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CONCLUSION: As baptism, the initiatory sacrament of Christianity, was prefigured by the rite of circumcision in the patriarchal dispensation, so was the sacrament of the Lord's Supper by the passover in the Jewish. And it is much to be observed, that the Jews, wholly unconscious of the great embodied prophecy they were thus fulfilling, crucified the Messiah, (the true paschal lamb, ordained from the beginning of the world to suffer and to die for the sins of all mankind,) on the same day of the same month, and at the very hour, that, fifteen hundred and twenty years before, the paschal lamb was, by the solemn ordinance of the Almighty, first appointed to be slain, to avert the stroke of the destroying angel, and to commemorate the deliverance out of Egypt. The priests were offering in the temple the victim-lamb, which was the shadow and the type, at the moment when the earthquake, and the rending of the vail, announced the consummation of the sacrifice upon Mount Calvary, of Him who was the substance and the anti-type, even the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.

Our blessed Lord and only Saviour Jesus Christ, thus dying for us, hath delivered all who with hearty repentance and true faith turn unto him, from worse than Egyptian bondage, and from the power of that more fell destroying angel, who, after death, consigns both soul and body to everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord. Christ hath entirely freed us from all fears of what may come hereafter, if it be not purely our own fault. For now the most unlearned Christian may easily know what is required of him. The greatest sinner may depend on pardon, for Christ's sake, upon his true repentance, trustful faith, and real charity. And, finally, the weakest Christian may securely rely upon all needful supplies of grace and assistance from on High to strengthen, stablish, and sustain him, if sought for by earnest prayer for God's Holy Spirit; while the meanest can feel as sure of not being overlooked as if he were a king.




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