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In compliance with the above The address to the candidate, request, the Consociation pro- Mr. Washburn, at the request of ceeded to examine Mr. Wood- the Editors, has communicated ward, and gaining full satisfac. for the Magazine, and it is here: tion as to his qualifications for fubjoined. the ministry, and his views in entering on the work, unanimously Dear BROTHER, voted to ordain him as an Evan THE situation in which you gelift.

this day ftand, is interesting and Voted, That the ordination so. folemn. The King of Zion is lemnity be attended to, to-mor now present in the instituted aurow morning at 10 o'clock; and thorities of his church ; before that the several parts of the pub- whom you have presented yourlic service be performed by the self to receive commiffion, acfollowing persons, The Rev. cording to divine institution, to Abel Flint, to read the necessary preach the gospel, and dispense papers ; the Rev. Nathan Pers the mysteries of the kingdom of kins, D. D. to make the intro- God, to perishing finners. The ductory prayer ; the Rev. Joseph eye of God is upon you-He difWashburn to preach the sermon ; cerns all your views--all your mothe Rev. Nehemiah Prudden to tives in thus presenting yourself, . make the consecrating prayer ; The folemn scene is allo witnessed the Rev. Aaron Church to give by men and angels ; and your orthe charge ; the Rev. David dination vows, now to be made, M-Clure to give the right hand in this facred house, will be reof fellowship; and the Rev. Na- gistered in Heaven. May the than Strong, D. D. to make the Lord support you in the folemn concluding prayer.

transaction-enable you to be On Wednesday Sept. 29th, deeply humble, and sincerely, The Rev. James W. Woodward, cheerfully, and unreservedly, to in pursuance of the above vote, devote yourself to the important was folemnly consecrated to the work to which you are called ! work of an Evangelist.

The subject, my Brother, which Certified by

we have been contemplating, mult ABEL FLINT, have interested your feelings, and Regifter of the Confociation. suggested important thoughts, Mr. Wobburn preached a ser applicable to your fituation in mon well adapted to the occafion view of the work before you. from Psalm viii. 2. The object It must have suggested that the of the discourse was to show the | work which you desire, is a good unpromising situation of the work, and bonorable. To be church with respect to their ene- commissioned to carry the light of mies, as viewed by an eye of fense; life to the ignorant and benighted -the ground of confidence we -to preach good tidings to the have that tho weak and impotent meek-to bind up the broken as babes, they shall finally prevail; hearted—to proclaim liberty to and to point out some of the the miserable captives of Satan, principal ways in which they have and the opening of the prison to been, and will still be enabled to them that are bound, and in this withstand temptation or oppofi- way be inftrumental in the hand of tion, and fill the enemy.

God, to still the enemy and aven

ger, how good the work : How gested by our fubject, as incum. honorable the employment ! You bent on Chriftians, to be peculiar. will doubtless, in this view, adopt, ly incumbent on you. See to it, with humility and thankfulness, therefore, in the firft place, that the words of the apostle, “ unto you be much in prayer. You will me, who am less than the least of not have great success in opposing all saints, in this grace given, that the enemy, nor in comforting and I should preach among the Gen- edifying God's children; nor will tiles, the unsearchable riches of you have comfort and peace in Chrift."

your own mind under trials, unless But the work, tho' good and you are a man of prayer. honorable, is great and arduous. Where can you go for counsel, You must expect, in the profecu- comfort and direction, under the tion of it, to meet with peculiar trials of the minister, and the pecudifficulties and trials. You will Liar trials and more arduous labors experience opposition from within of the missionary, who has the and without. You will be tried, care of many churches and the and opposed by the remaining opposition of many and peculiar corruptions of your own heart enemies--where can you go but by the passions and prejudices of unto God? You will by your litunreasonable men—by the allur- uation, be deprived of the counsel ing vanities, and distracting cares and advice of your fathers and of the world—by the threatening brethren in the ministry, when prevalence of profanity, infidelity you may feel that they are pecuand irreligion--and by the subtle liarly defirable, and needful, but devices and artful machinations of you will not be deprived of the the grand enemy and avenger. presence of God." He will be

But be not discouraged. Go ready to hear, if you seek to him, forth in the name and strength of and to give you counsel and comthe Lord Jesus--give no place to fort from his word, through the the devil-maintain your ground teaching and influence of his Spias a good soldier, under the great rit. Improve therefore the preleader and captain of our salva- cious privilege, and be much in tion. Let none of these things move prayer. you, neither count your own life Be confiftent also in your condear unto you, so that you may fession of Christ. Maintain a hofinish your course with joy, and ly walk and conversation, and the ministry you this day receive pray that you may not destroy of the Lord Jesus, to testify the the souls of others, nor bring a gospel of the grace of God. At reproach upon the sacred office, all times realize your dependance by a loose and unholy life. “Let and trust only in him who is able no inan despise thy youth ; but out of the mouth of babes, to be thou an example of the belieordain strength.

vers in word, in conversation, in Let me add, that would you charity, in spirit, in faith, in purihope to be accepted of God and ty.” Give attendance to reading succeeded in your work, to be especially the word of God : made an instrument to still the en That contains your instructions, emy and avenger and build up the and is your principal armor. Be kingdom of God, you must view, therefore familiar with it. all the duties which have been suge Be faithful alio in preaching

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the gospel, wherever you are cal- | you shall be called-give you led. Declare the whole counsel itrength according to your dayof God. Keep back nothing and perfect strength out of your Fear not to let the whole char- | mouth to still the enemy and avenacter of God come out to view. ger~May the blessing of many Fear not to let the real character, ready to perish, come upon you, and entire dependence of fin- and may you have many fouls, ners be known. While you choose who shall be seals of your minisacceptable words, carefully avoid try, and the crowns of your rethat temporizing Spirit which would joicing in the day of the Lord conceal the fearching and humbling Jesus. Amen. truths of the gospel under fpecious coverings. How many, An Address to the Churches and alas ! in this way, handle the word of God deceitfully! The

Congregations, from the Congrewords of such still not the enemy,

gational Missionary Society, orig

inated in the counties of Berkneither do they displease, because they strike not at the foundations

fire and Columbia. of his kingdom. Remember, BRETHREN and FRIENDS, Brother, to guard you from un HE object which the Socia faithfulness in this respect, to ety has in view is no less which there are so many tempta- than the advancement of the kingtions from the fear of man, and a dom of Christ in the extensive regard to popular applause-re- new settlements of our country, member that you are a dying man, and among heathen nations. and that you preach to dying men. The prospects of success at the Shortly you must stand at the bar time of the institution of this so. of God, and give an account of ciety, in the year 1798, were your stewardship. Remember that doubtful. The number was then there will probably, be many un small, consisting of about twenty faithful ministers at the left hand ministers, and a few serious brethof Christ at his appearing, whose ren of the churches, and others guilt will be awfully aggravated. benevolently disposed. They were The blood of souls will be requir- destitute of funds, except their ed at their hands. But we hope own entrance money, nor had better things of you, Brother ; they any where to look, for peyea we have a charitable confi- cuniary aid, but to the charity dence in you. We hope and trust of the people. that the grace of God is in your Notwithstanding all discourage. heart ; and that it is and will con- ments, the society resolved to tinue to be your prayer, that you make efforts to carry into effect may be faithful. This is the the great end which it contemprayer of God's people, this day. plated, trusting the event in the We commend you to God and hand of the head of the church. the guidance of his Spirit ; and As Christ is always pleased we will continue to commend you. with endeavors of this nature, We will remember you in our the society took courage, and pravers, when you shall be gone the efforts have been success. from us to the field of your arduous ful. Individuals and congregą. labors. May the Lord be with tions have been excited to liberalyou, wherever in his Providence, 'ity, in contributing for the fupVou. III, No. 5.


port of Millionaries; and Mis- the westward and elfewhere, for fionaries have been induced to a display of the most ardent zeal undertake the arduous work, for the glory of God, and the with but a bare support.

good of mankind. The territory The Missionaries from this fo- of new settlements in the west; is ciety, have been sent chiefly to already more extenfive, than all the new settlements, lying west- the old settlements in the Newward of these northern States. England States. The most of Their instructions from the Truls the people in that great tract are, tees have been, to travel from by their circumstances, deprived place to place ; preach to. such of the preaching of the gospel. people as cannot obtain preach- Their children are liable to grow ing for themfelves ; confer with up in ignorance of religion, and people, publicly and privately, forgetfulness of the holy fabbath. on the things of religion ; form And even your neighbors and churches, and adminifter the or- friends, who emigrate in middle dinances, when they judge prop- age, are liable, gradually to lose er ; and in fine, to do every thing the religious imprelions, and the in their power to build up Zion. habits of seriousness, which they

Journals of the labors and suc- contracted under the peculiar adcess of the Missionaries have been vantages of the older settlements duly exhibited to the Trustees of the country. Christians, scatBy these, and by vei bal informa- tered abroad in the new country, tion, as well as by many affec-are mourning under these evils ; tionate and grateful letters from and praying the Lord of the bar. the people in the new settlements, vest to fend forth laborers into his it appears,

that their labors have harvest.. been abundant, and success en The condition of these emie couraging. They have preached grants, conlidered in a religious almost daily, attended many con- view, is unhappy, and calls on ferences, and church-meetings, youto imbibe the feelings of acomadministered the ordinances fre- pallionate friend, and to express quently, and collected churches. them by contributing a portion It appears, that much lias been of your abundance, to send Mif. done to revive family religion, and fionaries for their instruction and to excite attention to the duties encouragement. The mite of the of the Lord's day; that they widow will be as acceptable to have, in fome instances, been in Christ, as the abundance of the strumental of promoting special rich ; and be it more or less that awakenings, which have been at you bestow, the whole will be tended with the hopeful conver- appropriated for the benefit of fion of many ; by which the chur- your brethren in the new setileches have been edified, and the inents, or for the benefit of the hearts of Chriftians gladdened. heathen.

Encouraged by these plasing The experience of all past ages confiderations, and impreffed with proves, that preachers of the gof. a sense of the riches of divine pel are esential to the very exift. mercy, in fucceeding past efence of religion. The people in forts; the society feel trong cb- our new settlements will, doubt-ligations to perfever. A great less, gradually lofe fight of the and effectual door is opened, to gospel, and link into heathenism,

if they, for a long time, remain have been made, on both sides of deftitute of faithful preachers. If the Atlantic. Missionaries are therefore, you have any regard now abroad in various parts of for their spiritual interest; if the world, preaching the gospel you wish well to the nation, of of Jesus Christ. Poor blacks in which they, as well as you, are Africa, ignorant Hottentots on the members ; if you are well wishers Cape of Good-Hope, and the miserto Zion, the city of our God, able inhabitants of the East-Indies exert yourselves. Your charity, and of the South Sea Iands, are if done with a Christian spirit, hearing the gospel from the voice will be returned to you an hun- of Missionaries. American Mifdred fold. Open, therefore your fionaries are laboring in the new hearts and your hands. Is it a settlements, where there is congreat thing, out of your abun- tinual need of a much greater dance, to part with a little, for number. ... The harvest is plenthe glory of Him, who gives you teous and the laborers are few.” all things ? Be persuaded to do Several are among the Indian fomething, that your brethren in tribes, and there, the field is althe wilderness, and, if possible, most boundless. even their heathen neighbors, The work which is thus bemay have a share with you in the gun, is a great and good work. riches of Christ.

It has taken place, as we conceive, The gospel is the greateit es in consequence of the late effuternal favor, that God ever be- lions of the Holy Spirit, both in towed on finful men. It curbs Europe and America. And while corrupt pasions-meliorates sav. God's Spirit is poured out, it is age ferocity_forms men into bar- hoped, that a standard will be menious society, and lays a broad supported againft the enemies of foundation for peace and happi- Christ's kingdom. ness. It exhibits a system of truth, The great body of men confiftsuited to enlarge the understanding of Missionaries, members of ing, and give pleasure to the be- focieties, and other benefactors, nevolent heart. It tenders a par are united in one cause: The don to the guilty, and points out cause is the display of the glory the way to eternal life. Those of the ever blessed God, in the therefore, are doing the greatest salvation of finful men. posfible kindness to their fellow Arise, Brethren, and come for. men, who are using the beit means ward to the help of the Lord against to propagate the gospel. the mighty, who wish to blot out

In the present day great efforts the Christian name. Be animaare made to spread the knowledge ted in this glorious cause : Join of the Redeemer among mankind. with those who are on the Lord's More, perhaps, has been done for fide : Open your bountiful hands, this purpose, within the last five to promote the great design : or six years, than in half a centu. Open your hearts to embrace the ry before, Missionary Societies gospel; and pray fervently, that have been formed in various parts the knowledge of our Saviour of Europe, calculated for very may spread through all parts of extensive operations. A number our nation, through the Indian of societies are lately formed in tribes, and through the world, America. Liberal contributions

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