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John Gilpin, an Engraving of the celebrated Picture painted by T. Stothard, Esq. R. A. from the well-known humorous Poem of Cowper, engraved in the first style by Mr Worthington. Size 20 inches by 7. Price to subscribers II. 1s. Proofs on French paper, 21. 2s. India Proofs, 21. 12s. 6d. Etchings, of which a very few have been taken, 11. Is.

No. I. of a Series of Plates, carefully executed after the Paintings and Sculptures of the most eminent masters of the Florentine school, intended to illustrate the gradual advancement of the Arts from the beginning of the 13th to the close of the 15th Century. By William Young Ottley, Esq. In imperial folio, in twelve Monthly Numbers, each containing five Plates. Price II. 1s. A very few Copies will be printed on Colombier Paper, to correspond with the larger paper Copies of Mr Ottley's Italian School of Design. Price 11. 7s.

Illustrations of the Novels and Romances of the Author of Waverley," entitled The Pirate, Fortunes of Nigel, Peveril of the Peak, and Quentin Durward. Engraved by the most eminent Artists; from Paintings by A. Cooper, R. A., W. Brockendon, and J. M. Wright. In 12mo, price 8s.; 8vo, 12s.; proofs 4to, 18s.; proofs on India paper, imperial 4to, £1,4s. ; proofs on India paper, before the letters, colombier 4to, £1, 10s.

Westall's illustrations to Moore's Irish Melodies; consisting of seven plates, including a Vignette Title-Page to bind with the volume, exquisitely engraved on steel, from Designs by Richard Westall, Esq. 5s-, proofs 7s.

Smith's combined View of the Mountains and Rivers in the World; accompanied by a Table, shewing the relative Heights and Lengths, from the latest Authorities, on one large Sheet, price 8s. plain, or handsomely coloured, 12s., mounted on rollers, and varnished, 18s.


Memoirs of the Affairs of Europe from the Peace of Utrecht. 4to. 21. 10s. 6d. HISTORY.

The History of England, during the Reign of George III., being a Continua

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The Housekeeper's Ledger; a plain and easy plan of keeping accurate accounts of the Expenses of Housekeeping, and the elements of Domestic Economy. By William Kitchiner, M. D. Author of "The Cook's Oracle." 4s. 6d.

Vol. I. of the works of Dr Johnson, beautifully printed on superfine laid paper, embellished with a fine portrait, engraved by Worthington. Price to subscribers 8s. in extra boards. This edition will be comprised in 9 volumes, to be published monthly.

The Speak-Out of the Roman Catholic Priesthood of Ireland; or, Popery Unchangeably the Same, in its Persecuting Spirit, and in its Determined Hostility to the Circulation of the Scriptures, in a Report of the proceedings at the Anniver. sary of the Carlow Bible Society, on the 18th and 19th of November, 1824; with a preface, containing "The Marks of Corruption in the Church of Rome." By the admirable Skelton. Price 1s.

The History of Origins, containing Ancient Historical Facts, with singular Customs, Institutions, and Manners of different Ages. By a Literary Antiquary.

Collins' Memoranda for 1825; containing a Diary for Memoranda, Appointments, Bills due, List of Stamp Duties, Public Offices, and a variety of authentic and most useful information.

Letter-Press, in 8vo. Price 6s. 6d. with the Drawings in outline, or 18s. richly coloured.

A Letter to the Right Honourable George Canning on the State of the Navy; and the Foreign Relations of Great Britain. By a Friend to the Navy.

Winter Evening Pastimes; or, The Merry-Maker's Companion. Selected, Altered, and Composed, by Rachael Revel, Spinster. 4s. 6d.

Instructions for the Use of Candidates for Holy Orders, and of the Parochial Clergy, as to Ordination, Licences, Institutions, Collations, Induction, &c. with Acts of Parliament relating to the Clergy; and the Forms to be used. By Christopher Hodgson, Secretary to his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. Third Edition.

An Epitome of Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, in Question and Answer; chiefly for the use of Students in the University of Cambridge, and of those who intend to pursue their studies there. 2s. 6d.

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The Poetical Note-Book, and Epigrammatic Museum; containing upwards of one thousand choice Epigrams, Fanciful Inscriptions, and Poetical Morceaux. By George Wentworth, Esq. Embellished with a beautiful Vignette.

Comic Tales and Lyrical Fancies; including the Chessiad, a Mock Heroic. By Charles Dibdin, Esq.

Comic Tales and Lyrical Fancies, including the Chessland, a mock heroic. By Charles Dibdin, Esq. 8vo. 7s.

The Italian Novelists: selected from the most approved Authors in that Language; from the earliest period down to the close of the Eighteenth Century; arranged in an Historical and Chronological Series. Translated from the Original Italian. Accompanied with Notes, Critical and Biographical. By Thomas Roscoe, Esq. £2, 2s.

A Second Series of Sayings and Doings. 3 vols.

Poems, from the Portuguese of Louis De Camoens, with Remarks on his Life and Writings, Notes, &c. &c. By Lord Viscount Strangford. A New Edition, 7s.


Sermons and Charges.

By the Right Rev. Father in God, Thomas Fanshaw Middleton, D. D. late Lord Bishop of Calcutta. With Memoirs of his Life. By Henry Kaye Bonney, D.D. Archdeacon of Bedford. 1 vol. 14s.



Cantos 1 and 2, of the Museum. Poem. By John Bull. Founded on the 4s. treasures of the British Museum.

The Bond. A dramatic poem. By Mrs Charles Gore. 5s.

The Festival of Flora; a poem. By With Bothe Rev. Arthur Chrichton. tanical Notes and Engravings. 4s. 6d. plain; 5s. 6d. coloured.

The Trojans; a satirical poem, with illustrative Notes. By the Author of "The Greeks." 6s. 6d.

Observations on the Religious Peculiarities of the Society of Friends. By Joseph John Gurney. 8vo, 9s. 12mo, 5s. 6d.

The Book of the Roman Catholic Church, in a Series of Letters addressed to Robert Southey, Esq. LL.D.; on his "Book of the Church." By Charles Butler, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn.

Creation's Friend; Lines addressed to and published with the approbation of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animais. By W. R. Hawkes.

A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry at the Primary Visitation of that Diocese. By Henry Eyder, D. D. Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. 1s. 6d.

The Spirit of Prayer. By Hannah More. Selected and compiled by herself. from various Portions exclusively on that Subject in her published volumes. 8s.

The Theological Contrast; or, Error Exposed and Truth Elucidated; being an Investigation into all the Systems of Religion now propagated in the whole world. By A. J. Le Cras. 8vo, 10s. 6d.

Controversial Tracts on Christianity and Mahommedanism. By the late Rev. Henry Martyn, B.D. of St John's And some of the College, Cambridge. most eminent writers of Persia translated and explained; to which is appended, an additional Tract on the same question, and in a preface some account given of a former controversy on this subject, with ample extracts from it. Dedicated to the Right Hon. the Earl of Liverpool, K.G., &c. &c. By the Rev. S. Lee, A.M., Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge. L. 1, 5s.

The Crisis; or, an Attempt to show from Prophecy, illustrated by the Signs of the Times, the Prospects and the Duties of the Church of Christ at the present period; with an Inquiry into the probable destiny of England during the predicted Desolation of the Papal Kingdoms. By


the Rev. Edward Cooper, Rector of Hamstall, Ridware, and of Yoxall, in the county of Stafford. 78.

A View of Slavery in connection with Christianity, being the substance of a Discourse delivered in the Wesleyan Chapel, Stoney-hill, Jamaica, Sept. 19, 1824. By Robert Young, Wesleyan Missionary; with an Appendix containing the Resolutions of the Missionaries in that connection at a General Meeting held in Kingston, Sept. 6, 1824. 1s. 6d.

Jewish Antiquities; or, a Course of Lectures on the Three First Books of Godwin's Moses and Aaron: to which is annexed, a Dissertation on the Hebrew Language. By the late Rev. David Jennings, D.D. 10s.

Five Discourses on the Personal Office of Christ, and of the Holy Ghost; on the Doctrine of the Trinity; on Faith, and on Regeneration; with an Appendix. By the Rev. William Procter, jun. M.A. Fellow of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, and Lecturer of Berwick. 4s. 6d.

Eighteen additional Sermons, intended to establish the inseparable Connection between the Doctrines and the Practice of Christianity. By the Author of the former Volume. 5s.


Topographicl Sketches of Brighthelmton and its Neighbourhood. By E. W. Brayley, F.S.A. Illustrated with Twelve Engravings by R. Havell, Jun. 8s. coloured 12s.


A Brief Narrative of an Unsuccessful Attempt to reach Repulse Bay through

A Treatise on the Law of Scotland relative to the Poor. By Alex, Dunlop, Esq. jun. Advocate. 8vo. 5s. 6d. Edinburgh Encyclopædia, or Dictionary of Arts, Science, and Miscellaneous Literature. Conducted by David Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S. Vol. XVII. Part I. L. 1, Is.

Letter on the Speculative Schemes of the Present Times, and the Projected Banks. By Anthony Romney. 1s.

A General Catalogue of Books in the Ancient and Modern Languages. By John Carfrae and Son, Edinburgh.

the Welcome, in his Majesty's ship Griper, in the year 1821. By Captain Lyon, R. N. with a Chart and Engravings by Finden. 8vo, 16s.

A Short Narrative of Lord Byron's Last Journey to Greece, extracted from the Journal of Count Peter Gamba, who attended his Lordship on that Expedition.

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A Sketch of the Manners and Customs of Portugal, made during a residence in Lisbon in the years 1821, 22, 23. By Marianne Baillie. 8vo, 15s.


Travels in the Republic of Columbia in 1822 and 1823. By G. Mollien. Translated from the French.

Travels in South America, during the years 1819, 20, and 21. By Alexander Cadcleugh, Esq. With a Map and Engravings, 2 vols. 8vo.

Travels in Columbia; embracing Details of the Geography, Climate, Population, Vegetable and Mineral Productions, &c. &c. of that Country. By Baron de Humboldt. Translated from the original French, by Helen Maria Williams. In 5 vols. 8vo. with Maps, Plans, &c.

The History of Napoleon's Expedition to Russia, in 1812. By General Count de Segur. 2 vols. 8vo.

Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary, from the Frontiers of China to the Frozen Sea and Kamchatka; performed during the years 1820, 1821, 1822, and 1823. By Captain J. Dundas Cochrane, R.N. Third Edition.

Edinburgh Christian Instructor, No. CLXXIV. and CLXXV., for January and February.

Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste. By Archibald Alison, LL.B. 2 vols. 8vo. Sixth edition. L. 1, Is.

A Tour in Germany, and some of the Southern Provinces of the Austrian Empire, in 1821 and 1822. By John Russell. Second edition. 2 vols. 12mo, 16s.

The Manners, History, Literature, and Works of Art of the Romans, explained and illustrated. To be completed in two volumes, or twelve monthly numbers, and to be followed by similar Illustrations of other celebrated Ancient Nations. This volume will contain about 60 drawings, with copious descriptive letter-press. In 8vo, 6s. 6d. with the drawings in outline, or 18s. richly coloured.

Select Views in Greece. By H. W. Williams, Edinburgh. No. 3. Imperial 8vo, 12s. Royal 4to, proofs, L. 1, 1s.

Lizars' Anatomical Plates, Part VII. The Human Brain, consisting of Seven highly finished Plates, demy folio, most carefully coloured after Nature, with Letter-press Description and Explanatory Index, demy 8vo, price together L.1, 1s. Contents, Plate I. General View of the Nervous System.-Plate II. Lateral View of the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Cervical Portion of the Spinal Marrow, with the Nerves issuing from the latter.-Plate III. View of the Dura Mater, the Convotions of the Right Hemisphere, the Tunica Arachnoida, the Pia Mater, and the Blood-vessels.-Plate IV. Section of the Right Hemisphere of the Cerebrum, to exhibit the Corpus Callosum, with its Arteries, the Falx Cerebri, with the Superior and Inferior Longitudinal Sinus, and the Cineritious and Medullary Substances of the Brain.-Plate V. Horizontal Section of both Hemispheres of the Cerebrum, Perpendicular Section of the Cerebellum and Section of Medulla Oblongata.— Plate VI. Lateral Ventricles cut open to show their Cornua, and the bodies contained therein, also their Partition and Foramen of Communication.Plate VII. Illustrates various portions, as the Septum Lucidum, the Fornix, the Choroid Plexuses, the Velum Interpositum of Haller, the Corpora Striata, the Thalami, the Commissura Mollis, the Anterior and Posterior Commissures, the Third Ventricle, the Pineal Gland, the Corpora Quadrigemina, the Infundibulum, the Petuitary Gland, and the several Cerebral and Cerbellic Nerves. In the course of two months, Part VII., being the concluding portion of the Brain, will be published.

Memoirs of Antonio Canova, with a Critical Analysis of his Works, and an Historical View of Modern Sculpture. By J. S. Memes, A. M. Member of the Astronomical Society of London, &c. With Plates. 8vo, 15s.

- Extracts from a Journal written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in the years 1820, 1821, 1822. By Captain Ba

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