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which may now fall from thy lips upon us may prove to us spirit and life.

Congregation.O Lord, may thy words now prove to us spirit and life.

Minister.-Merciful Father, grant we pray thee, that this precious Book may speedily run over all the earth to the enlightening of the nations, that the kingdom or Christ may be extended from the rising to the setting sun, and that thy will may be done in this world, as it is done in heaven.

Congregation.-0 Lord, may thy word have free course and be glorified over all the earth.

Minister.—Vouchsafe unto us now, O Lord our God, thy most gracious blessing whilst we wait upon thee in this part of our services on this thy holy day. Let us now eat of the bread of life administered to us in thy word, let us relish this food, and let our souls be nourished thereby unto eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Blessed Redeemer : amen.

Congregation.- Amen, and amen.

[The Minister standing: the Congregation sitting.!

Minister.The First Portion of our Scripture Reading is in the Book of [Genesis] the [Seventh] Chapter.

[When the Minister has spoken these words, let all the Congregation open their Bibles at the place mentioned, and diligently attend whilst God's Holy Word is read in their hearing.]

Minister.--[At the close of the chapter,]-Here endeth the First Portion of our Scripture Reading.

[After the same manner the Second and Third Portions are to be read, the Minister saying at the close of the last,—“Here conclude our Present Readings of the Word of God.”]

[The Minister still standing; and the Congregation sitting.]

Minister.- Let us now praise God for all his blessings to us in the Holy Scriptures.—The hymn following: or, the hymn No.- (pronouncing as before the two first lines.]

[All stand.]

1. Words of eternal life to me,

O may my faith receive the whole ;
Bound with my heart-strings let them be,
Hid in the secret of my soul.

2. Though heaven and earth shall pass away,

These words of prophecy are sure,
Unchangeable amidst decay,
And pure as God Himself is


3. Whoe'er to these shall add alloy,

Or take one sacred fragment thence,
Them and their works will God destroy,
His arm shall be his truth's defence.

4. Firm in that truth may we abide,

Till Christ our Lord appear again;
Come, say the Spirit and the Bride,
Lord Jesus, quickly come :- Amen.

[Still standing.)

Minister.-- Let us now attend to the Preaching and Hearing of God's Holy Word,-commencing by Prayer.

[All kneel.]

Minister.—Merciful and gracious Father, we confess before thee our great ignorance of divine things, and we come to thee for instruction. Condescend, 0 Lord, we beseech thee, to instruct thy Servant whom thou hast called to minister in holy things in this place: may he be every day more and more instructed in the mysteries of thy kingdom, and be enabled to bring forth things new and old for the edification of those placed under his charge.

Congregation.-O Lord, graciously guide our Minister into all spiritual knowledge, and enable him to instruct us fully and faithfully in the mysteries of thy kingdom.

Minister.-Behold ns, O our God, now looking up to thee for heavenly instruction and nourishment, and let us not, we pray thee, be disappointed in our expectations. Give us grace closely to attend to what is set before us from thy word, and let us meditate thereon afterwards, that so by thus receiving and pondering thy holy doctrines and precepts, our souls may be nourished up in faith and holiness, and that at length we may enjoy everlasting felicity and glory in thy blessed and eternal presence through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Congregation.-0 Lord, give us grace now to attend to what may be set before us from thy holy oracles that we may be nourished up unto eternal life.

Minister.—Almighty Father, be pleased now to apply thy word by thy Holy Spirit directly and powerfully to all and every one in this assembly, and let no one escape. Olet thy word pierce and divide in sunder the soul and spirit, and discern the thoughts and intents of the heart. God Almighty, grant that thy Saints may be admonished, reproved, and edified; and, O may many poor sinners be made to bow before the Lord, and to confess their sins, and sue earnestly for pardon and peace, through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. O Lord, vouchsafe indeed unto us all a blessing, and a rich blessing at this time, through the ministration of thy word, and the power of the Holy Ghost: and unto thy name shall be all the glory :


Congregation.-Amen, and amen.

[The Congregation sit.)

[The Sermon is now delivered ; and is succeeded by the following Prayer, which concludes the Service.]

Minister.-Let us Pray.

[All kneel.] Minister.-0 God most holy and blessed for ever, compassionate thy poor ignorant and sinful creatures now before thee. Let us all be taught of God, for thou only canst teach us. O grant that the ministrations in which we have now been engaged may prove spirit and life unto our souls. Convince us more and more, O our God, of our ignorance, and lead us more earnestly than heretofore to pray for heavenly instruction and knowledge, and diligently to employ all the means thou hast given us for our enlargement, stability, and building up in Christ Jesus.

Congregation.-0 Lord, convince us of our ignorance, and instruct us in the way of salvation.

Minister.-0 God of mercy, forgive us, we pray thee, all our inattention, and wanderings, and sins, during the preaching of thy word at this time; and stir us more earnestly to desire thy ways. O Lord, let thy people here present be advanced in some degree by the words that have now been spoken, and may they be led more and more to hunger and thirst after heavenly knowlege and righteousness.

Congregation.-0 Lord, grant unto us heavenly knowledge and righteousness.

Minister.-Have mercy, O Lord God, on all in this assembly who have been careless and indifferent to thy words of truth and salvation now set before them. Have mercy likewise on all who have hardened their hearts against convictions and instruction, and show unto all such, ere it be too late, their folly and danger; and, O may they yet repent, believe, obey, and be saved in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Congregation.--O God, arouse and convert the careless, and bring them to salvation.

Minister.-0 most merciful Father, in thy great

goodness, forgive all our sins in this service, and dismiss us now with thy blessing, and may thy blessing be on us for evermore.

Congregation.—Lord, forgive us, and dismiss us with thy blessing.

Minister.—May the peace of God which passeth all understanding rule in our hearts and minds continually: and may we ever abide in the knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord : --Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever : amen.

Congregation.-Amen, and amen.

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