faith in his Power, which how long shall I be with you ? how long

was the Cause why they could not cast fhall I suffer you?

out the evil Spirit ; and he said, What bring him unto me.

an unreasonable Slowness of Belief is this, that after all the Demonstrations I have given you of my Power, and all the Miracles that I have worked in your Sight, you should yet for want of Faith be unable to perform this Cure! Must I always continue with you? And will you never be able to do any thing unless I be present? Bring the young

Man hither to me. And they 20. Then they brought him to Febrought him unto fus : And as soon as he came into his him and when he Presence, the Spirit convulfed him, saw him, itraight- and put him into a violent Fit, and way the spirit tare threw him down upon the Ground; him, and he fell on the ground, and and there he laid wallowing, and fowallowed foming.

ming at the Mouth. 21 And he asked

21. Hereupon Jesus, to show the his father, How long People the Greatness and Dangerousis it ago fince this nefs of his Condition, asked the came anto him? young Man's Father, how long his



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Son had been tormented at this rate, And he said, Of a and when he began first to be subject

child. to this Calamity. The Man answered ; It has been thus with him, even from a Child.

22. Nay and not only thus, but he 22 And oft-times has frequently been thrown into the it hath cast him inFire, and into the Water, fo as to

to the fire, and into be in great Danger of his Life. Where- him: but if thou

the waters to destroy fore, faith he to Jefus, if ever any canft do any thing, Calamity moved your Compassion, take have compassion on Pity now on Us, and if you have any us, and help us. Power relieve us.

23. Jesus said ; If you have but true 23 Jesus said unto Faith, there is nothing so difficuit him, If thou canst which God is not able and willing to believe, all things do, for those who fincerely and heartily that believeth.

are possible to him believe on him. 24. Upon this the Man broke out

24 And straightinto Tears, and with great Earnestnefs way the father of the said : Lord, I sincerely believe the Suf- child cried out, and ficiency of your Power ; and I beseech faid with

Lord, I believe ; you, let the Abundance of ness and Pity, fupply the Imperfection belief.

help thou mine unof my Faith. 25. All this time the People conti

25 When Jesus nued running together, and flocking law that the people about Jesus and the Man as they were ther, he rebuked the

came running togetalking. Which when Jesus obfer- foul spirit, saying ved, he turned himself toward the

unto him, Thou afflicted Person, and with a Voice of dumb and deaf spiAuthority * commanded the evil rit, I charge thee, Spirit to depart from him, and ne come out of him, ver afflict him with that Disease

and enter no more any

into him. more. the evil Spirit cried, and rent him

26 And the spirit 26. Whereupon causing him to roar, and convulsing fore, and came out him terribly, came out. And the of him; and he was


your Good

* 'Eyú co étitácow. The Word ływ is here very Emphatical

. You before obeyed not my Disciples; Now I my self command you.

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