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and true Church, call Harlots, and thofe facred Penmen charge him with spending his Substance with, in riotous Living ; he went on merrily, made no Complaints : But when this fpiritual Famine, which I have described, came upon them, when they had lost first the Knowledge of God, and next the Knowledge of the Powers and Operations of these Agents ; then our fine Gentleman, who had set up for himfelf, entered upon another Project: He would join himself unto a certain Citizen, perhaps to Nebuchadnczzar, or to a King, or &c. of Athens, or of Rome : The Citizen sent him to feed Swine, the most opposite Employment to those in his Father's House, nay, to the old Heathens, which could be thought of, to force in People to worship Gods and Images, set up by the Appointment of the King, the Senate, or &c. to perform all Manner of brutish Rites, to gratify beastly Lusts, to believe stupid filly Stories, to break through all Rules of Virtue, and prosecute the most destructive Vices. He would then have been content with the Husks, the Outside of Food, in which Food is formed with feeding upon the Contemplations of those Powers in the Heavens, and no Man


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would give it him ; they had none who could teach or instruct in that Knowledge, they had left that for Food to Brute Creatures, This was that State, and that Time, when our Teachers tell us, Men were arrived to the Height of Wisdom : This had the happy Effect intended

upon him, let him fee, nay, feel his Condition, in that strong Idea Hunger ; brought him to reflect

upon the Plenty in his Father's House, and to return and make that glorious Submission and Confeffion, Father, I bave finned against Heavca, I have abus'd thofe Evidences exbibited in the Heavens, of thy Essence, Personality, Power, Goodnejš

, &c. and set them up against thee, calld them Father, attributed Knowledge to theni, and Property in the Things they give 115 ; they know not, they cannot fee, and they are tbine : Much inore have I lined agairt thee, to whom I owe my Being, and the Enjoyment of all thife Things, with the Aggravation of doing it in tby Sight, before thee who seest all Things. I am 110 inore worthy, I cannct expect to bear th. Natie? of thy Son, to be initiated and received into thy Temple: Permit me to come into the outward Courts for several Generations, as a Profelyte. This was a Qualification at once to admit him into those happy Terms, I 4


that glorious State of the Gospel. His Father receives him with the greatest Joy and Marks of Favour, to wear a Robe, which covered all his Nakedness and Poyerty; to wear a Ring, the Insigné of him who was next to the King's Person, and admits him at once to that Feast which none but those who are thus qualified can receive any Benefit by.

Benefit by. The Murmuring of the Jews, and the Apology of the Father, is now plain enough.

A Man who knows nothing of the Matter, what all this Confusion was for, must think, the Trouble of learning Languages, especially as' 'tis now managed, very great: If that had not been, for any Thing that appears to me, Christianity could not have kept the Ground it has ; and he, humanly speaking, 'tis very likely, must have been born an Idolater, a Worshipper of the Heavens.

As several have prétended to make an Exception to what I have affirmed in general of all Heathen Languages, and afsert, that the Arabians, and none else, have preserved the Usage of the antient; or Hebrew Tongue, and retained the true Meaning of the Words in it, I must endeavour to state that Cafe, and shew, that if what app appears of that Language prove

any any Thing, it proves most of the general Things I have asserted.

About Eighty Years ago, when ChriAtians found they were imposed upon by the Writings of the Chaldce Yews, and the Imaginers found they could do little or no Mischief upon the Credit of them ; and when most of our new Religions or Scats were spawn'd and hatch'd, the only Project that was pretended to be about the Improvement of Learning and Knowledge, and so of Religion, by Languages, was to fend Men to Turkey, to learn the Arabic, or the Language of the Alcoran. The Clergy of Sion College petitioned the Mayor and Aldermen of London to give Encouragement to them. Others abroad, who knew it seryed their Purposes, gave great Affiftance in this Affair. Ravis, &c. brought home MSS. 3c. and assumed to themselves a Degree of Knowledge fuperior to their Neighbours, upon a Presumption, that this Language could convey more Knowledge than the Hebrew, &c. So it was to settle a Trade, to send Missionaries to fetch Knowledge about Religion from Turkev, and export it to the West Indies, and thereby induce us to neglect the Original, and our Home Producis


or Improvements out of the Original : But this Commodity would not sell but among Friends ; fo all who attempted it, were baulk'd, and the Project has, ina great Measure, lain quiet ever since. Indeed it has been hung upon, as you may fee, by a Disciple of Lud. Capellus, in his Phaleg as he owns to be, with high Encomiums of him, at p. 90 ; which Language he, at p. 66, calls, as indeed it is, their Sacra Anchora; till one (I hope for the fake of his Character, when in his fecond Infancy) has, as it appears, been persuaded to divert himself,“ by shewing us how one may, from the Arabic, conjecture about, and play with the Meanings of Words in the sacred Hebrew Text. And another has asserted what none before him ever durft, about it, and I hope none will ever do the like again ; and has taken such Methods of proving it (to pay in his own Coin) as have demonstrated, that he has no Ideas of the Agents in this System, nor of their mechanical Powers and Actions upon other Things, nor of those Things, any more than those who used the Language he has studied and sets up, had, or has ; and, consequently, none of the Use of Words which


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