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long in the land which the Lord keep my hands from picking thy God giveth thee.

and stealing, and my tongue VI. Thou shalt do no murder. from evil speaking, lying, and

VII. Thou shalt not commit Nandering. To keep my body adultery.

in temperance, fobérners, and VIII. Thou Thalt not steal. Chastity. Not to covet nor de.

IX. Thou nalt not bear false fire other men's goods; but to witness against thy neighbour. learn and labour truly to get

X. Thon Malt not covet thy mine own living, and to do my neighbour's house, thou shalt not duty in that state of life, anto covet thy neighbour's wife, nor which it shall please God to call his servant, nor his maid, nor me. his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing Catecbift. My good child, that is his.

know this, that thou art not Queft. What doft thou chiefly able to do these things of thylearn by these commandments ? felf, nor to walk ia the com

Hnfrú. I learn two things: My mandments of God, and to duty towards God, and my du- serve him, without his special ty towards my neighbour. grace, which thou must learn

Queft. What is thy duty to, at all times to call for hy diliwards God?

gent Prayer. Let me hear there. Anfw. My duty towards God fore if thou canst say the Lord's is to believe in him, to fear Prayer? him, and to love him with all

Answer. , my mind, UR

heaven, Hallowed be thy my ftrength; to worship hini, Name; Thy, kingdom come; to give him thanks, to put Thy will be done in earth, as it my whole trust in him, to call is in heaven: Give us this day upon him, to honour his holy our daily bread; and forgive Name and his Word; and to us our trespalles, as we forgive serve hiin truly all the days of them that trespass againit us;

and lead us not into tempta. Queft. What is thy duty to- tion, But deliver us from evil. wards thy Neighbour?

Amen. Answ. My duty towards my 2 ueft. What defirest thou of Neighbour is to love him as God in this Prayer ? myself, and to do to all men, as Answer. I defire my Lord God I would they should do unto our heavenly Father, who is the me. To love, honour, and suc- giver of all goodness, to send cour, my father and mother, his grace unto me, and to all

To honour, and obey the King, people, that we may worship and all that are put in authority him, serve him, and obey him, under him. To submit myself as we ought to do. And I pray to all my governors, teachers, unto God that he will send us spiritual pastors and masters. all things that be needful both To order myself lowly and re- for our fouls and bodies; and verently to all my betters. To that he will be merciful unto us, hurt no body by word or deed. and forgive us our sins; and that To be true and just in all my it will please him to save and dealings. To bear no malice defend us in all dangers ghostly nor hatred in my heart. To and bodily; and that he will


all my foul

, and withinadi O Ve Father which art in

my life.


keep us from all fin and wicked..

Queft. Why then are Infants nefs, and from our ghostly ene. baptized, when by reason of my, and from everlasting death. their tender age they cannot And this I trust he will do of his perform them? mercy and goodness, through Answ. Because they promise our Lord Jesus Chrift. And thená both by their 'Sureties : therefore I say, Amen. So be it. which promise, when they come Question.

to age, themselves are bound to TOW

Christ ordained in hisChurch? ueft. Why was the Sacra3nfw. Two only, as generally ment of the Lord's Supper orneceifary to salvation; that is to dained ? fay, Baptism, and the Supper of Answ. For the continual rethe Lord.

membrance of the sacrifice of Queff. What meanest thou by the death of Christ, and of the this word Sacrament?

benefits which we receive there. Anw. I mean an outward by. and visible sign of an inward Queft. What is the outward and spiritual grace, given unto part, or sign of the Lord's Supus, ordained by Christ himself, per? as a means whereby we receive Answ. Bread and Wine, which the fame, and a pledge to assure the Lord hath commanded to be us thereof.

received. Queft. How many parts are Queft. What is the inward there in a Sacrament?

part, or thing signified ? snfw. Two : the outward Anfw. The Body and Blood vifible fign, and the inward fpic of Christ, which are verily and

indeed taken and received by the Quest. What is the outward faithful in the Lord's Supper. vifible fign, or form in Baptism? Queft. What are the benefits

Antw. Water: wherein the whereof we are partakers thereperson is baptized, In the Name by? of the Farber, and of tbe Son, and Answ. The Atrengthening and of ibe Holy Gbolt.

refreshing of our fouls by the Queff. What is the inward and Body and Blood of Christ, as fpiritual grace?

our bodies are by the bread and Anw. A death unto fin, and wine. a new birth unto righteousness : Queft. What is required of for being, by nature born in fin, them who come to the Lord's and the children of wrath, we Supper? are hereby made the children of Antw. To examine them, grace.

selves, whether they repent Queft. What is required of them truly of their former fins, perfons to be baptized ? ftedfastly purposing to lead a

Antw. Repentance, where- new life ; having a lively faith in by they forsake fin: and Faith, God's mercy through Christ, whereby they stedfastly believe with a thankful remembrance the promises of God made to of his death ; and be in charity them in that Sacrament.

with all men. 1 The Curate of every Parish Mall diligently upon Sundays and Holy:

days, after the second Leffon at Evening Prayer, openly in the Church inftruet and examine so many Children of bis Parish sent unto bin, as fall obink convenient, in some part of this Catéchism.

ritual grace.

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Anul all Fa:bers, Morbers, Masters, and Dames, Hall cause their Children, Servants, and Apprentices (which have not learned Meir Cartecbiin (to come to the Church at tbe time appointed, and obediently to bear, and be ordered by the Curare, until juch time as they bace learned all that is bere appointed for them to learn. So fuon as Children are come to a competent Age, and can say in tbeir Mother Tongue, ibe Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments; and also can anjicer to the other Questions of this fport Catechism; they tail be brougbt to obe Bijbop. And every one shall bave

a Godfator or a Godmother, as a witnejs of their Confirmation. 9 And plenjoever the Bishop jball give knowledge for Children to be

brongkt unto him for iteir Confirmation, the Curate of every Parish fhall citber bring or send in writing, with his hard subscribed thereun!), the Names of all lucb Per; ons within his Parish, as he pall thir:k ft ac be prejented to the Bishop to be confirmed. And if the Bishop approve of them, be shall confirm them in manner following.


The Order of CONFIRMATION, or Laying on : of Hands upon those that are baptized, and come

to years of discretion. 1 Upon the day, appointed, all that are to be then Confirmed, being plac

red, and standing in order before the Bishop; be Çor some orber Mi

rifler appointed by bim) shall read this Préface following. T liotheey de hati merefrema the end that Confirma- such things, as they by their

own confession have afsented the more edifying of such as thall receive it, the Church hath thought good to order, That

1 Then shall tbe Bishop fay,

Doce, hare in the preconceret ed, but such as can say the Creed, Godand of this Congre. the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten gation, renew the folemn proCommandments; and can also mise and vow that was made in answer to such other Questions, your name at your Baptism; as in the thort Catechism are ratifying and confirming the contained: which order is very fame in your own persons, converient to be observed, to and acknowledging yourselves the end that children being now bound to believe, and to do all come to the years of discretion, those things which your God. and having learned what their fathers and Godmothers then Godfathers and Godmothe;s undertook for you? promised for them in Eaptisın, they may themselves with their

| And every one fhall audibly own mouth and consent, openly

answer, I do. before the Church, ratify and

The Bifbop. miferma the Same ránd also bra. One helpdi; in the Name of they will evermore endeavour Answer. Who hath made hea. themselves fathfully to observe ven and earth.


BYjhop. Blessed be the Name of lead us not into temptation, the Lord;

But deliver us from evil. Amen. Answer. Henceforth, world

9 And this Colle:7. without end.. Bishop.Lord, hear our prayers;

Almighty ho amake everlahing Answer. And let our cry come to will and to do those things unto thee.

that be good and acceptable Bispop. Let us pray: unto thy divine Majesty ; We Alumnis big and terminarea soare: make her formele fupplications generate these thy servants by upon whom (after the example Water and the Holy Ghost, and of thy holy Apostles) we have haft given unto them forgive- now laid our hands, to certify ness of all their fins; Strengthen them (by this sign) of thy fathem, we beseech thee, O Lord, vour and gracious goodness towith the Holy Ghost the Com- wards them. Let thy fatherly forter, and daily increase in them hand, we befeech thee, ever be thy manifold gifts of grace : the over them; let thy Holy Spirit fpirit of wisdom and under- ever be with them, and so lead Handing; the spirit of counsel them in the knowledge and oand ghostly strength; the spirit bedience of thy Word, that in of knowledge and true godii- the end they may obiain everness; and fill them, O Lord, with lasting life, through our Lord the spirit of thy holy fear, now Jesus Christ, who with thee and and for ever. Amen.

the Holy Ghost liveth and reign1 Then all of them in order kneel- eth, ever one God, world withing before the Bishop, be jhall out end. Amen. lay bis band upon ib bead of O Almighty. Lord, and evera

severally, saying, shild, [or this iby fervant and govern both our hearts and with thy heavenly grace, that bodies in the ways of thy laws, be may continue thine for ever : and in the works of thy comand daily increase in thy Holy mandments; that through thy Spirit more and more, until he most mighty protection, both come unto thy everlasting king- here and ever, we may be pre. dom. Amen.

ferved in body and soul, through q Tben fall tbe Bishop say,

our Lord and Saviour Jerus

Christ. Amen. The Lord be with you, Answer. And with thy spirit. 1 Tben tbe Bishop shall bless them,

saying ibus, 1 And (all kneeling down) tbe Bishop fall add, THE

HE blessing of God AlLet us pray:

mighty, the Father, the UR Father, which art in Son, and the Holy Ghost, be Name; Thy kingdom come; I hy

for eyer. Amen. will be done in earth, as it is in I And there shall none be admitted heaven : Give us this day our to ebe boly Communion, until such daily bread; And forgive us our time as be be confirmed, or be trespasses, as we forgive them ready, and desirous to be conthai trespass against us; And firmed.

The 4


O , y

q First the Banns of all tbat are to be married together, must be puba.

lied in the Church three several Sundays or. Holy-days, in the time of divine Service immediately before the Sentences for the Offertory;

ibe Curate saying after the accustomed manner : I

Publish the Banns of Mar. terprised, nor taken iu hand un

riage betwen M. of --- and adviedly, lightly, or wantonly, N. of -----. If any of you know to satisfy men's carnal lufts and cause or just impediment why appetites, like brute beasts that these two persons should not be have no understanding ; but rejoined together in holy Matri- verently, discreetly, advisedly, mony, "ye are to declare it: soberly, and in the fear of God,

This is the first [second or tbird] duly considering the causes time of asking.

for which Matrimony was or

dained. And if the persons that are to

First, it was ordained for the be married, dwell in divers Pa- procreation of children, to be rishes, the Banns must be asked in brought up in the fear and nurborb Pariskes į and ibe Curate ture of the Lord, and to the of the one Parin ħall not folema- praise of his holy

Name. ize Matrimony betwixi shem,

Secondly, it was ordained for without a Certificate of tbe a remedy against fin, and to aBanns being price

, asked from void fornication, that such per tho Curate of the other Parijh. fons as have not the gift of con9 At tbe day and time appointed tinency, might marry and keep for Solemnization of Matrimo- themfelves undefiled members ny, the Persons to be married of Christ's body. shall come into the body of the Thirdly, it was ordained for Church witb obeir Friends and the mutual society, help, and Neighbours: And there handing comfort that the one ought to togerber, the Mon on åbe rigbt have of the other, both in proband, and the Woman on ebe sperity and adversity: keft, the Priest shall say,

Into which holy estate thefe

two perfans present come now Dendre de logrecher here in the

Early beloved, we are ga. to be joined. Therefore if any sight of God, and in the face of man can shew any just caure this congregation, to join toge- joined together, let him now

why they may not lawfully he in holy Matrimony; which is {peak, or else hereafter for ever an honourable estate, instituted of God in the time of man's in. nocency, fignifying unto us the And alfo speaking unto tbe Perfors

that shall be married, be shall myftical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church; which

Say; holy estate Christ adorned and Require and charge you both beautified with his presence and (as ye will answer at the first miracle that he wrought in dreadful day of judgement, when Cana of Galilee, and is com- the secrets of all hearts shall be 103 mended of Saint Paul to be ho- disclosed) that if either of you nourable among all men and know any impediment, why ye therefore is not by any to be en. may not be lawfully joined to


hold his peace.

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