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For Man. Horse.
S. d.

S. d.
From the wharf above the mouth of

Massaponax creek, to the opposite

landing upon Mr. Ball's land, 03 03 From Fredericksburg warehouse to the

land of Anthony Strother, or Stroth-
er's to Fredericksburg,

03 03
From Roy's warehouse to Gibson's


04 From William Lowry's to the land of

Benjamin Rust, or from Rust's to

10 10
From Falmouth to the land of Francis
Thornton, in Spotsylvania,

03 03 From Hackley's land in King George, to Corbin's in Caroline,

03 03 From the lot of Joseph Morton, in

Leeds town, to the lands of Mrs.

08 08 From the lower side of Parrot's creek,

tą Teague's creek, on the land of
Baldwin Matthews Smith, and from
that creek to the lower side of Par-
rot's creek,

16 16

2 6 2 0

1 6

2 6

From Col. William Fitzbugh's land

at Boyd's Hole, over to Maryland, 2 6
From Hoe's to Cedar point,

2 0
From Tripplit's land below the mouth

of Quantico creek, over to Brooks's

1 6
From Robert Lovell's in the county of

Westmoreland, over to Maryland, 2 6
From the land of William Russel on

Sherendo, cross into the fork, or
cross the main river,

From Kersey's landing on Col. Carter

Burwell's land, to the land of Col.
Landon Carter,

From Gersham Key's land, to the land

of the Honourable William Fairfax,

0 33
At Williams' Gap, from the land of the

Right Honorable the Lord Fairfax,

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S. d.

For Man. Horse.

S. d. where John Melton now lives, to the land of Ralph Wormley, esq. 0 34

0 32 From the plantation of George Mason,

opposite to Rock creek, over to Maryland,

04 04 From the plantation of John Hereford,

in Daigs neck, over the river, to the

lower side of Pamunky in Maryland, 10 10 From Hunting creek warehouse, to

Frazier's point, or Addison's, 10 1 0
From the land of Ebenezer Floyd, to

06 06 From Evan Watkin's landing, oppo

site to Canagochego creek, to Ed.

mund Wade's land in Maryland, 0 3 0 3 From the land of William Clifton to the land of Thomas Wallis,

10 1 0 From the land of Hugh West, to Frazier's, or Addison's,


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From Thomas Drew's land to Dr.

03 From Bolton's ferry, to Simmons' land, 0 3


Eastern Shore.
From York, Hampton, and Norfolk towns, to the

land of Littleton Eyre, on Hungar's river, or from
thence to either of the aforesaid places, for a man
or horse, passing singly, twenty shillings, for a
man and horse, or if there be more, for each fifteen

And for the transportation of wheel carriages, tobacco, cattle, and other beasts, at any of the places aforesaid, the ferry keeper may demand and take the rates following, viz. For every coach, chariot, or waggon, and the driver Wheel carthereof, the same as for six horses.

riages. For every cart, or four wheel chaise, and the driver

of such chaise, as for four horses. For every two wheel chaise, or chair, as for two

horses. For every hogshead of tobacco, as for one horse.

Tobacco For every head of neat cattle, as for one horse. Cattle,

Sheep, goat. For every sheep, goat, or lamb, one fifth part of the

ferriage of one horse. Hogs.

For every hog, one fourth of the ferriage of one horse.

According to the prices herein before settled at

such ferry respectively, and no more. Penalty on And if any ferry keeper shall presume to demand taking great and receive, from any person or persons whatsoever, er rates.

any greater rate than is herein before allowed, for the carriage and ferriage of any thing whatsoever, he or they, for every such offence, shall forfeit and pay to the party grieved, the ferriage demanded, and received, and ten shillings, to be recovered with costs, before any justice of peace, of the county where such offence shall be committed.

II. And that where a ferry is by this act appointed County courts may

on one side of a river or creek, and none on the other appoint op-side answerable thereto, it shall be lawful for the reposite fer. spective county courts, to appoint an opposite ferry, ries.

and to allow the respective rates herein before directed, and the said courts are also hereby impowered to appoint a ferry over any river or creek, within their

respective counties, where the same shall be found And ferries convenient, and to contract with the keeper of such for their mi- ferry or of any public ferry, to set over the militia of litia.

the county, on muster days, and to raise an allowance for the same in their county levy; Provided always,

That no such allowance shall be raised for any ferry over a river or creek into another county. Other fer Ill. And that it shall be lawful for the keepers of ries.

the several county ferries, herein after mentioned, respectively, to demand and take for ferriage, the following rates, that is to say,

On the river Occoquan in Prince William, for a man three pence, for a horse the same.

Nominy, in Westmoreland, for a man four pence, for a horse the same.

Mattos, in the same county, for a man three pence, for a horse the same.

Pappahanock creek, in Richmond county, for a man three pence, for a horse the same.

Piscataway, in Essex, for a man three pence, for a horse the same.

On James river, at Branch's in Henrico, for a man three pence, for a horse the same.

From Jacob Micheaux's to Thomas Atkins's, for A man three pence, for a horse the samne.

On the Fluvanna, from Scott's to Battersby's, or Noble Ladd's, in Albemarle, for a man three pence, for a horse the same.

And for wheel carriages the same in proportion to the rates herein last mentioned, as is allowed at public ferries: Provided nevertheless, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to oblige any person personsex

Saving to or persons to pay for ferriages at any of the said empted. county ferries, who, before the making of this art, was or were exempted from the same, by reason of his, her, or their estate or interest in the county were such ferries are kept.

IV. And for the better and more orderly keeping Regulation of public ferries, Be it further enacted by the authori- of ferry ty aforesaid, That the court of every county, where-keepers. in such ferries are, or shall be appointed, shall have, and is hereby declared to have authority of ordering and directing, what boat or boats, and the number of hands which shall be kept at each ferry respectively; and the owner of the land, whereon any sich ferry is or shall be, shall, within six months after passing this act, give bond with one surety, in the court of the county wherein such ferry is, and in the penalty of twenty pounds, with condition, That he will duly keep such ferry, or cause the same to be kept according to law, and will give immediate passage to all public messengers and expresses, when required from time to time; and in case any such person shall neglect or refuse to give such bond, or to cause the same to be given on his behalf, he shall forfeit and pay forty shillings for every month's refusal or neglect, to the king, his heirs, and successors, for the better support of this government, and the contingent charges thereof, recoverable with costs, by action of debt or information, in any court of record, where the same shall be cognizable.

V. And for ascertaining what shall be accounted What shall public messages and expresses, It is hereby declared, be public exThat all expresses sent by the Secretary of this colo

presses. ny, or any member of the council, or by the sheriff of any county, or a commander in chief, colonel, lieutenant-colonel, or major, to the governor or commander in chief of this dominion, for the time being, or sent by such governor or commander in chief, or by the clerk of the council, to any person, or sent by any

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chief militia officer, to the governor, or to the chief commanling officer of the militia in the next county, to give intelligence of the approach of an enemy, or which shall come from beyond sea, directed to the governor, or commander in chief of this colony, sball be accounted public messages and expresses, and ferry free, within the condition and meaning of the bond afuresaid, in case sui h expresses be directed for his majesty's service, and signed upon the superscription

by the person or persons sending the same: And his Messenger's majesty's receiver general for the time being, shall allowance. pay such messenger at the seat of this government,

out of the revenues of two shillings per hogshead on tobacco, or head money, fort duties, fines, or rights, in ready money, for every mile bie shall be sent forward on such public message, four pence per mile, for himself and horse, in fill consideration for his going and returning; and where he shall be kept attending by order of the governor or commander in chief, five shillings per day for such attendance. Providei, That such messenger produce, from the superscriber of such express, a certificate of the messenger's name, and distance of miles; and his attendance shall also be certified by the governor, or the clerk of the council, before payment of the said reward: and if such messenger be sent by water, the same shall be paid for, at the rate of fifteen pence per day for the boat, and two shillings per day for cach man employed to go in her.

VI. And it is also hereby enacted, That keepers of his servant, ferries within this dominion shall give immediate ferry free. Pas ge to the adjutant-general of the militia, or his And consta deputy, and one servant, with their horses, ferry free: bles conduct And also to all constables and their assistants, charging runaways.

ed with conducting any runaway servant or slave, either to the public gaul, or to such runaway's master or owner, without charging such constable or assistants for ferriage, either going or returning: But all

such ferriage, and the ferriage of such runaways, How runa. ways ferria- shall be paid by the county where the respective ferges shall be ries are kept, and repaid by the public, and levitd updischarged on the owner's of such runaways.

VII. And for encouragement of ferry keepers, Encourage. ments to fer- and in consideration of setting over public messenmy keepers. gers, and the persons exempted by this act, Be it fur

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