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Christendom : the world has been far remote from Christendom ; and in connection with the Church, and by her means Christ is completing yet has continued unpersuaded, that the temple for God, and preparing Christ is in the midst of the Church; his bride for himself. little or no virtue has gone out from What an argument is here for us her to convince and heal the world to labour in this cause! * Ye are the Thus it has been with Christendom salt of the earth.Brethren reand the heathen nations : the heathen member, that the earth has no other have seen the sons of Christendom salt

salt—no other means of preservaon all their shores; but they are tion. Ye are not only the salt of unpersuaded that christianity is of your own land, but the salt of all God, because no holy influence has lands where no salt is: they look to been imparted by her professed you to preserve them from the ruin children.

of the fall, to communicate to them And now I proceed to observe, a portion of your grace, to share that the Church Missionary Society with them your Christ, and the has come forward to roll away in Spirit you have of him. If you keep her measure, and according to her your knowledge of the blessed ability, this reproach which has Saviour to yourselves, locking him rested on our religion in heathen up in your own bosoms, and sharing lands; and to vindicate christianity him not; then they die for lack of from the obloquy, which the un- this knowledge—they infallibly die; godly lives of those called christians for according to your own confeshave cast upon it. It has been the sion, there is salvation in no other; aim and endeavour of this Society, for there is none other name under to collect a portion of the real salt 'heaven, given among men, whereto be found in our land, and scatter by they might be saved.”y If we it over the surface of heathen na- refuse to break our bread to them tions—a grain here and a grain they starve. And shall we let them there ; and this, it must be con- die, if the means be in our hands of fessed, is all that has hitherto been saving them ? Shall the heathen be attempted, and we have been able left by us to remain as heathen, and to accomplish—a grain here and a Satan be permitted unmolested to grain there—one christian teacher usurp the sovereignty over them, to about a million souls ! And yet when Christ has given his blood to according to the faith and labor of buy them, and has moreover charged the Church has been her blessing : his disciples “ Go into all the world the salt has wrought wonderfully, and preach this Gospel to every considering the very small quantity creature ?”? Ye are the salt of the which has been applied, and the re- earth—yea of the whole earth : and sistance which has been opposed to if the earth be preserved for the it. Many souls have been savingly sake of the Church, it is the bounden converted from among the heathen; duty of the Church to exert herself and a light and an influence have to preserve the earth ;-to give all gone forth, preparing the way for men to see the power, the excelthe future dispensations of God to lency, the suitability of Christ and his the utmost ends of the earth. The salvation ;-to carry the Gospel into Society is helping to accomplish the every land, to sound it in every ear, number of God's elect in the lands to proclaim it (if God will) in every

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y Acts iv, 12.

z Mark xvi, 15.


heart ;—that so the knowledge and imperfect, so lifeless an image of the grace of redemption, might extend salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ, itself as wide as the fall, and all as to cease to convince the minds of flesh seek the salvation of God.” men, and bring their consciences

This is the duty of the Church ;- under Christ's authority : then the this is what the Lord has called her world will either perish, or be deto, viz. to be a sweet savour of livered over to other hands to be Christ in every place ;—this is what saved—even to God's ancient Ischarity demands at her hands. Then rael. (Romans ii, 15.) Then the let us exert ourselves to this end : visible Church will be regarded most and in order that we may be able to surely as having lost her savour, arise to the occasion and accomplish and as a certain consequence may this high calling, let us earnestly look for judgement, such judgestrive with the Lord to win a ment as the refuse salt must look blessing from him for ourselves—a for,—viz. " to be cast out, and larger measure of the gifts and grace trodden under foot of men.” It of his Holy Spirit; that the Church, now remains to be proved in this and each member of it, may be crisis of Christendom, whether the replenished, and become indeed profession of the day is such as “ the temple of the Holy Ghost.” shall enable the Church to

O God be merciful unto us, and Christendom; or whether she herself bless us, and shew us the light of shall not be cast out, and trodden thy countenance, and be merciful under foot of God and men ;-cast unto us ; that so thy way may be out as a thing of no value, having known upon earth, thy saving lost its savour, and failed in the ' health unto all nations. Let the end for which it was created. The

people praise thee, O God, yea, issue of a momentous trial is at hand . let all the people praise thee.” for our country-(of the Continent For be it remembered, the only of Europe we have, alas, but too little hope of the earth resides in this, to hope!) viz. whether our religion that the Church will not lose her shall save England, or whether our power with God—the mighty pre- beloved country shall perish through sence and indwelling of Christ by lack of salt-through the scanty his Spirit.

“ For if the salt shall measure of real religion in her chil· lose its savour, wherewith shall dren. This is the question which

it be salted ?" And wherewith is about to be decided. shall the earth be salted ? If it This subject is touched in a maslose its savour, the earth is aban- terly manner in a sermon, which has doned to perdition ; and if it lose its lately been delivered elsewhere ; and grace, the Church itself is ruined : as I never saw the matter so im“it is thenceforth good for nothing, pressively and powerfully set forth,

but to be cast out, and trodden I shall conclude my appeal to you " under foot of men.

in behalf of the Missionary cause These words are awfully pro- in the solemn words of the writer to phetic! Should the visible Church whom I allude. Having described so deteriorate, as to cease to be a the critical posture of the visible witness for God;-should she suffer Church at this present juncture, the infidelity to grow up beside her, and preacher proceeds to say :the overspreading of abominations ;

“ The present period is not less --should she exhibit so feeble, so a crisis to the country than to the

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Church. We have arrived at that be restored and saved. Piety shall very juncture which has been fatal i restore conscience to the nation ; ' to all preceding nations; and the ' and by placing the mind of the ' evils which accomplished their ruin people in sympathy with God and

are powerfully at work with us. eternity, shall give an efficacy to "We have risen as a people by the human law, which is the weakest severer virtues from weakness and of weak things when left to conpoverty to honor, wealth and do- tend with the turbulent passions minion ; but a lengthened course alone. Piety shall strengthen what of prosperity has sensibly impaired is feeble, ennoble what is mean, those virtues by which we rose, and 'purify what is unholy, and bind on which we stand.

Where now
up what is broken.

Piety shall is that high-souled patriotism teach us to enjoy power without ' which is the parent of noble deeds ? oppression, honor without pride, "Where now those sweet domestic and wealth without idolatry and charities, which were the strength voluptuousness. Our land would and beauty of our peasantry? be twice blessed;-great and happy Where now those bonds of union ' in herself; and in herself would be between the three estates of the bound up the life and blessedness realm, which made our people as a

of many nations." threefold cord not to be broken ? Brethren, one of the grandest Have not infidelity and vice gone experiments ever tried is now to be as a leprosy over the land : and tried on Britain! It is to be shewn, though Britain still sits as a queen

that the decline and fall of empires among the nations, and flatters is not determined by any law of herself that she shall never be * nature, nor by any foredooming moved, have not strange sights and voice of prophecy, but by a law of sounds filled her heart with trem- our depravity; and it is to be ascerbling, and intimated to her the

pos- tained, whether, when nothing else sibility of a fall, profound in pro- can save a nation, religion may not 'portion to her unexampled eleva- work out its redemption. It is with tion ?"

us, as the disciples of religion, that But England, our country, must the responsibility of this experinot fall! Yet who shall save her ment rests. Range yourselves then

Not the might of the in harmony with the high appointmightiest—not the wisdom of the ments of Providence. Go forth, go wisest. If our land is to be saved, forth,as renovated men, with prayer, where others have without ex- labor and humiliation; and stay ception perished, it must obviously the pestilence of vice, and apply the be by a redeeming power which healing remedies of divine wisdom they never knew. That single 'to a heart-stricken people. If the power is religion, realized in a

country is to be saved, the Church deep and heavenly piety. Great must save her! And if the Church as is our danger, the evils by which does not seek to save her, by an we suffer are not various, but one. an earnest and strenuous piety, she Sin is the ruin of any people ;'

must fall! And let her fall! Yes' and if we are ruined, our ruin will if truth and virtue are not to be the

come by sin. But religion is the means of saving her, let her fall! antagonist of sin in all its forms; Infinitely better it were that Engand it is by religion alone-true, land, the mother of us all, should 'vital, vigorous—that the land can cease to be, than that she should


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' survive her true honor, and forsake but at the same time it is preparing the guide of her youth !"

a way for the servants of God to “ But England, our country, must plant it'as the garden of the Lord."" not die! We have the means of Never was there a moment more · her renovation in our hands; and auspicious to our exertions than

we are responsible for the use of the present; and never was it of " them.

Should we withhold them, so great importance to offer to the we should not only partake in her world the true religion in its vital • ruin; but what is unspeakably . and heavenly qualities. The mere

worse, we should contribute to it. · forms of religion, however protesEngland would fall, but we should · tant or scriptural, would now par· be parricides !"

take of the same fate as awaits But while the Church and our every false creed: it must be relicountry are to supply us with the gion itself, addressing the con'instruments of labor, the field in science as the eternal truth, and

which they are to be employed is as satisfying the yearnings of the ' extensive as the world; and the whole heart as the supreme good,) which world is now placed in the most ' is presented to the common attenaffecting circumstances.


tion. To do less than this would since the calculations of timebegan, be to labour in vain, and to leave has the posture of things been so men as we found them; and really remarkable. And while there is to accomplish this, we must be

so much to remark, let it be ob- come emphatically men of God· scrved, that the grand peculiarity our missionaries must be men of

is this: that as men previously have God.'been tempted to forsake the true The hand of Providence is ob

religion, for the seducing blan- viously stretched out to improve • dishments of the false ; so now, the present state of the human for the first time, they are reject

mind. Men are not only to try, ing every corrupt religion with in- and condemn every false religion dignation and scorn. Polytheism as vanity ; they are to be aroused and Pantheism have had their day : and alarmed, that they may seMohammedanism and Popery have riously inquire for that which is had also their day; and their car- 'true. Change, unexampled change, ' nal glories, their very existence is has gone abroad, troubling the fading away. Infidelity, their own • spirits of the nations. Men's offspring, and the Beast of the hearts fail them for fear

fear; and Revelations, is devouring them - kings have been made to drink of like grass. But infidelity is not astonishment. Dynasties which vivacious; it feeds on the corrup- were born in the infancy of time, 'tion by which it is generated, and have been cast to the ground and when the sources of its nourish- trodden in the dust. Thrones, ' ment are consumed, it expires. coronets, and sceptres—all the Terrible as it is, it is notwith- types of political and social existstanding the minister of religion. ence-are scattered at our feet, It leaves man without hope in ' and the earth is still trembling and error, in life and in death, that he heaving beneath us. More fearmay be shut up by inward misery ' ful events are yet at hand. As to the faith of the Gospel. It · the world's catastrophe approaches, passes over the earth like a deso

the agency of other worlds becomes • lating flood, destroying all things; more conspicuous. Satan, know

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ing that his time is short, redeems we should not be truly ready to it by additional fury. Michael and meet and to improve them. Never ' his angels fight against the dragon were men placed in so extraordi' and his angels. Thunderbolts from nary a situation. All past ages

an invisible hand smite the earth. · have accumulated on us their adBabylon, exalted to heaven, falls. vantages; and all past ages have · The false prophet, with his armed accumulated on an unprecehosts, falls.

Paganism, with her dented responsibility. On us the · innumerable gods, falls. Man is ends of time and of the world are · bereft of all on earth; he is con- come; and in our day the mystery founded in feeling himself ruined of iniquity and the mystery of by spiritual powers he had never mercy are seeking their close in recognized, and cannot resist; and ' forms of joy and of terror, such he stands alone, trembling before as earth has not seen, and such as

God and eternity, in helplessness “heaven looks down to see. Hi* and despair."

therto we have not been ready for Brethren, the crisis of the world · this service! Are we now ready? ' is come! Are we prepared for it? Oh! to be ready, is to embrace a Can we resign all the interests of crisis for blessing man and honouran earthly life, and identify our- ing the Saviour such as the ages selves with the will of God and of immortality may never again spiritual excellence ?

Can we

supply; while not to be ready, is stand in the whirlwind, talk with to fall under the deathless infamy • the thunder, and look calmly on of having failed to pledge our

heaven when God looks forth with selves to an issue, on which is 'indignation on a guilty world ?

suspended the interests-not of the Are we prepared with severe joy body, but of the soul ;-not of a and holy confidence to unite in people, but of a world ;—not of ' the song of Moses and the Lamb, "time, but of eternity. •Prepare, ' when the plagues of heaven shall • O Israel, to meet thy God.”

fall on the wicked, and the earth Yes, God, even our God, is · shall be filled with wailing and * coming! The day of vengeance blasphemy? Are we prepared to and the day of redemption are sympathize with man, wrecked of

contemporaneous. When all nahis hopes and in his last extre- tions are shaken as with an earth

mity; and to go forth to his salva- quake, it is that 'the Desire of all • tion, unmoved by the convulsions nations may come.' of a world and the terrible mani. · while the powers of darkness are festations of infinite wrath ?"

working, the foundations of his “ Brethren, there is still, amidst universal kingdom are begun. · all these changes and anticipations, The voice of prophecy, the finger one sentiment which consumes us. • of Providence, the wickedness of Itisnotalarm lest weshould witness the wicked, and the strange ex· what is most terrible to behold;—it pectation in the heart of all men, ' is not hope, that we may be per- · tell us that he is coming. Already

mitted to see those mighty move- the streaming glory of his approach 'ments of Providence, which how- has shot across the deep darkness

ever terrific, fill the imagination of our world. Already the thun' with images of sublime glory : it · der of his wheels is echoing over ' is fear, a silent solemn fear, lest, the distant fields of light. Yes! while anticipating these events, He, the holy One, whose voice is

Even now,


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