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whom they pierced", and say, “ Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord *. Blessed is He who hath been gracious unto us, who hath put away our iniquity, and remembered our fins and offences no more. This is He whom our fathers knew not, whom while on earth they nailed to the cross ; but he hath revealed himself to us from heaven. We will rejoice in thy name, we will walk in thy truth, and thou, O Son of David, shalt be our King for ever.”

In that day the envy of Ephraim' and of Judah shall cease, and they shall love those whom before they abhorred. The Christian of the Gentiles shall be dearer than life to them; and those who believe not they shall labour to convince. They shall proclaim the honour of the Lord, and shew forth the mercy, which they themselves have experienced. The people of the Gentiles shall willingly offer themselves ; they “ shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will


for we have heard that God is with

They shall ask the way to Zion with their faces thitherward.” Jerusalem shall no longer be trod

you ?.”

If. xi. 13

z Zech. viii. 23.

* Matt. xxiii. 39. • Jer. 1. 5.


den under foot, but in righteousness shall The be established. She shall call her walls Salvation and her gates Praise'. In every land shall be a temple to the Lord, and all feth shall behold his glory. Peace shall be extended to them like a river, forrow and mourning shall flee away d; they shall serve the Lord with songs of joy, and in unity and love together.

Here then a scene is disclosed, to which, amidst the anxious cares, the storms and tempests of life, we may look forward with steadfast faith, and devoutly pray for its approach. Next, surely, to the glory of God, and the eternal inheritance of his heavenly kingdom, there is no object more worthy of perpetual meditation, none that we should more ardently long for, none that we may with greater confidence expect, than the universal kingdom of the Messiah in this world. Our ideas of this blessed state may at present be inadequate; the city of our God may be more glorious than the sublimest 'imagination, aided by the lofty representations of scripture, is able to conceive ; but her beauty shall one day be visible, her walls shall afsuredly be raised. b If. lx. 18. with xxvi. 1:

c Ibid. Ixyi. 12. # Ibid. li. 11.


What though sedition and tumults, fightings and war have not ceased ? though the religion of harmony and love has been converted into an engine of mischief, and caused not peace but division? Has the truth of God therefore failed ? or Thall he not confirm his promises ? The kingdom is one in all ages ; and the blessings not yet bestowed shall without doubt be given hereafter. For her king is exalted in heaven, and thence will he fubdue his enemies. “ Truth shall” yet “ spring out of the earth, and righteousness Thall look down from heaven.” " Nation shall not lift

up sword against nation, neither fhall they learn war any more'. " The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid ; - they shall not hurt nor destroy in all God's holy mountain ; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea

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Philosophy hath tried her skill, and her fons have combined together. They have boasted they would extirpate the name of Christ, and destroy the horn of his kingdom.

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e Pf. lxxxv. 10.

If. xi, 6.9.

If. ii. 4. Mic. iv. 3.


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But their rage is as vain as it is impious. Sooner might they arrest the earth in her course, or extinguish the lamp of day, than withstand the arm of the Almighty, or disappoint the least of his promises. of Zion mourn; her cities are burnt with fire, and her mountains are a barren waste. Her fig tree is hewn down, and the withered branches are cast out in all lands; but the stock is still in the ground, and shall again spring forth and flourish. For the Lord shall water it from above, and


down his spirit upon it. He shall deal graciously with his servants, he shall put away their iniquities, and manifest his glory to them.

Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly. Come to thy once chosen people, and remember thy holy covenant; the oath which thou fwarest to their fathers, and the testament sealed with thy blood. By thy death thou haft atoned for their fins ; let thy powerful intercession prevail for them. Forgive them, righteous Father, for they know not what they do. Take away their stony heart, and give them an heart of flesh ", that they may be thy people, and Thou mayest be their God; that the remnant of Israel and the residue of the Gentiles may believe in Thee, and glorify thy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, one God blessed for evermore, Amen.

h Ez, xi. 19,




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