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vain. He never said to any under such an experience,“ Seek ye my face in vain.” They shall not be ashamed that wait for

.” God is faithful; therefore hope thou in him.

Farewell. My love to Becky, the son and daughter.

Ever yours,

W. H. S.S.

cry and beg, till all our strength is gone, and nothing appears but an expectation of perishing for ever. He is to appear and give strength to them that have no might; they are to come to the feast that were ready to perish, for “the needy shall not always be forgotten; the expectation of the


shall not perish for ever.”

You see I labour to build up, and the devil and my poor old mother labour jointly to pull down. Nevertheless, though thou canst not go forth in the dances of them that make merry, yet thou art not altogether without thy tabrets and ornaments. There is some little love between you and me, and at times much self-abasement. There is a real regard to the truth in the power of it; at times some meekness and submission; some hungerings and thirstings, and holy longings; some cries, tears, hopes and expectations; and some very high and worthy conceptions of the suitableness and preciousness of the Son of God: or else why such an earnest desire after an interest in his love, grace, and great salvation? We must not despise the day of small things. God will not quicken us to feel our wants, vain. He never said to any under such an experience, “ Seek ye my face in vain.” “They shall not be ashamed that wait for me.” God is faithful; therefore hope thou in him.

Farewell. My love to Becky, the son and daughter.

Ever yours,


April 2, 1805.


RECEIVED my dear friend's epistle, and perceive that she is uneasy because she is at ease; troubled because she has no trouble, and disquieted because she is quiet.

We must have a daily cross of some sort or other, and this seems to be yours, as ere now it has been mine. ‘All prayer' is the only armour against this, and should be put up in every direction, as the case and state may require. If in darkness, we should pray with David—“ Enlighten mine eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death.” If worldly minded,

My soul cleaves to the dust, quicken me according to thy word.” If under the power of Satan, “ Deliver my soul from the lion, lest he tear it in pieces.” And, if dead, “ I am free among the dead; “ A dead man out of mind, whom thou rememberest no more, and they are cut off from thy hand.” To

get life under such dead frames, he uses every argument--"Quicken me in thy way;" nacle service.-“Quicken me according to thy word;” that is, thou hast promised to bless us, and thy blessing is life for evermore.

Quicken me in thy righteousness;” thou hast promised us life, and thou wilt appear just or righteous in fulfilling thy promises."

Quicken me according to thy loving-kindness ; I am not, cannot be, worthy of eternal life; it flowed at first from free love and undeserved tenderness and kindness; and do thou add to this life, not according to my deserts or demerits, but according to thy love. But always conclude with submission to the will of God; leave it with divine wisdom to grant or withhold ; lest, like good king Hezekiah, we feel eternal death instead of life. When God began to quicken him, he drew wretched conclusions --that he should see man no more in the world, nor God in the light of the living ; “ From morning till night wilt thou make an end of me; as a lion so will he break all my bones.” But, when the vision opened, and divine sensations flowed in, he changed his voice, and cried, “ O Lord, by these things men live, (not die) and in all these things is the life (not death) of my spirit: the living, the living shall praise thee as I do this day: the fathers to the children shall make

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