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This hath been always the method of Pharisees and highpriests, when they have been taking counsel against the LORD JESUS, and his dear anointed ones. But they need not have been afraid on this account: for our Saviour's kingdom neither was, nor is of this world, and the only way to have pre ferved their place and nation, was to have countenanced, and as much as in them lay, caused all to believe on Jêsus. How miserably were they out in their politics ! The death of Jesus, which they thought would save, was the grand cause of the utter destruction both of their place and nation : And so will all politics formed against Christ and his gospel end at last in the destruction of those who contrived them.ulb

O'the desperate wickednefs and treachery of man's deceitful heart! Where are the scribes, where are the infidels, where are the letter-learned difputers of this world, who are daily calling for a repetition of miracles, in order to confirm and evidence the truth of the christian religion? Surely if they believe not Mofes and the prophets, neither would they believe, though one rose from the dead. Here was one raised from the dead before many witnesses, and yet all those witnesses did by no means believe on Jesus. For divine faith is not wrought in the heart by moral persuafion (though moral fuafion is very often made use of as a means to; faith; unless the Father draw him : 'and, therefore, that I may draw near the close of this discourse, let me fhut up all with a word of exhortation.

Come, ye dead, Christless, unconverted finners, come and see the place where they laid the body of the deceased Lazarus behold him laid out, bound hand and foot with grave-cloaths, locked up and stinking in a dark cave, with a great stone placed on the top of it! View him again and again; go nearer to him; be not afraid; smell him, ah! how he stinketh. Stop there now, pause a while; and whilst thou art gazing upon the corpse of Lazarus, give me leave to tell thee with great plainness, but greater love, that this dead, bound, entombed, stinking carcase, is but'a faint representation ofythy poor soul in its natural ftate: for, whether thou believest it or not, thy spirit which thou bearest about with thee, fepulchred in Aesh and blood, is as literally dead to God, and as truly

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dead in trespasses and fins, as the body of Lazarus was in the cave. Was he bound hand and foot with grave-cloaths ? So art thou bound hand and foot with thy corruptions and as a stone was laid on the fepulchre, fo is there a stone of unbelief upon thy stupid heart. Perhaps thou hast lain in this state, not only four days, but many years, stinking in God's noftrils. And, what is still more affecting, 'thou art as unable to raise thyself out of this loathsome, dead ftate, to a life of righteousness and true holiness, as ever Lazarus was to raise himself from the cave in which he' lay' so long. Thou mayest try the power of thy own boasted free-will, and the force and energy of moral persuasion and rational arguments (which, without all doubt, have their proper place in religion); but all thy efforts, exerted with never fo much vigour, will prove quite fruitless and abortive, till that same JESUS, who said, “ Take away the ftohe," and cried, “ Lazarus, come forth,” comes by his mighty power, removes the stone of unbelief, speaks life to thy dead foul, todles thee from the fetters of thy fins and corruptions, and by the infuences of his blessed Spirit, enables thee to arife, and to walk in the way of his holy commandments. And O that he would now rend the heavens, and come down amongst you! that there may be a stirring among the dry bones this day! that whilft I am speaking, and Taying, 6 Dead finners, come forth,” a power, an almighty power might accompany the word, and cause you to emerge into new life ! 'icii si llibin If the LORD should vouchfafe me fuch a mercy, and but one fingle soul in this great congregation, should arise and fhake himself from the dust of his natural ftate ; according to the present frame of my heart, I should not care if preaching this fermon here in the fields, was an occasion of hastening my death, as raising Lazarus haftened the death of my blessed Mafter!: For methinks death, in some respects, is more toPetable, than to see poor finners day by day lying sepulchred, dead and stinking in sin. O that you saw how loathsome you are in the light of God, 'whilst you continue in your natural fate !913] Obelieve you' would not so contentedly hug your chains, and tefuse to be fet at liberty: 25.12.2001 Ons TiNi, hos odialisi oud, Toided Ui!

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Mechinks I see fome of you affected at this part of my dil courfe.

What say you? Are there ngt some ready to complain, alas ! we have some relations presents, who are fond, toriously wicked, that they not pnly hug their chains, but make a mock of fin, and ftiak not only in the fight of God, but man. Dear souls ! you are ready to urge this, as a reason why Jesus will not raise them; and think it hard, per haps, that Jesus does not come, in answer to your repeated groans and prayers, to convert and save them. But what Jesus said unto Martha, I say unto you,

“ Believe, and you fhall see the glory of God." Think it not a thing incredible, that God should raise their dead souls. Think not hard of Jesus for delaying an answer to your prayers : assure yourt felves he heareth you always. And who knows, but this day Jesus may visit some of your dear relations hearts,d upon whose account you have travelled in birth, till CHRIST be formed in them? You have already sympathized with Martha and Mary, in their doubts and fears; who knows but you may also be partakers of that joy whisha their souls experienced, when they received their risen brother into their longing arms.

mop blucuron todo o 61 O Chriftless fouls, you do not know what grief your continuance in fin occasions to your godly relations! You do not know how you grieve the heart of Jesus, I befeech you give him no fresh cause to weep over you upon account of your unbelief: let him not again groan in his spirit and be troubled. Behold how he has loved you, even fo as to say down his life for you. What could he do more? I pray you, therefore, dead sinners, come forth; arise and fup with JESUS This was an honour conferred on Lazarus, and the fame, her nour awaits you: Not that you shall fit down with him per fonally in this difegas Lazarus did; but you all fit down with him at the table of his ordinances, especially at the table of the Lord's- fupper, and ere long fit down with him in the kingdom of heaven, vi : 07 3 5 10 .. 911 7s / 25

Happy, thrice happy ye, who are already raised from spir ritual death, and have an earnest of an infinitely better and more glorious resurrection in your hearts, Y04.,know a little, how delightful it must have been to Martha and Mary and Lazarus, to sit down with the blefied Jesus here below; but

how infinitely more delightful will it be, to fit down, not only with Mary and Martha, but with Abraham, Ifaac, and Jacob, and all your other dear brethren and filters, in the kingdom of heaven. Do you nột long for that time, when Jesus shall say unto you,“ Come up hither?” Well ! blessed be God, yet a little while, and that same Jesus, who cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth,” shall with the fame voice, and with the same power, speak unto all that are in their graves, and they shall come forth. That all who hear me this day may be then enabled to lift up their heads and rejoice, that the day of their compleat redemption is indeed fully come, may Jesus CHRIST grant, for his infinite mercy's- sake. Amen, and Amen.

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The Holy Spirit convincing the World of Sin, 3.8 6. Righteousness, and Judgment.

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JOHN xvi. 8. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of fin,

and of righteoufness, and of judgment.


HESE words contain part of a gracious promise, which

the blessed Jesus was pleased to make to his weeping and fortowful disciples. The time was now drawing near, in which the Son of man was first to be lifted up on the cross, and afterwards to heaven. Kind, wondrous kind! had this merciful High-priest been to his disciples, during the time of his tabernacling amongst them. He had compassion on their infirmities, answered for them when assaulted by their enemies, and set them right when out of the way, either in principle or practice. He neither called nor used them as servants, but as friends ; and he revealed his secrets to them from time to time. He opened their understandings, that they might understand the scriptures; explained to them the hidden mysteries of the kingdom of God, when he spoke to others in parables : nay, he became the servant of them all, and even condescended to wash their feet. The thoughts of parting with so dear and loving a Master as this, especially for a long season, must needs affect them much. When on a certain occasion he intended to be absent from them only for a night, we are told, he was obliged to constrain them to leave him no' wonder then, that when he now informed them he must entirely go away, and that the Pharisees in his absence should put them out of their synagogues, and excommunicate them; yea, that the time fhould come, that whosoever killed them, 6


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