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thought me too severe and illibe- , withdrawn from him. It is rare ral, and that my bodings were ill for persons who have had a relia founded ; but by your own ac gious education, not to have some count, you are exposed to the fober reflections, and bitter recompany of infidel declaimers ; morse of conscience for their you listen to their wit, their bril- fins, but by frequent relapses, af. liancy, and gay rhetoric, and you ter repeated calls and warnings, silently applaud them for their their hearts become more and kill in reasoning, their boldness more hardened, their consciences of thought, and the polith of their become feared and callous, till fimanners. No person will all at nally God gives up such finners once discard the early impressions, to judicial hardness of heart, or as of a religious education, inculca- it is expressed in the language of ted by pious parents, and adopt holy writ, “ He swears in his sentiments in their stead, which wrath, that they shall never enter are addressed only to the passions. into his reft.” After the repeata

“ From early life, some persons ed warnings, and visitations of grow up into a state of confirmed God's Holy Spirit, and after as infidelity, “from a froward, per many rejections by the finner, verse natural temper.” But this with what fitness, with what pro

frowardness of natural temper and priety, may Wisdom utter her · disposition, I am far from think- | voice and say—“Because I havé.

ing, applies to you ; I am rea-called, and ye have refused, I have dy to acknowleige that you have stretched out my hand,” yes rebeen an obedient and pleasant peatedly, and in the most pathet a child from your infancy. You ic and tender manner have “I have been thoughtful and serious stretched out my hand, and ye in childhood, and your mind has have not regarded”-Yes, “ye been tenderly impressed with reli- have set at nought my counsel gious truths. The awful reali- and would none of my reproof, ties of a future state have stared I will now laugh at your calamiyou in the face, and you have ty, I will mock when your fear formed resolutions, that you would cometh.” Yea, when the terrors live a religious life. The divine of death fhall feize upon you ; law has been brought home to when the stings of an abused and your conscience. When the Ho- affrighted conscience shall pierce ly Spirit has visited you, and ear your very soul on a death bed, nestly offered you the rewards of I will be so far from affording an heavenly inheritance, how ex you any comfort or confolation ceedingly important was it for you that I will laugh and mock. then to accept of the terms of sal. Alas ! how terrible, and awful is vation, thus offered by your Res the state of the dying finner, bedeemer ! The ordinary way that reft by an avenging and holy God deals with finners, is to send God of a single gleam of hope ! his Holy Spirit ; he urges, he In the common course of God's Itrives and impresses their minds dealings with finners he omits nowith the great and solemn truths, thing, on his part, to withdraw that relate to their eternal interest them from evil; he is ready to and welfare. And upon a finner's grant them freely his grace and refusing to submit and accept fal. Holy Spirit, and God does not vation, the divine energies are forsake them till after they have

VOL. III. No. 6.


thus repeatedly despised his coun “ I subscribe with the utmost sels and abused his patience.- tenderness, your very affectionate This sets the faithfuincss, the father.” goodness and justice of God in a clear point of light, and shows Extraes from the Son's letter, in rethat men may be liappy if they ply to the foregoing. will--and if they refufc, the fault lies at their own deor, and they

Yale-College, Aug. 2, 1802. themselves are the procurers of “ Dear FATHER, their own ruin and final perdition. HIS day completes one

"T! Reflect, my son, a moment and

year since I received your consider-Renumber that he who letter dated Aug. zd, 1801, fince takes himself out of the divine which time various events have ocprotection, is dconied to perplex- curred, which may not be uninities, and gloomy, forsbo iing fears tereiting or unentertaining to you. :-he often fies iron object to ob- When received your kind and ject in pursuit of icme momenta- affectionate letter, dated as above, ry pleasure that lie may lose in it excited such emotions in my them the remembrance of his real mind, as ought never to be indulcondition. Your happinefs, your ged by a fon, towards a parent. real good lies near the heart of At that time I thought you to be your father, and when he even exceedingly cruel towards me, suspects that any of his children and that you were unreafonably are swerving from principle, and fevere, in urging and pressing me deviating from the pleasant paths to attend to those things, which of wisdom and duty, it pierces then appeared to me calculated him to the heart.

only to render my life unhappy, “ Towards the conclusion of if not completely miserable. Your your letter, from a consciousness letter, together with sundry other that you had fuggefted wrong letters which you wrote before sentiments, you fuppofe that and afterwards, was replete with your letter would be unentertain- fuch ideas and sentiments, that ing to me ; " jf. fo," you say, my reason compelled me to yield

destroy it." No, my son, I to their truth, while my heart don't destroy letters, and I hope was totally opposed to everything you will not be so ungrateful, and you suggested for my confideraunfilial, as to distroy this.- tion. At the same time, I ftudiRead it over and over again, and oully employed myself to find out think of it--and I pray God to something either from fcripture, give you a heart to know the or from the fophiftry of Voltaire, things that belong to your peace or other infidel writers, which before they are forever hidden irould in some measure obviate from your eyes. O my fon, let your remarks and quiet me in my not the fascinating charms of a own sentiments. In combatting delusive and iempting world lead the fubject with you, you will you aftray from duty, for in refu- ' recollect that I quoted the followfing to obcy the calls of wiidom, ing texts of scripture, viz. Eccl. and by setting at nought courte vii. 16. “ Be not righteous overand reproof, the heat ftrangely mrch ; reither make thyself overbecomes at variance both with wise : why shouldelt thou destroy religion and principle.

ihyself ?" or as it is exprefied in



. 1802.] Extraås from the Son's Letter in reply to the foregoing..235 the Hebrew, Why shouldeft thou were required, and that I should be desolate ? Also chap. xi. 9. never be any better-I was led to “ Rejoice, O young man, in thy believe that to rid myself of the youth, and let thy heart cheer troubles and perplexities of this thee in the days of thy youth, life, and go into a future state, and walk in the ways of thine would be far preferable. I beheart and in the fight of thine lieved. also that God had given me eyes." You will notice here, that up to hardneis of heart, and to I did not include the latter part of blindness of mind, and had conthe verse, (viz.) “ But know figned me eternal misery. thou that for all these things God with thefedreadfulapprehensions, will bring thee into judgment." I suppoled no good could result Thus I collected detached texts from my continuing here in this to answer my purpose. In short, world, a day or a moment longer.” I had recourse to

Refuge of

In this situation, his mind being lies," and to that falsehood greatly agitated, and affailed, at which smiled on my guilt.” Not times, by the most Shocking tempfatisfying myself with arguments tations, he continued during the derived from scripture, I turned fall of 1801-after giving the my attention to the writings of particulars of which, he proceeds. those men who had boldness “ In the beginning of the last enough to assert that the scriptures winter I came to this determinawere false, and an imposition on tion (vide) to live a life of exterunankind-that religion was priest- nal morality in order to render craft, and “ death was eternal my friends happy-Still believing fleep.” Pondering over their that when death should close my sophistical arguments for some earthly career, hell would be my weeks, I almost reasoned myself portion forever. I thus resolved into a belief of them, yet in my to think no more of a future state, retired moments, the truths of but I was now and then overtaken divine revelation ftared me in the with this terrible truth, that my face—and I could not but ac- works must be brought into judgknowledge their worth and im- ment. The sudden death of a friend, portance. I had, at times, dread or an acquaintance, would alarm . ful apprehensions of the conse- me. I often called to my rememquences that would result from brance the awakening fermons a disbelief of them. I conceived that I had heard froin the desk ; that the doctrines of the divine nor could I wipe from my mind decrees, election and fovereigoty, the awful denunciations of my were altogether inconsistent with bible. All there combined would my free agency--and that for occafion the deepeit anguish in God to punilh a finner forever, my.soul. At these.times I was when he had determined all his extremely unhappy. Life apactions, was arbitrary, partial and peared to be a burder, and what unjuft. During these conflicts, heightened my misery, was the and struggles of my mind, and peace and happiness that Chilknowing that God must be holy, tians enjoyed." To see those of juft and good, and that his word my classmates, who were religious, tvas true-I thought that as I walking calınly along thro' this could not serve him here with such vale of tears, without a murmur. la temper and frame of mind as I ing cr repiring figh, and subunija

five to the divine law and govern- end to the other, I happened to ment, was a source to me of the cast my eyes on this paffage in the deepest affliction. Thus was I cxxxviii. Psalm, « In the day alternately calm and secure, and af- when I cried, thou answeredit ficted with bitter remorse. Some me, and strengthenedft me with times I was unable to pursue my strength in my soul.” Upon ftudies, and at others, I ftudied reading this passage, something merely to expel those thoughts, which never entered into my heart which lay with so much weight to conceive now poured in upon on my mind.

I continued in my foul like a “ mighty rushing this situation, that I have now wind.” Every thing now aprelated, till the 6th of May laft, peared like a new creation. The when upon reviewing my life for day which had appeared before months past, and reflecting on the this time, dark, dismaland gloomy, course that I had pursued, and now appeared uncommonly pleaf . the many resolutions that I had ant. Christ

my only Saviour, formed of destroying my life, I whom I had so long despised and fell into a state of dejection and persecuted, now appeared altodespair. I more fully believed, gether lovely. The bible above than ever, that the torments of all other books appeared the best hell, were to be my everlasting and the most important. The portion, and that remaining here pain of body under which I la. 'on earth enhanced the misery to bored, but a few hours before, was which I thought myself inevitably gone. In short this was one of doomed. I felt fully confident the most agreeable afternoons that that God in his wrath had said, I ever spent in my life. Every Depart from me thou worker of thing appeared perfectly right in

the divine government ; I felt subFrom this, to the oth of May, mislive, and rejoiced that God which was the fabbath, the an was on the throne, and I felt fully guilh of his mind seems to have resigned to his holy law, as being risen to its height ; during which jull and good, and I hope I shall period, he was powerfully attack- never feel otherwise. From that ed by the adversary, and his mind day to the present I have enjoyfilled with horrid temptations. ed myself uncommonly well. My The state of his mind, and the chief delight has been to worship relief which he experienced, on God, who from his boundlefs the sabbath, he relates as fol-goodness, has been pleased to lows:

manifest himself, by his grace to “I was very much distressed all me, who am the greateit of finthe forenoon, was in pain of body, ners.— I consider myself, dear faas well as in exquisite horror of ther, as a brand snatched from the mind, and concluded that nothing burning. I am now resolved to but death could mitigate my suf- devote the remainder of my life ferings.—But alas'! who can fath to the service of my Redeemer; om the love and benevolence of an and finally I hope that I may be all-wise creator ? He had reserv- made a trophy of his grace in his ed me for something which I did heavenly kingdom. not expect. About one o'clock “ Thus I have given you a in the afternoon, having my bible brief account of the scene through is my hands, and turning from one which I have pasked, and with all


filial affection I subscribe myself | Bibles and other pious Christian your dutiful son.”

writings to be distributed in the New Settlements.

Under the appointment of the

Trustees, Rev. Samuel Taggart, Religious Intelligence. and Rev. John Taylor have en

tered on a mission to the counties Hamploire Missionary Society. of Montgomery, Herkemer and Extraes from the Report of the Oneida in the state of New-York, Trustees to the Hampshire Mil

to be employed on the north side fionary Society : at their annual of Mohawk river. Mr. Taggart meeting at Northampton, on the began his tour about the last of las Thursday in August, A.D. June, to continue in the service of

the Society fixteen weeks, with 1802.

liberty to visit for three weeks HE Trustees of the Hampshire the counties of Chenango and

Miffonary Society, in con- Onondago, to preach to the people formity to the fixth article of the and gain information of their reConftitution, make to the Society ligious state. Mr. Taylor followthe following Report of their do- ed him about the middle of July, ings, since their appointment in and is to join and co-operate with January last ;—of the pleasing him for the term of twelve weeks. profpects before the Society ; Under like appointment Rev. and of the measures which the Jonathan Grout, early in July, Trustees judge to be proper for began a mission to the new settleaccomplishing the benevolent and ments in the District of Maine. pious defigns of the Institution. His engagement is for fixteen

The, Trustees entered, imme- | weeks. In the second week of diately, upon the important du. August, Rev. Enoch Hale followed ties afligned to them. Copies of Mr. Grout with dire&tions to join the Constitution of the Society and co-operate with him for twelve and papers, to obtain fubscriptions weeks. to its funds, were sent into the These Missionaries have so several towns, and parishes of the lately commenced their labors, county ; and expedients were em- that the Trustees have not been ployed to procure returns of the able to obtain any very intereftdonations and subscriptions ob- ing intelligence from them to come tained. Instructions for the di-municate to the Society, exceptrection of the Missionaries and an ing that the three first named have address to the inhabitants of the arrived, in good health, at the New-Settlements were formed and places of their destination, and printed.

have entered upon their work As soon as sufficient informa- with a becoming activity and zeal tion could be obtained of the state and with flattering prospects of of the Society's funds, measures accomplishing the object of their were adopted for procuring suita- miffion with happy success. The ble Missionaries ; and five hun acquaintance which the members dred dollars were appropriated for of the Society have with the char. the payment of Mislionaries the acters of their Misionaries will,

resent season ; and three hun it is presumed, excite, in addition Tied collars for the purchase of 'to their servent prayers, and

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