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Mr. Auldjo has just published a book, called “ The Ascent of Mont Blanc, 8 and 9 Aug. 1827.” When near the summit, the party found a bridge, or mass of snow, laying across a chasm (several hundred feet deep), over which the party passed, after having breakfasted upon it, because rather sheltered from the wind! The heedless creatures chose that spot for breakfast; if an avalanche had happened, eternity must have opened in a minute

upon them.

On accidentally viewing the plate, I thought it was an allegory of Christendom's danger, she having placed herself upon the quicksands of UNIVERSAL IDOLATRY, instead of the rock of God, whence she must be launched into the precipice of hell (in the midst of the abomination of desolation), by earthquakes, &c.

No part of this world has been more blessed than Great Britain, our native land. The bowels of the earth contain all that is necessary to contribute to the comforts, convenience, and commerce, of human life, while the surface yields abundance of the staff of life, and almost all the luxuries, under a mild healthy climate. In the midst of abundance, millions pine and die in want and wretchedness.

Our coal mines alone, afford inexhaustible treasures-our copper, tin, lead, and salt mines, are inestimable blessings.

If Englishmen employed all these blessings

aright, to the praise and glory of God, and good of mankind, England would remain a paradise ; but her princes, priests, and people, are inoculated by Romans, although I believe Englishmen are still subject to a PREMUNIRE, if they hold any correspondence with the Most Holy Lord and Father, Pius VIII. or Vicarius Filii Dei, by a law which ought to be repealed, if Romans be Christians, and, if Christians, it was madness to proscribe them at all in 1688.

If the church revenues be abolished, and all yearly stipends, should we find forty-five, or five preachers of the gospel, gratis, like the apostles, to the praise and glory of God, with pure hearts ?

Thus hath the Lord said, “Go set a watchman: let him declare what he seeth, and he cried, a LION: my LORD— Babylon is fallen, is fallen.Now, the interpretation seems, Christ is come like a Lion, because he has been rejected as a

The prophet did not actually see a lion, but swift horsemen and chariots, emblematical of Christ's speed and power, like lightning ; but Christ himself remains invisible.

Even Christ was charged with being mad, and having a DEVIL ; therefore, I am well aware what “ a hornet's nest” I draw about me, upon entering the field, even single handled, against the hosts of ARMAGEDDON, but I enter it as a humble, but true soldier of Christ, desiring to trust in his Almighty strength, who hath declared, that “no king can be


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saved by the multitude of a host;" even in him, who once enabled Asa* to defeat hosts, and delivered Gideont, with 300 chosen men, from the Midianites' immense army, into whose hearts he struck a midnight panic, and turned every heathen's sword against his fellow.

I desire to look up to him, who said, “ All things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer (BELIEVING), ye shall receive.” 1—“ Believe me, for the very work's sake.” Credite operibus. “Verily, verily, he that believeth in me, the works I do, shall he do also; and even greater works. Whatsoever he shall ask in

my name, that will I do.”

O Lord, I pray thee, therefore, this blessed sabbath, 2 May, 1830, to hasten thy kingdom, and confound the devil and all his works — to deliver thy church and people from the universal bondage of idolators, and let all flesh praise and magnify thy holy name here, a thousand years, and hereafter for ever and ever.

I wish it were possible to omit the Appendix, and not to drag my readers through the SLUDGE ; but having also found a divine indictment, laid against Christendom, I am obliged to produce natural and visible evidence to support the prosecution, and bring the charges home, rather than let it depend upon my ipse dixit. The Appendix puts a seal or stamp upon the book. Prepare for trial !!

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* Vide lege et crede. + 2d


es. Matt. xxi. $ John xiv.


OMNES probi honestique operam navabunt, ut universæ reipublicæ singulisque civibus consulatur.

“ This book shall be written for those that come after, and the people who shall be born shall praise the Lord, when the Lord shall build Sion." Psalm cii.

“ Preach the Gospel to every creature. The gospel shall be published in all the world.”

“ Some things shalt thou publish, and some things shalt thou show secretly to the wise.” Ezra.

“ The wise shall understand, but none of the wicked shall understand.” Dan.

“A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land." Jer. v. 30.

“ The destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way.” Jer. iv. 7. “ The ENDS of the world are come.” 1 Cor. x. 11.

We are surrounded by signs and wonders, beyond all human power, they must be either divine or diabolical ; both are regarded with equal indifference by the mass of Christendom: surely this is THE FALLING AWAY, which Paul prophecied to the Thessalonians, 2 ep. 2 chap. 3 ver. and what is said to one is said to all.

Daniel was ordered to seal up the book till the time of the end of the indignation of the Lord.

St. John was ordered to seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and to write them not.

The world would still be in UTTER darkness, but for the gospel light; without it, all would be at sea, without compass or rudder.

The gospel appears, like God's bill, drawn upon Christendom, which has been refused acceptance or practice, and is now dishonoured.

The divine drawer has long protested against its disgrace, he has waited long for payment, but is ridiculed and scorned, therefore he will exact THE PENALTIES.

This has led the world to its present dreadful pitch and dreadful pass !!

The whole world is actually at war -- the bone of contention is gold every one going beyond to defraud his brother,

" -- what is this but the battle of ARMAGEDDON ? “ There is no peace to the wicked.” Is this not “ the battle EVERY ONE has against another ?” what else can constitute a universal battle, which EVERY ONE MUST LEAVE in his own land? - then universal peace must follow.

What wonder, if God arise to confound and destroy the locusts, eating up the vineyards, causing millions to perish daily, in the midst of all the bounties of nature. Contrast this, for a moment, with the siege of Jerusalem, when men, women, and children, ate each other, under death-like hunger. It is a vulgar adage, that “ what has happened may happen again ;it is true, with one exception, the world can never suffer another total deluge of water.

Readers are requested to observe one main point, essentially necessary to understand the prophecies, viz. the prophets generally used the INDICATIVE MOOD, present tense, as often or oftener than the FUTURE TENSE, which renders many things obscure to all who do not stedfastly search the Bible, and follow the divine plough.

When God's prophets spoke, in the PRESENT TENSE, relative to FUTURE events (contrary to all human customs) they certainly used the present tense, expressly to show mankind that all what God foretells or decrees, is, most surely, the same as DONE.

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