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ceive no reason why it fhou'd not) then I wou'd again be inform'd why nations, provinces, families, friends, and acquaintance fhou'd be difturb'd, why all union fhou'd be diffolv'd, affections divided, laws fubverted, or governments unhing'd, about fuch things as no mortal can either conceive himself, or tolerably explain to others? Such are the decrees of God, the immediate state of departed fouls, the manner of God's fubfiftence, of his understanding, or of his providence, with other fubjects, which, tho deem'd more easy, are not better known than these. Requiring people to believe what they cannot understand, is ordering 'em to make bricks without ftraw. Hence in great part procede the divifions of Chriftians, tho this be not the onely caufe: wheras nothing is wifer, plainer, truer, and confequently more divine, than what CHRIST and his APOSTLES have propos'd about the means of reconciling God to finners, of purifying the mind, of regulating manners, of directing confcience, of illuminating the understanding, of ftating particular duties, of fixing the hope of rewards to the good, of planting the fear of punishment in the wicked, of propagating mutual love, forbearance, and peace among all mankind, of improving, conducting, and fupporting civil fociety. This is not the Religion of those,

Quorum, quicquid non creditur, Ars eft;

nor will they thank me for this description, who have turn'd CHRISTIANITY into a plan of dominion, a fyftem of gain, and a school of contention as in the first preaching of it, such as glory'd in being the onely true Church, were thofe Scribes and Pharifees who moft refifted its progrefs,


progrefs, and the Priefts were of all others its fierceft Enemies; neither is this to be reputed a wonder, fince there is no fuch fatyr in the world against Prieftcraft as the Gospel of CHRIST, which made the Priefts never ceafe till they brought him at laft to the Crofs. I beg your Lordfhip's pardon, if I have been more prolix than ftands with your leisure not doubting however, but you'll procure me reparation from thofe of your Clergy that have injur'd me; and prevent others from falling hereafter into the like grofs falfhoods, wilful mistakes, or ridiculous follies. I am with all due respect,

[blocks in formation]


THE author paffing the fummer in the country, and not always feeing the laft revife, the Reader is defir'd to correct the following errors of the prefs; or if he finds any more, they are left to his candor.

In the Preface.

Page xviii, line 44, political read philofophical. p. xxi, l. 6, gornia r. gwanïa, p. xxii, l. 3, recepts r. receipts.

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Page 9, line 32, for RAMUZZI read RAMUSIO. p. 12, l. 28, pervefness r. perverfnefs. p. 31, 1. 31, attributes v. attribute. p. 59, 1. 10, dele his. p. 111, l. 3, BAROMIUS T. BARONIUS. p. 120, 1. 6, His . This. p. 122, l. 3, oimt r. omit. p. 146, l. 33, and r. and an. p. 168, 7 21, first v. last. Ibid. l. 22, last r. first, p. 178, 1. 1, most r. more.

In the inner Margin.



Page 10, line 2, codum read codem. p. 14, l. 5, □ p. 18, 7. 15, M gos r. Magos. p, 20, l. 4, coe itus r. coelitus. p. 38, 1, 2, refieri r. refiere. p. 175, l. 6, Scotch, r.


In the outward Margin.

Page 15 Dread D). p. 82, x,aι r. nal. p. 165, Acts 1. 22. 7. Acts 2. 22. Ibid. Jo. 1. 45.r. Jo. 1. 46.

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