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Apostles, Saint Philip and Saint be troubled: ye believe in God, James, we may steadfastly walk believe also in me. In my Fain the way that leadeth to eter- ther's house are many mansions; nal life, through the same thy if it were not so, I would have Son Jesus Christ our Lord. told you. I go to prepare a place Amen.

for you. And if I go and preThe Epistle. St. James i. 1. pare a place for you, I will come

, of the Lord Jesus Christ, myself; that where I am, there to the twelve tribes which are ye may be also. And whither scattered abroad, greeting. My I go, ye know, and the way ye brethren, count it all joy when know. Thomas saith unto him, ye fall into divers temptations; Lord, we know not whitherthou knowing this, that the trying of goest, and how can we know the your faith worketh patience. way? Jesus saith unto him, I But let patience have her per- am the way, the truth, and the sect work, that ye may be per- life : no man cometh unto the fect and entire, wanting nothing. Father but by me. If ye had If any of you lack wisdom, let known me, ye should have him ask of God that giveth to known my Father also: and all men liberally, and upbraid- from henceforth ye know him, eth not; and it shall be given and have seen him. Philip him. But let him ask in faith, saith unto him, Lord, show us nothing wavering: for he that the Father, and it sufficeth us. wavereth is like a wave of the Jesus saith unto him, Have I sea, driven with the wind, and been so long time with you, and tossed. For let not that man yet hast thou not known me, think that he shall receive any Philip? He that hath seen me, thing of the Lord. A double hath seen the Father; and how minded man is unstable in all sayest thou then, Show us the his ways. Let the brother of Father? Believest thou not that low degree rejoice in that he is I am in the Father, and the Fa. exalted; but the rich in that he ther in me? The words that I is made low; because as the speak unto you, I speak not of flower of the grass he shall pass myself; but the Father that away. For the sun is no sooner dwelleth in me, he doeth the risen with a burning heat, but it works. Believe me, that I am withereth the grass, and the in the Father, and the Father in flower thereof falleth, and the me; or else believe me for the grace of the fashion of it perish- very works' sake. Verily, eth : so also shall the rich man rily, I say unto you, He that be. fade away in his ways. Blessed lieveth on me, the works that I is the man that endureth temp- do shall he do also; and greater tation; for when he is tried, he works than these shall he do; shall receive the crown of life, because I go unto my Father. which the Lord hath promised And whatsoever he shall ask in to them that love him.

my name, that will I do, that The Gospel. St. John xiv. 1. the Father may be glorified in the ND Jesus said unto his dis- Son. If ye shall ask any thing ciples, Let not your heart in my name, I will do it.



Saint Barnabas the Apostle. The Gospel. St. John xv. 12. The Collect.

'HIS is my commandment, Lord God Almighty, who That ye love one another,

didstendue thy holy Apos- as I have loved you. Greater tle Barnabas with singular gifts love hath no man than this, that of the Holy Ghost; leave us not, a man lay down his life for his we beseech thee, destitute of thy friends. Ye are my friends, if manifold gifts, nor yet of grace ye do whatsoever I command to use them always to thy ho- you. Henceforth I call you not nour and glory, through Jesus servants; forthe servant knoweth Christ our Lord. Amen. not what his lord doeth: but I

For the Epistle. Acts xi. 22. have called you friends; for all TIDIN VIDINGS of these things things that I have heard of my

came unto the ears of the Father, I have made known unto Church which was in Jerusa- you. Ye have not chosen me, but lem: and they sent forth Barna- I havechosen you, and ordained bas, that he should go as far as you, that ye should go and bring Antioch: who, when he came, forth fruit, and that your fruit and had seen the grace of God, should remain: that whatsoever was glad; and exhorted them ye shall ask of the Father in my all, that with purpose of heart name, he may give it you. they would cleave unto the Lord. For he was a good man, and full

Saint John Baptist's Day. of the Holy Ghost, and of faith :

The Collect. and much people was added A providence thy servant John unto the Lord. Then departed Barnabas

to Tarsus for to seek Baptist was wonderfully born, Saul: And when he had found and sent to prepare the way of him, he brought him unto An- thy Son our Saviour, by preachtioch. And it came to pass, ing repentance; make us so to that a whole year they assembled follow his doctrine and holy life, themselves with the Church, that we may truly repent accordand taught much people: and ing to his preaching; and after his the disciples were called Chris- example constantly speak the tians first in Antioch. And in truth, boldly rebuke vice, and these days came prophets from patiently suffer for the truth's Jerusalem unto Antioch. And sake, through Jesus Christ our there, stood up one of them, Lord. Amen. named Agabus, and signified For the Epistle. Isa. xl. 1. by the Spirit, that there should be great dearth throughout all my people, saith your God. the world: which came to pass. Speak ye comfortably to Jeruin the days of Claudius Cæsar. Salem, and cry unto her, that Then the disciples, every man her warfare is accomplished, according to his ability, deter. that her iniquity is pardoned: mined to send relief unto the for she hath received of the brethren which dwelt in Judea. Lord's hand double for all her Which also they did, and sent sins. The voice of him that it to the elders by the hands of crieth in the wilderness, Prepare Barnabas and Saul.

ye the way of the Lord, make

straight in the desert a highway father. And his mother an. for our God. Every valley shall swered and said, Not so; but be exalted, and every mountain he shall be called John. And and hill shall be made low: and they said unto her, There is the crooked shall be made none of thy kindred that is called straight, and the rough places by this name. And they made plain. And the glory of the signs to his father how he would Lord shall be revealed, and all have him called. And he asked flesh shall see it together; for the for a writing table, and wrote, mouth of the Lord hath spoken saying, His name is John. And it. The voice said, Cry. And they marvelled all. And his he said, What shall I cry? All mouth was opened immediately, fesh is grass, and all the good and his tongue loosed, and he liness thereof is as the Aower spake, and praised God. And of the field. The grass wither- fear came on all that dwelt round eth, the flower fadeth, because about them: and all these sayings the Spirit of the Lord bloweth were noised abroad throughout upon it: surely the people is all the hill country of Judea, grass. The grass withereth, the And all they that had heard them, Hower fadeth; but the word of laid them up in their hearts, sayour God shall stand for ever. ing, What manner of child shall o Zion, that bringest good tid this be? And the hand of the ings, get thee up into the high Lord was with him. And his mountain: o Jerusalem, that father Zacharias was filled with bringest good tidings, lift up thy the Holy Ghost, and prophesied, voice with strength; lift it up, saying, Blessed be the Lord be not afraid; say unto the ci- God of Israel; for he hath visitties of Judah, Behold your God. ed and redeemed his people, Behold, the Lord God will come and hath raised up an horn of with strong hand, and his arm salvation for us, in the house of shall rule for him: behold his his servant David, as he spake reward is with him, and his work by the mouth of his holy probefore him. He shall feed his phets, which have been since the flock like a shepherd; he shall world began; that we should be gather the lambs with his arm, saved from our enemies, and and carry them in his bosom, from the hand of all that hate us: and shall gently lead those that To perform the mercy promised are with young.

to our fathers, and to rememThe Gospel. St. Luke i. 57. ber his holy covenant: the oath EL

LIZABETH's full time came which he sware to our father

that she should be deliver. Abraham, that he would grant ed; and she brought forth a son. unto us, that we, being deliver, And her neighbours and her ed out of the hands of our enecousins heard how the Lord had mies, might serve him without showed great mercy upon her; fear, in holiness and righteous. and they rejoiced with her. And ness before him, all the days of it came to pass, that on the eighth our life. And thou, child, shalt day they came to circumcise the be called the prophet of the child; and they called him Za- Highest: for thou shalt go becharias, after the name of his fore the face of the Lord, to pre.

pare his ways; to give know. forth, the same night Peter was ledge of salvation unto his peo- sleeping between two soldiers, ple by the remission of their sins, bound with two chains; and the through the tender mercy of our keepers before the door kept the God; whereby the Day-spring prison. And behoid, the angel from on high hath visited us, to of the Lord came upon him, give light to them that sit in dark. and a light shined in the prison: ness, and in the shadow of death, and he smote Peter on the side, to guide our feet into the way of and raised him up, saying, Arise peace. And the child grew, and up quickly. And his chains fell waxed strong in spirit; and was off from his hands. And the in the deserts till the day of his angel said unto him, Gird thyshowing unto Israel.

self, and bind on thy sandals :

and so he did. And he saith Saint Peter's Day.. unto him, Cast thy garment The Collect.

about thee, and follow me. O

thy Son Jesus Christ, didst him; and wist not that it was give to thy Apostle Saint Peter true which was done by the anmany excellent gifts, and com- gel; but thought he saw a vi. mandedst him earnestly to feed sion. When they were past the thy flock: make, we beseech first and the second ward, they thee, all Bishops and Pastors came unto the iron gate that diligently to preach thy holy leadeth unto the city, which Word, and the people obediently opened to them of its own acto follow the same, that they cord : and they went out, and may receive the crown of ever. passed on through one street, lasting glory, through Jesus and forthwith the angel departed Christ our Lord. Amen. from him. And when Peter was For the Epistle. Acts xii. 1. come to himself, he said, Now BOUT that time, Herod I know of a surety that the Lord

the king stretched forth hath sent his angel, and hath de. his hands to vex certain of the livered me out of the hand of ChurchAnd he killed James Herod, and from all the expecthe brother of John with the tation of the people of the Jews. sword. And because he saw it The Gospel. St. Matt. xvi. 13. pleased the Jews, he proceeded WHEN Jesus came into the

of were the days of unleavened pi, he asked his disciples, say. , bread.) And when he had ap- ing, Whom do men say that I, prehended him, he put him in the Son of man, am ? And they prison, and delivered him to four said, Some say that thou art quarternions of soldiers, to keep John the Baptist ; some, Elias; him; intending after Easter to and others, Jeremias, or one of bring him forth to the people. the prophets. He saith unto Peter therefore was kept in pri- them, But whom say ye that I son; but prayer was made with am ? and Simon Peter answered out ceasing of the Church unto and said, Thou art Christ, the God for him. And when He Son of the living God. And Jerod would have brought him sus answered and said unto him,


Blessed art thou, Simon Barjo Church. And he killed James na : for flesh and blood hath not the brother of John with the revealed it unto thee, but my sword. And because he saw it Father which is in heaven. And pleased the Jews, he proceeded I say also unto thee, that thou further to take Peter also. art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church: and the

The Gospel. St. Matt. xx. 20. sates of hell shall not prevail THEN came to him the mo- . .

of , to thee the keys of the kingdom with her sons, worshipping him, of heaven: and whatsoever thou and desiring a certain thing of shalt bind on earth, shall be him. And he said unto her, bound in heaven; and whatso. What wilt thou? She saith untó ever thou shalt loose on earth, him, Grant that these my two shall be loosed in heaven. sons may sit, the one on thy Saint James the Apostle.

right hand, and the other on the

left, in thy kingdom. But JeThe Collect.

sus answered and said, Yeknow GR RANT, O merciful God, not what ye ask. Are


able that as thine holy Apostle to drink of the cup that I shall Saint James, leaving his father drink of, and to be baptized and all that he had, without de with the baptism that I am bap. lay was obedient unto the call- tized with? They say unto him, ing of thy Son Jesus Christ, and Weare able. And he saith unto followed him; so we, forsaking them, Ye shall drink indeed of

h all wordly and carnal affections, my cup, and be baptized with may be evermore ready to fol- the baptism that I am baptized low thy holy commandments, with; but to sit on my right through Jesus Christ our Lord. hand, and on my left, is not Amen.

mine to give; but it shall be For the Epistle. Acts xi. 27. given to them for whom it is

and part of Chapter xii. prepared of my Father. And I N those days came prophets when the ten heard it, they were

from Jerusalem unto Anti- moved with indignation against och. And there stood up one the two brethren. But Jesus of them named Agabus, and sig- called them unto him, and said, nified by the Spirit, that there Ye know that the princes of the should be great dearth through. Gentilesexercise dominion over out all the world : which came them, and they that are great to pass in the days of Claudius exercise authority, upon them. Cæsar. Then the disciples, But it shall not be so among every man according to his abi- you: but whosoever will be lity, determined to send relief great among you, let him be unto the brethren which dwelt your minister; and whosoever in Judea. Which also they did, will be chief among you, let and sent it to the elders by the him be your servant: Éven as hands of Barnabas and Saul. the Son of man came not to be Now about that time, Herod ministered unto, but to ministhe king stretched forth his ter, and to give his life a ransom hands to vex certain of the for many.

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