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the joy of the whole earth, is Mount Zion, in the sides of the North, the city of the great King.” Let him, if he can, refrain from believing, that “the Lord hath chosen Zion;" that he hath desired it for his habitation :” or that he hath said, " This is my rest forever : here will I dwell; for I have desired it. I will abundantly bless her provision ; I will satisfy her poor with bread: I will also clothe her priests with salvation: and her saints shall shout aloud for joy."

To a faithful Minister, then, labouring diligently to perform the duties of an office, instituted, approved, and commended by GOD; sustained by the glorious Redeemer, while he tabernacled in the flesh; so honourable in itself ; destined only to the most benevolent and desirable purposes ; the means of preserving this great world from absolute destruction; and the chief instrument of restoring to mankind virtue, glory, and immortality; the members of every church and congregation are bound, both by the authority of God, and their own supreme good, to lend continually their countenance and aid. By these solemn obligations, they are required to receive and welcome the evangelical doctrines which he delivers; to assist all his benevolent efforts to promote the common good, and that of individuals; meekly to receive his reproofs and exhortations ; generally to render his life useful and comfortable, and his weight and influence as a minister as effectual, as may be to every evangelical purpose.

The best Minister is a man; and of course surrounded by human imperfections. St. Peter has taught us, what he well knew by unhappy experience, that this treasure is placed in earthen vessels ; made of humble materials, frequently defective in their structure, and easily broken to pieces. A church and congrega. tion are, therefore, required both by reason and revelation to regard the imperfections of a Minister with moderation and tender

It may be thought, that I have delineated the duties of a Minister with a rigid hand : it will scarcely be suspected, that I have drawn them with a lax one. But, while I think hina indispensably bound to labour diligently and faithfully to per:


form these duties ; I regard his hearers as equally bound to perform theirs ; to regard him kindly in all his evangelical exertions; to remember his work and labour of love; to consider the difficulties with which it is attended; and to keep in view the numerous imperfections within, and discouragements without, with which he is obliged to struggle. Even Paul could not help exclaiming, “Who is sufficient for these things?” All the difficulties, which he found, except such as arise from persecution, still remain, and are still attached to the office. If his hearers remember this, and consider its importance: if they regard him with Christian affection; if they treat him with evangelical kindness; if they aid him with continual and fervant prayers to Gop; he and they will be mutually blessed in the present world ; and become to each other“ a crown of rejoicing in the day of Christ Jesus." Amen!

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