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And there his awe-struck soul before
Stands He who lives for evermore,
Who as a lamb gave up His breath,
And as a lion vanquish'd death.

And now before his ravish'd eyes,
He brings His kingdom's mysteries;

The faith sown by His martyrs' blood,
Which through all lands shall spread abroad.

O Lord, the power baptismal give
With Thee to die, with Thee to live,
To tread on earthly things, and love

The better things that are above.

All glory and dominion

To God the Father, Spirit, Son,

Who hath broke through our prison-bars,
And leads us to the happy stars.

The Transfiguration.


The sun shall be ashamed when the Lord of hosts shall reign in Mount Zion, and before His ancients gloriously.-Is. xxiv.

Bring, happy day, to light

Things which dark mantling Night

In envious silence hath so long been stealing; When on the mountain floor,

Before the three of yore,

The Son of man His glory was revealing : And, through His flesh's shrouding shrine,

Illuminating ran the effluence Divine.

The full irradiance flows,

To every limb it goes,

With snowy light His fiery garments blending: Now awe-struck silence quakes,

And the live thunder speaks,

From the bright cloud in majesty descending : There sounds the unutterable Voice,

Proclaiming His dear Son, the everlasting choice.

With low-brow'd awe profound,

Be silent on the ground,

The Lord of all is in His holy hill;

And now, with voice of fear,

Let angel hosts draw near,

While all the listening world is still,

To sing the Spirit and the Word,

And Father, whose dread voice was in the thunder



O Lord my God, Thou art become exceeding glorious, Thou art clothed with majesty and honour. Thou deckest Thyself with light as it were with a garment.-PSALM Civ.

How strongly and how sweetly still
Thou, Christ, dost draw the human will,
And gently prove;

Whether Thou dost Thyself reveal,

Or from our senses dost conceal,
"Tis both in love.

The Father calls, and for Thy sake
Shall us too for His children take;

And, through Heaven's door,

The glory which doth break on Thee
Are rays of immortality

That go before.

What saith the Father, speaking loud? And what the Son beneath the cloud? Now all are gone,

The shadows fleet, around again

Silence keeps watch, there doth remain The truth alone.

Again Thou dost Thy form resume,

A victim ready for the tomb,

And thence descend

In lowliness ineffable,

Thy Father's mandate to fulfil,

Unto the end.

O Christ, who now Thyself dost hide, May faith our darkling spirits guide, And firmly hold,

That when these fleshly vessels break, We of Thy goodness may partake, And Thce behold.

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