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Doctrines and vain Schemes of Religion, and make him even much worse than

he was before. 16 Wo unto you,

16. Wo unto you, ye ignorant and ye blind guides

, superstitious Guides; who tell the Peo- . which say, Whoso

ple, that if they swear only by the ever shall swear by Temple, they may be discharged from thing: but whosoever the Obligation of that Oath ; but if they Mall fivear by the swear by the Gold that is consecrated gold of the temple, to God in the Temple, that they are he is a debter. then indeed strongly obliged by their

Oath, and cannot be discharged. 17 Ye fools and

17. Ye foolish and perverse Teachers: blind: for whether What an absurd and senseless distinction is greater, the gold, is this! As if the Gold were more facred or the temple that fanctifieth the gold.

than the Temple of God, by which the

Gold it self is made holy. 18 And whosoever 18. Again ; ye teach, that if a Man shall swear by the al- swears only by the Altar, he may be tar, it is nothing: discharg'd from the Obligation of that but whosoever {wear

Oath ; but if he swears by the Oblation eth by the gift that

that is offer'd upon the Altar, that he is

then indeed strongly obliged by his guilty

Oath, and cannot be discharged. 19 Ye fools and

19. Now what a foolish and perverse blind : for whether distinction is this ! As if the Offering, is greater, the gift,

were more Sacred, than the Altar of or the altar that lanctifieth the gift?

God, by which the Offering it self is

made Holy. 20 Whoso there

20. In reality therefore, to swear by fore shall fwear by the Altar of God, is the very same thing the altar, sweareth by it, and by all

as to swear by the Oblation that is offerthings thereon.

ed thereupon, and by him to whom the

Offering is made.
And whoso

21. And to swear by the Temple, shall fwear by, the is the very fame thing, as to swear by temple, fweareth by God whose Temple it is. dwelleth therein.

22. And to swear by Heaven, is the 22 And he that very same thing, as to swear by the shall swear by hea- Throne of God, and consequently by ven, sweareth by the God himself. So that, in short, what throne of God, and Things soever you swear by, 'tis the by him that fitteth very fame thing as swearing by God, thereon.

whose Creature that Thing is. 23.

is upon it, he is


23. Again ; wo unto you, hypocriti 23 Wo unto you cal Teachers, and Pharisees. For ye are

scribes and pharisees, superstitiously scrupulous and precise in hypocrites ; for ye things of smaller moment, in little exter

pay tithe of mint and

anise, and cummin, nal Rites, in things of triling niceness and have omitted the and dispute : But the things of Great weightier matters of and Eternal Obligation, Justice and the law, judgment, Equity, Mercy and Charity, Faithful- mercy, and faith : ness and Truth towards God and Men, these ought ye to these things ye wholly flight and neg

have done, and not

leave the other unlect. Whereas on the

contrary, though

done. those other smaller things ought not indeed in their due place to pass altogether unregarded, yet these great and important Duties ought certainly to be Mens principal and first Care,

24. But ye, as I said, ignorant and 24 Ye blind guides, perverse Teachers) stick at the finalleit which strain at a things, and neglect the greatest: Just gnat, and swallow a

camel. as if a Man should refuse to drink his Wine till he had strained it, to take out a little Gnat; but should without scruple swallow in it some other thing ten times as big.

25. Wo unto you, hypocritical Teach 25 Wo unto you ers and Pharisees. For as if a Man fcribes and pharisees, should be very nice to clean the outside hypocrites ; for ye

make clean the outof his Cups and Dishes, but should take fide of the cup and no care at all to keep the inside of of the platter, but them free from dirt and filth: Even so within they are full ye are wonderfully diligent, to appear of extortion and exstrict in the observance of the outward cess. and formal Ceremonies of Religion ; but the Thoughts of your Hearts and the Secret Actions of your Lives, are full of Iniquity and Uncleanness.

26. Nay, ye Fools and Blind; But 26 Thou blind let a Man rather be follicitous in the Pharisee, cleanse first first place, that the Thoughts of his that which is within


cup Heart be sincere and pure, and the

and platter,

that the outside of Actions of his Life honest and good ; them may be clean and then his observance of external also. Rites may be agreeable and comely :

27 We

For as

Even as the inside of Pots and Dishes
ought always first to be cleansed; and
then a proportionable care to keep
their outsides clean, may look decent

and neat. 27 Wo unto you 27 & 28. Wo unto you, hypocritiscribes and pharisees, cal Teachers and Pharisees. Ye may, hypocrites ; for. ye for your hypocrisy, be well compared to are like unto whited fepulchres, which in the Sepulchres of the Dead. deed appear beautiful Graves either * appear not at all, or See Luke

xi. outward, but are perhaps are covered with Stones whited

44. within full of dead and cleaned on the outside ; but within mens bones, and of they are full of dead Mens Bones and all uncleanness.

Corruption : So ye outwardly perhaps 28 Even so ye also make no bad appearance before Men, outwardly appear righteous unto men,

but seem on the contrary to be holy but within ye are full and religious Persons; but secretly and of hypocrisy and ini- in your Hearts ye are full of all manner quity.

of hypocrify and wickedness. 29 Wo unto you 29 & 30. Wo unto you, hypocriscribes and pharisees, tical Teachers and Pharisees : For, hypocrites because ye while ye your selves are no less wicked build the tombs of the prophets

, and garniíh than those who anciently murdered the fepulchres of the God's Messengers and Prophets, ye prerighteous,

tend to have a great Honour for the zo And say, if we Memory of those Prophets, and to tehad been in the days stify your Respect for the Holy Men of our fathers, we of Old, by building and adorning their would not have been Tombs; and ye say, if you had lived partakers with them in old time, when your Fathers murin the blood of the prophets.

dered the Prophets, ye, who are their

Children, would not have done fo. 31 Wherefore ye

31 & 32. Nay verily, but ye are be witnesses unto indeed, as ye fay, the Children of those your selves, that ye who killed the Prophets ; and ye apare the children of them which killed prove your selves their genuine Offspring, the prophets.

by being like them, and imitating their 32 Fill ye up then Wickedness ; nay, notwithstanding your the measure of your hypocrisy, ye even exceed them in maFathers.

lice, and will fill up the measure of
their iniquity.

33. (Ye

33. (Ye obstinate and incorrigible 33 Ye serpents, ye Generation of Vipers: By your hypo- generation of vipers, crisy indeed, you may here escape the how can ye escape

the damnation of punishment of Men; but how will you hell ? avoid the future and eternal Judgment of God?

34. Ye even exceed, I say, the malice 34 S Wherefore of your Fore-fathers, and will fill up

behold, I send unto hold, I send you Prophets and Holy and some of them ye the measure of their Iniquity. For be- you prophets, and Men, to instruct you in the Doctrine of shall kill and crucifie, true Religion ; but ye will slay and cru

and some of them cify them, and beat them even in the fall ye scourge in places of God's publick Worship, and your fynagogues, and pursue and perfecute them from one City persecute them from to another.

city to city : 35. Wherefore I tell you, the punish 35 That upon you ment that shall be inflicted by Divine may come, all the Vengeance upon the Men of this present righteous blood shed Generation, shall be as great and dread- upon the earth, from

the blood of righteful, as if not only the Forefathers of

eous Abel, unto the this People in their several Generations, blood of Zacharias, but the Men who are now alive had son of Barachias, in their own persons been the Murde- whom ye slew berers of all the Righteous and Good tween 'the temple Men, who have been unjustly martyr

and the altar. ed since the time of Adam to this very day. 36. Affuredly I tell you, and repeat

36 Verily I say it to you again, that such a terrible unto you, all thele punishment as this, shall certainly fall things shall come up

on this generation. upon the Men of this present Generation. 37. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou

37 O Jerusalem, that was once the Holy City, and the Jerusalem, thou that Beloved of God, but hast fince rejected and ftonelt them

killest the prophets, God, and persecuted his servants, and which are sent unto sain his Prophets, and continued ob- thee, how often ftinately impenitent; how often has would I have gaGod tendered to thee the Offers of thered thy children Pardon and Mercy, and invited thee to together even Repentance with all the pity and kind- hen gathereth her

chickens under her nels, that a tender Father can shew to


as a

wings, and ye would his most beloved Child ! But thou renot !

fusedst to hear. 38 Behold, your 38. Behold Now therefore the Time house is left unto you of Mercy is paft; and the final Desoladesolate.

tion of the City and Temple, with the fearful Destruction of the Jewish Nation,

is irreversibly decreed of God. 39 For I say un

39. And I assure you the time will to you, Ye shall not

speedily come, and it is now at hand, see me henceforth,



shall see me no more, till ye till ye shall say, Bler. fed is he that cometh shall be forced to own me to be indeed in the name of the the Messiah, the Son of God with Lord.


CH A P. XXIV. Chrift foretells the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the End of

the World; and warns all Men to watch.


AND Jesus went

AFTER this, Jefus departed from out and depart the Temple; and as he was goed from the temple; ing out, his Disciples, who had heard and his disciples came

him fpeak of the Desolation of the City to him for to shew him the buildings of and Temple, defired him to observe the temple.

what a stately and beautiful Structure the Temple was; insinuating as if they thought it pity, that so noble a Building

should be so miserably destroyed. 2 And Jesus said 2. But Jesus answered: Do ye adunto them, See ye mire these things, and look upon them not all these things ? with pity? I tell you again, they Verily I say unto shall all be destroyed with fuch a comyou, There shall not pleat and utter Desolation, that there be left here one stone fhall not be left so much as one Stone upon

another that shall not be thrown

upon another, which ihall not be cast down.

down. 3 g And as he 3. And when he was come to the fat upon the mount Mount of Olives, and was fet down of Olives, the dif- there, his Disciples came

him 4



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