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in them; and the Reason why no Violence could caft them down, nor Perfecution deject them, was because their Strength was from above; for he that hath God in his Heart, has Fear before his Eyes; his Truth in his mouth, though he were killed, can never be overcome.

The divine Providence will guide in Safety, through the Midst of all Diftreffes and Afflictions, thofe that firmly trust in him; he cannot forget thofe for whom he has dy'd; yea, even as a Father pitieth his own Children, fo hath the Lord Compaffion on them that fear him. God difpofes of all the Affairs and Concerns of his own People, through an admirable Variety of happy and fad

vents; he afflicts them, left a continued and uninterrupted Course of Profperity fhould lift them up, and again he comforts them, that they might not be cast down under the Burthen of their Sufferings.

Let not the Righteous afflict themselves, but repofe their ftrong Confidence in God, who will af furedly accompany them in their Troubles, and give them Favour in the Eyes of all whom they have to deal with.

He that values himself upon Confcience, not Opinion, never heeds calumniating Reproaches; when I am ill spoken of, I take it thus, If I have not deferved it, I am never the worfe; if I have, I'll mend. If a Jewel be right, no matter who fays it's a Counterfeit. If my Confcience tells me that I am innocent, what do I care who tells the World that I am guilty? Calumny to a virtuous Perfon, is no more than as a Shower in the Sea.

Let your Difcourfe of others be fair, fpeak ill of no Body: To do it in his Abfence is the Property of a Coward, that ftabs a Man behind his Back; if to his Face, you add an Affront to the Scandal. He that praises beftows a Favour, but he that detracts commits a Robbery. If any Perfon hall fpeak ill of you, never difquiet yourself, but


endeavour to live fo virtuously, as the World fhall not believe that to be true which is reported of you, and you must understand, that many speak ill, because they never learned to speak well.

Speech is a very noble Advantage and Benefit to Man, by which he excels the whole Creation; our Tongue is our Glory, the Index and Expreffor of our Mind and Thoughts, the Inftrument of our Creator's Praise; and there is no Subject so fublime and honourable for the Tongue of Man to be employed about, as the Word and Works of God. Contemn all evil Works in your Judgment, refolve against them in your Will, abhor them in your Affections, and, to the beft of your Power, fbun them in your Practice.

Example works much more than Precept, for Words without Practice are but Counfels without Effect. When we do as we say, 'tis a Confirmation of the Rule; but when our Lives and Doctrines do not agree, it looks as if the Leffon were either too hard for us, or the Advice we give others not worth while to follow.

Your Tongue and your Heart ought to agree, and not to be divided; take heed that your Words and Actions correfpond, and let what you fay be what you mean, and let it be maintained by what you do.

He who lives under the Dominion of any one Vice, muft expect the common Effect of it; if lazy, to be poor; if intemperate, to be diseased; if luxurious, to dye betimes, &c.

Bleffings do always wait on virtuous Deeds,
And, tho' a late, a fure Reward fucceeds.

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A Mong Men of hafe Minds, Merit begets Envy.

Art has no Enemy but an ignorant Perfon.

A guilty Confcience is a Worm that never ceaseth biting.

A Man's beft Monument is his virtuous Actions. Account no Sin little, fince Death is the Wages of it.

Be courteous to all, but familiar with few.

Be fearful to act great Sins, and carefully avoid fmall ones.

Blot not thy holy Duties by an unholy Life. Beware of him who regards not his own Reputation. By an holy Conversation, maintain your Profeffion. Be content to hear other Men's Praifes, and thy own Faults.

Bufinefs makes a Man, as well as tries him. Confcience and Covetoufnefs are not reconcilable. Conftraint makes an eafy Thing toilfome.

Continue not in Sin, upon Prefumption of Pardon.
Defpair ufually blunts the Edge of Industry.
Death feparates Men from their admired Vanity.
Do not fervilely flatter, nor be clownishly morofe.
Deliver not thy Words by Number, but by Weight.
Do Nothing in which thou wouldst not be imitated.
Every Talent beftowed upon us requires Care to
manage it.

Experience is a good Thing, if not bought too dear.
Evil Thoughts are Sins, when affented to.
Each Day is a new Life, and an Abridgment of
the old one.

Every Man has his Turn of Sorrow.

Either turn from Iniquity, or talk not Christianity. Forfake not God 'till you can find a better Master. Friendship is best known by the Effects.

Forc'd Favours with noble Minds find no Ac



Good Intentions ufually prevent bad Actions.
Good Manners will always procure Refpect.
Good Men from Vice, for Love of Virtue, run.
Gathering Riches is a pleafant Torment.
Humility is the first Step to Christianity.
He that would live pleasantly, muft live virtuously.
Honours on Earth cannot make a Man happy.
Honours a are not always the Reward of Virtue.
He that boasts his own Praise, speaks ill of himself.
He that contemns a fmall Fault commits a greater,
Ignorance will excufe no Man, when caufed by

Ignorance and Impudence commonly go together.
In all Friendships endeavour to avoid Flattery.
Imitate nothing that is not fit to be done.
In Difcourfe ufe Plainnefs rather than Curiofity.
Ill Examples are catching as contagious Difeafes.
Knowledge without Virtue is learned Impudence.
Keep Company with no Man given to Detraction.
Keep a low Sail at the Entrance of your Estate.
Keep close your Misfortunes left thy Eenemy re-


Life is given to No body to employ it ufelefly. your Difcourfe be attended with Modefty. Live not up to your Expectations, but Poffeffions. Let your Thoughts be always exercised on good Objects.

Let Virtue and Innocence accompany your Diverfions.

Learning gains Augmentation by Conversation. Love and Respect are rarely found in loft Fortunes. Labour proves Light, when attended with Delight. Manners, not Dreffes, are the Ornaments of Wo


Mens Merits have their Seasons, as well as their

Money may credit you, but Wisdom adorns you.
Much I alk is feldom without Impertinency.
Men are apt to admire Things they understand not.

F 3

Many Men by ill Doings pave the Way to their Undoing.

Nothing dignifies Men fo much as Learning and Virtue.

No Man's Calling can call him from Godliness. One ought always to fide with Reafon and Duty. Omit no Opportunity of doing Good.

One main Thing in Life, is to prepare for Death. Providence generally mingles bitter with fweet. Pride hides our own Faults and magnifies others. Pride is the Effect of Self-Ignorance.

Perfons of fiery Tempers are very ill Managers. Quarrels and Difputes about Religion difhonour it. Quiet Confciences never produce unquiet Conververíation.

Quantity is generally valued by the Ignorant and

Rebuke with foft. Words and ftrong Arguments.
Riches do not make a Man praise-worthy.

Reafon not with him that will deny principal


Sin hath its Beginning in Pleafure and End in Mifery.

Such as would excel in Art must excel in Industry.
Sloth is an Argument of a degenerate Mind.
Sins committed in fecret cannot be always covered.
Slighted Convictions are bad Death-bed Compa-

That thou mayeft avoid Sin, avoid the Occafions of it.

"Tis a Jeft for a Mifer to pretend to be honest. To reprehend may become Equals, not Inferiors. Time may be redeem'd, but not recall'd.

Tell nothing of another thou wouldst not have told him.

The next World is the good Man's Hope, the bad Man's Fear.

Take account of your Words, as well as your



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