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having come into the possession; and, indeed, the date ascribed to them is subsequent to that which is assigned to her death; but a portion of the lands of Earl Sigeline, her father, who is called Lord of Meopham, Cowling, and Leanham, continued in its Chartulary, and the paramount manor of Monkton, in Thanet, placed the whole of that İsland (the endowment of the Abbey of Minster, which was afterwards transferred to that of St. Augustine, already comprehending one half of its extent) in the hands of the Church. In recording this last gift, it is only reasonable to observe, that the fertility of that district, which the Monks were pleased to represent as a blessing upon the spot which afforded the first shelter to Augustine, may, with better foundation, be ascribed as the blessing of God upon

those labours which were carried on under the direction of the ecclesiastics, in the clearing of woods, the draining of fens, and the reclaiming of land from the sea. Indeed, whilst we deplore the fabric of superstition which they reared, it would be uncandid to suppress the acknowledgment due to the superior intelligence displayed by them in mechanics, in agriculture, and in all the ordinary affairs of life.

In the history of the arts, Dunstan could hardly escape honourable mention ; but the Church is scandalized by his canonization. He died at the age of 64, in the year 988, and his relics constituted a source of wealth both to the Cathedral of Christ Church, and to the Abbey of Glastonbury, whose rival claims were prosecuted with indiminished warmth even to the eve of the Reformation ; that Abbey, of which he had been the “ nursing father," claiming to have rescued them from the smouldering ruins of the ancient Church, when Canterbury was destroyed by the Danes, in 1011, and Warham disclosing the shrine to which they had been translated by Lanfranc.

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The Right Rev. THOMAS BURGESS, D.D. Lord Bishop of St. David's, and Prebendary

of Durham, translated to the See of SALISBURY, vacant by the death of Dr. John

Fisher, late Bishop thereof. The Very Rev. JOHN BANKS JENKINSON, D.D. Dean of Worcester, promoted to the

Bishoprick of St. David's, and to a Prebend of Durham, vice Dr. Burgess. The Rev. James Hook, D.C.L. Archdeacon of Huntingdon, and Prebendary of

Winchester, to the Deanery of Worcester, vice Dr. Jenkinson. . The Rev. Richard Cockburn, B.D. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, to a

Prebendal Stall in the Cathedral Church of Winchester, vice Dr. Hook. The Hon. and Rev. Hugh Percy, D.D. Archdeacon and Prebendary of Canterbury,

and Chancellor of Sarüm, to the dignity of Dean of Canterbury, vacant by the

death of Dr. Andrewes. The Rev. James Croft, M.A. Prebendary of Canterbury, to the Archdeaconry of Can

terbury, vice Dr. Percy. The Rev. Charles Richard Sumner, D.D. Prebendary of Worcester, to a Prebendal

Stall in the church of Canterbury, vice Dr. Percy. The Rev. Thomas Gaisford, M.A. Professor of Greek in the University of Oxford, to a

Prebendal Stall in the Church of Worcester, vice Dr. Sumner.



The Rev. Robert Cobb, M.A. to the
Rectory of Burmash, Kent; Patron, the

The Rev. James Fowle, M.A. of Wad-
ham College, Oxford, and Perpetual Curate
of Queensborough, to Mary Anne, only
daughter of the Rev. E. Edwards, Vicar of

PREFERRED. The Rev. Samuel Lee, M.A. of Queen's College, Cambridge, and Professor of Arabic in that University, to the Perpetual Curacy of Bilton with Harrowgate; Patron, the Rev. A. Cheap, Vicar of Knaresborough.

The Rev. Thomas Guy, M.A. Master of the Grammar School, Howden, to the Vicarage of Howden; Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

The Rev. Ralph Grenside, B.A. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, to the Perpe-, tual Curacy of Seamer, Yorkshire ; Patron, R. G. Russell, Esq. M.P.

The Rev. John Ion, M.A. Rector of Halsham in Holderness, to the Vicarage of Hemingbrough, in the East Riding of Yorkshire ; Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

A Dispensation has passed the Great Seal to enable the Rev. Charles Sanderson Miller, Vicar of Harlow, Essex, and Chaplain to the Dowager Viscountess Chetwynde, to hold the Living of Matching, Essex, to which he has been instituted, on the nomination of the Bishop of London.

The Rev. John Chamberlayne, M.A., to the Rectory of Eastwick, Hertfordshire; Patroness, Mrs. Plumer, of Gilston Park.


The Rev. Lancelot Sharpe, Rector of Alhallows Staining, London, and of the Shrubbery, Lower Edmonton, to Mary, second daughter of T. L. Tweed, Esq. of the same place; at Edmonton.

The Rev. William Wood, eldest son of William Cole Wood, Esq. of Martock, to Julia, eldest daughter of Vincent Stuckey, Esq. of Sloane-street, and of Hill House, Somersetshire ; at the New Church, Chel


MARRIED. The Rev. Richard Hale, Vicar of Harewood, and Rector of Goldsbrough, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of John Loft, Esq, "of Stainton House.

The Rev. Edward H. Brooksbank, Vicar of Tickhill, Yorkshire, to Hannah, daughter of the late B. Heywood, Esq. of Stanley Hall.

The Rev. Richard Shepherd, Vicar of Rudbury, Yorkshire, to Anne, daughter of Robert Bingham, Esq. of that place.

The Rev. R. Poole, jun. B.A. of Ripon, Yorkshire, to Anne, daughter of H. Tennant, Esq. of Kirk Hammerton, Yorkshire.

DECEASED. The Hon. and Rev. G. Herbert, in the 46th year of his age.

The Rev. Ayscough Hawksworth, Rector of Guisley, Yorkshire, and formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1798, M.A. 1802. The third turn of

presentation to the Rectory, (the one now vacant) is in the Master and Fellows of Triniy College, Cambridge.

At Nottingham, the Rev. Charles Wylde, D.D. Prebendary of Southwell, Official of the Archdeacon of Nottingham, 52 years Rector of St. Nicholas in Nottingham, and Vicar of Waltham, in the county of Lincoln,

The Rev. William Trollope, of Christ's Hospital, to Sarah, eldest daughter of William Clarke, Esq.; at East Bergholt, Suffolk.

The Rev. Richard Cattermole, to Maria.. Frances, eldest daughter of George Giles, Esq. of Enfield.

The Rev. J. C. White, Rector of Raw." reth, Essex, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Thomas Pyne, Esq. of Boyces Hall, Bemfleet.

At St. George's, Hanover Square, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Norwich, the Rev. Charles Vernon Holme Sumner, Minister of Trinity Church, Newington, to Henrietta Katharinė, daughter of William Mason, Esq. of Necton Hall, Norfolk.

At St. George's Hanover Square, the Rev. William Tower, youngest son of the late C. Tower, Esq. of Weald Hall, Essex, to Maria, third daughter of Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey, G.C.B. and M.P. for Essex.

At St. George's, Hanover Square, the Rev. Cornelius Heathcote Reaston Rodes, M.A. of Barlbro' Hall, Derbyshire, to Anna Maria Harriet, youngest daughter of William Gossip, Esq. of Hatfield House, near Doncaster.


PREFERRED. The Rev. John Mavor, B.D. Fellow of Lincoln College, and Perpetual Curate of Forest Hill, Oxford, is presented to the Rectory of Hadleigh, Essex; Patrons, the Rector and Fellows of Lincoln College.

The Rev. Charles Champnes, B.A. of St. Alban's Hall, Oxford, to the Rectory of St. George, Botolph-lane; Patron, the King.

The Rev. E. G, A. Beckwith, M.A. to a Minor Canonry in the Church of St. Peter's, Westminster; Patron, the Very Rev, the Dean.


The Rev. John Pridden, M.A. F.S.A. Minor Canon of St. Paul's, Rector of St. George, Botolph-lane, and Vicar of Caddington, in Bedfordshire ; in Fleet-street, aged 67.

C. A. St. John Mildmay, B.A. Oriel College, Oxford.

Charles James Hutton, B.A. Magdalen Hall, Oxford.

PRIESTS. John Hewlett Watson, B.A. Wadham College, Oxford:

George Lowdon Hanson, B.A. Queen's College, Oxford.

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The Rev. Richard 'Vivian, in the 720 year of his age, many years Rector of Bushey, Herts, and 'unele to Major-General Sir Hussey Vivian, one of the Equerries in Waiting to his Majesty. Mr. V. was formerly a Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, and took the degree of M.A. in 1778, and of B.D. in 1789. In 1797, he was appointed to the Rectory of Bushey, in the county of Herts, which living is in the gift of the Rector and Fellows of Exeter College, and was Proctor in the year 1787.

"The Rev. George Batthie, of Hammersmith, aged 67.

The Rev. T. Williamson, of the Groves, Chelsea.

The Rev. A. K. P. Sherson, at Buntingford, aged 55.

At his house, in Artillery Place, Fins-, bury Square, London, the Rev. Abraham Rees, D.D. F.R.S. Editor of the Encyclopædia, &c. in the 820 year of his age.

The Rev. Charles T. Keymer, B. A. late Curate of Gosfield, Essex, aged 36.

At the Rectory House, Piccadilly, June 2, aged 76, Gerrard Andrewes, D.D. Dean of Canterbury, and Rector of St. James's, Westminster. He was formerly Fellow of Trinity College, B.A. 1773, M.A. 1779, D.D 1807.

At Brompton, the Rev. William Walker, Chaplain of Lincolu's Inn, and Rector of Monksilver.


The "Rev. George More Molyneux, Rector of Compton, Surrey, to Anne Spurstow, daughter of William Skrine, Esq. of Montague-square, London; at Mary-le-bone Church.

The Rev. Brownlow Poulter, M.A. Rector of Buriton, Hants, and late of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Harriett, youngest daughter of the late James Morley, Esq. formerly of Kempshot, Hants, and Member of the Council of Bombay.

At Hartrowe, by the Rev. R. S. Barker, Fellow of New College, Oxford, the Rev. W. B. Barker, Rector of Highclere, Hants, and late Fellow of Oriel College, to Sarah, third daughter of Escott, Esq. of Hartrowe, Somerset.

At Camberwell, the Rev. James Thomas Duboulay, M.A. and Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, on the Foundation of Sir William Petre, to Susan Maria, eldest daughter of Seth Ward, Esq. of Cam

The Rev.John Lukin, Rector of Nursling, Hants, to Elizabeth, daughter of H. T. Tennison, Esq. of Tatchbury Mount House


PREFERRED. The Rev. Douglas Hodgson, Domestic Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Winchester, to the Rectory of East Woodhay.

The Rev. William Barter, .M.A. and Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, -to the Livings of Burghclere and Newton; Patron, the Earl of Carnarvon.

The Rev. Benjamin Jerrans, at Prospect-place, Walworth, at an advanced age.



DECEASED. The Rev. Richard Jones, Vicar of Llanynys, Denbigshire.


May 29. By the Lord Bishop in the Parish Church of St. Margaret's Westminster.

DEACONS. Richard Pole, B.A. Baliol College, Oxford.

Proby John Ferrers, B.A. Oriel College, Oxford.

Thomas Penton, B.A. Pembroke College, Oxford.

William Evans, B.A. Trinity College, Oxford.

PREFERRED The Rev. T. G. Roberts, Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, and Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Leitrim, to the Rectory of Dolgellan, in the county of Merioneth; Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

Musgrovė, Somersetshire, to Fanny, wiBATH AND WELLS.

dow of Morton Pleyell, Esq.

The Rev, James Anthony Savage, B.A. PREFERRED.

of Trinity College, Oxford, to Margaret, Thc Rev. Mr. Pears, Master of the Bath youngest daughter of Thomas Brooke, Grammar School, to be Curate of St. Mi- Esq. of Widcombe Crescent, Bath. chael's.

The Rev. G. B. Norris, to Miss Susan The Rev. Charles Bowle, M.A. Minis- Marsinghall, both of Taunton. ter of Winborne, Dorset, to the Vicarage The Rev. Alfred Tooke, Rector of of Milborne Port, Somerset; Patron, the Thorne Coffin, Somerset, to Eliza, third Marquess of Anglesey.

daughter of the Rev. Henry Poole, of the The Rev. Charles Blathwayt, B.A. to Royal Crescent. 'the Rectory of Langridge ; Patron, Wil

DECEASED. liam Blathwayt, Esq. of Dyrham Park.

The Rev. George Ridout, LL.B. to the At the Vicarage House, Cannington, Rectory of Lamyatt, on his own petition, Somerset, the Rev. C. H. Burt, Vicar of as Patron.

that Parish, and Chaplain to the Duke of The Rev. Cicero Rabbitts, B.A. tp Sussex and Earl Grey; also a Justice of the Rectory of Wanstrow; Patron, Rev. the Peace for the county of Somerset. George M. Bethune, LL.D. of Worth. The Rev. R. Codrington, 35 years Mi

The Rev. George Vanbrugh, B.C.L. mister of Bishop's Hull, Somerset. Rector of Aughton, to the Prebend of

The Rey. John Richards, M.A. Curate Timberscombe, in Wells Cathedral. Pa- of St. Michael's Parlsh, Bath, and Vicar tron, the Bishop:

of Wedmore, Somerset; at Ridgway, in The Rev. Joseph Richards, M.A. to the Devonshire, aged 55. Vicarage of Wedmore, in the Diocese of The Rev. Joseph Smith, Rector of Bath and Wells; Patron, the Dean.

Hutton, in his 50th year. The Rev. Francis Woodforde, B.A. to

The Rev. W. S. Bradley, Prebendary the Rectory of Weston Bamfylde.

of Wells, Vicar of Chard, and of TimbersThe Rev. Francis Lockey, D.CA. to

combe, Somersetshire; at Minehead, aged the Perpetual Curacy of Blackford, within

56. the Parish of Wedmore.

The Rev. James Jonės, thirty-four years Rector of Shipham, Somerset.,


By the Lord Bishop on Easter Sunday.



Edward Ludlow, B.A. St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford.

Stephen Oakeley Attlay, M.A. Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

Henry Stoneman, B.A. Pembroke College, Oxford.

John Gay Copleston, B.A. Oriel College, Oxford

Richard Edmonds, Magdalen Hall, Oxford.

John Pemberton Simpson, B.A. Magdalen College, Cambridge.

John Coombes Collins, St. John's College, Cambridge.

Charles Lloyd, B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge.

By the Lord Bishop in the Chapel of
Christ's Collège, Cambridge, on Sunday,
April 3rd.

John Hushford, B.A. Queen's College,

George Richard Port, B.A. Brasenose
College, Oxford.

Charles Wasteneys Eyre, B.A. Brasenose College, Oxford.

Francis Philip Hulme, B.A. St. Alban's Hall, Oxford.

Thomas Tyrwhitt, B.A. Christ Church, Oxford.

Edwarą Wix, B.A. Trinity College, Oxford.

William Busfield, B.A. University College, Oxford.

Benjamin Weaver, B.4. Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

Charles Wimberley, B.A. Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

PRIEST William Williamson, Literate.


The Røý. Paul Leir, Rector of Charlton


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