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“ thither before the coming of Christ,) and to “ be tormented day and night for ever and “ erer.” Thus Christ will now have reigned, according to the express prophecy of St. Paul*, “ until he hath put all enemies under his feet,” except one, and “ this, the last enemy that is to be destroyed, is death.He will now have triumphed over that “ old serpent” who seduced our first parents to disobey their bountiful and benevolent CREATOR most ungratefully and wickedly; who ensnared and betrayed the pious descendants of Noah into the pollutions of heathen idolatry; who when Christ had spread the holy word and will of God over the heathen world, seduced his church into Mohamedan and papal darkness and apostacy, and into all the horrid abominations, blasphemies, and lusts of French atheism; who, not yet satiated with all this mischief, this “perdition" of the souls and bodies of the human race, seduced the remains of the three last-mentioned enemies of Christ, into a grand confedcracy to prevent his coming; and who, now desperate with so many defeats, has audaciously attempted to destroy him and his church in THE HEIGHT OF HIS POWER AND GLORY.

* 1 Cor. xv. 25, 26.



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