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ده به


CALLED, The Second Book of Esdrás amongst the


CHA P. I. and II.

Containing Eldras's Prophecy in Media, amongst the

Ten Tribes, in their Captivity: in which their Return into Judea is promised; the separate State of their Souls is described; then the Resurrection of the Just, and an Heavenly Kingdom at Jerufalem.



SDRAS's Genealogy is mention'd to thew his Descent from Aaron, and chat he was a Priest of the Tribe of Levi, Captive in the Land of the Medes.

Verse 4. The Word of the Lord came unto him, and the same is spoken by other Prophets, who received their Prophecies by the Voice of an Angel. He is sent to thew the Ten Tribes their finful Deeds, and to reprove their la.



gratitude to God, who had done many Miracles for them, in their Travels through ihe Wilderness. Ver. 24. What shall I do unto thee, Jacobthou, Judah, wouldet not obey me. I will turn me to other Nations, and to those will I give my Name, that they may keep my Statutes.

32. You have flain my Prophets, whose Blood I will require at your hands. 33. Your Houses are desolate, I will call you out, as the Wind doth the Stubble. 3. Your Houses will I give to a People that hall come, which not having heard of me, Thall believe me: they have seen no Prophet, yet fhall they call their Sins to remembrance, and acknowledge them.

By this Prophecy the Ten Tribes are rejected, as well as the Two Tribes; because Esdras was carried away after the taking of Ferufalem : And this was written before the 305b Year after the Ruin of the City. Other Nations should por. sess Judea, instead of the Twelve Tribes. The prefeni Generation must be deftroyed for the Sins mentioned.

Ch. II. V.7 Let them be scattered amongst the Heachen, let their Names be put out of the Earth ; for they bave despised iny Covenant. Bar Ch. l. V. 37. Efdras declares that their Pofterity shall return from the East, their little ones shall rejoyce in Gladness, tho' they have not seen God's Mira. cles, yet they will believe in Spirit the things which I say. And the Angel says, (Now, Brother, behold what Glory, and see the People that cometh froin the EaÅ.) The Angel then gave Esdras this Vifion of their glorious Return, with such Leaders as then will be given to them, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Oseas, Amos, Micbeas, Foel, Abdias; and Fonas, Nahum, Hab. bakkuk, Sophonias, Aggeus, Zachary and Malachi. So Esdras calls himself the Angel of the Lord; that is, a Prophet sent to the Jews. So Haggai is called, being a Prophet in the same Age.


CH A P II. :

The Return of the Israelites of the Ten Tribes then

in captivity.

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V.1.Those that are to return, are the same Nation as God
3. brought out of Bondage, and Goned.

And Jerusalem says, I am a Widow, and am forsaken ; O
my Children, ask Mercy of the Lord.
8. The Deftruction of Allgria is declared :

Woe' unto
thee, Affur, O thou wicked People! Remember what I did
unto Sodom and Gomorr ab ; even so will I do unto them that

10. Efdras is commanded to shew the Jews in Media this Vision, that God would at last give the Kingdom of Ferufalem (and this is a Description of the Millenary Kingdom) to his People, which he would have designed for Ifrael; but he v, 11. would take that Glory himself, and give their po. Herity these everlasting Tabernacles, those Glorious Habita. tions which he had prepared for their Ancestors.

12. They shall have the Tree of Life, Adam's Paradise re: ftored, for Ointment of sweet savour. The Tree of Life, Rev. 2. v.7. is in the midst of the Paradise of God. Ointmear, Rev. 22. v. 2. is for the healing of the Nations ; that is, they are anointed, or promised the new Haven and new Earth. V.14. They hall have a right to the Tree of Life, they fall neither labour, nor be weary.

13. Pray for few Days unto you, that they may be Norened; the Kingdom is already prepared for you; warch, the Ten Tribes are ordered to pray for this King:lom, Mark 13.

Watching is there commanded ; becaule v. 34, 35, the coming of the Son of Man is uncertain ; who is, as a Man taking a far Journey, and gave to every one his work, and commanded the Porter to watch,

15. Mother (Jerusalem) embrace thy Children, and bring ther up with Gladness ; for I have chosen thee, faith the Lord.

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16. And those that be dead, will I raise up again, and bring them out of their Graves; for I have known the Name of Israel.

18. For thy help will I send my Servant Ifay, and Fereniy, after wbose Counsel I have prepared Twelve Trees la. den with divers Fruits.

19. And as many Fountains flowing with Milk and Honey, and Seven mighty Mountains, whereon bere grow Roses and Lilies, wberein I will fill thy Children with Joy. Note, That the last Return of the Jews will be after the

Resurrection of Abraham, Ifaac and Jacob, and the Twelve Minor Prophets, and Isay and Jeremy, who pro. phesied of these happy Days, Haggai 2. v. 24. ''tis said to Jerubbabel, Ponam te quafi fignaculum, quia elegi te ; tbar is, he is to be one lealed for the Millennium. The Millennium is described by the Twelve Trees, to fignifie the Fertility of the Earth; and Fountains of Milk and Honey signifie the Plenty of Milk and Manna or Honey. The Seven Mountains with Lilies and Roles fignifie so many great Cities, very beau:ifully built

for Pisasure or Joy. 23. The firft Place in the Resurrection is promised to them who did gcod Works, viz. the Care of the Widow, Father. Jels, Poor, Naked, Blind, Lame, Deaf.

Others shall weep and be sorrowful; but thou shalt be merry and have abundance.

31. Remember thy Children that fleep; for I shall bring them out of the sides of the Earth. Note, That the Reçarn of the Ten Tribes will not be cill

Chrift's Second Coming, and the Firft Resurrection.

33. Esdras received a Charge of the Lord on Mount Oreb, that he should go unto Ifrael ; but they set him ar nought, and despised the Commandment of the Lord. He is Said V. 36. to teftifie his Saviour openly. This the Ten Tribes will do, when they return; therefore v. 34. he speaks to the Heathen, Look for your Shepherd, be thall give you everlafting Reft: for he is nigb ac hand, that shall come in the End of the World.

35. Be ready to the Reward of the Kingdom ; for the everlasting Light shall shine upon you for evermore, 36. Fięe the Shadow of this World, receive the Jayfulness of


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